Can African Cichlids Eat Carrots? 5 Things to Consider

Herbivore cichlids can eat all kinds of vegetables, including carrots. Just like for us humans, carrots are very healthy food for African cichlids too.

Pretty much all vegetables contain lots of valuable vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the immune system of your fish as well.

Of course, no matter which vegetable you feed them, you need to rinse it first. There can be some residual insecticides on it that need to be removed.

Also, just like with any other foods, the leftovers should be removed after your fishes have finished eating.

There is a range of vegetables that can bring out the best colors of your fish and carrot is definitely one of them.

Whether you get it from the fridge or as part of a frozen veggie pack, your African cichlids are going to be more than happy to eat it.

How to Feed Carrots to African Cichlids?

African cichlids have no problem eating raw vegetables in general. You can either chop raw carrots into tiny pieces or give them steamed carrots, it works either way.

The thing about steamed carrots is that it is going to be easier for your little pets to consume it since it is softer.

It is also going to be easier for them to digest it for the same reason why we cook our food. Anything raw is harder for us to digest, including vegetables and meat.

If you want to offer something lighter for their digestive system, then make sure to steam those carrots.

How Much Carrots Can You Feed African Cichlids?

Every African cichlid should be kept in a diverse diet in order to stay healthy and thriving. Help your fish become the best version of themselves by feeding them a wide range of different foods.

Every species has its own requirements when it comes to protein, fiber and mineral intake.

In general, it is safe to say that you should feed them carrots once or twice a week. On the other days, feed them other vegetables, fruits, pellets, flakes or frozen foods. Variety is key and make sure that all the foods are fresh and healthy.

Keeping your fish on a balanced diet is one of the most important things besides water parameters and such.

Should You Chop Carrots for African Cichlids?

If you want to feed raw carrots to your African cichlids, then you are going to have to chop them into small pieces. Otherwise, they are going to have a really hard time consuming it.

In case you want to give them some boiled carrot, on the other hand, then you can give it to them without chopping.

It is much softer, which makes it easier for them to eat. One downside with chopped raw carrots is that you are going to have a hard time removing the leftovers. Leaving the leftovers in the tank is definitely not wise because it will only contaminate the water or even clog the filter.

A boiled carrot at least has a higher chance to be left in a bigger chunk by your African cichlids.

Which African Cichlids Can Eat Carrots?

African cichlids that absolutely love to eat carrots in a home aquarium are the herbivore ones. The overwhelming majority of cichlids that originate from Lake Tanganyika are herbivores. Their diet mainly consists of algae and you can supplement it with vegetables as well.

Species such as the Nimbochromis, Haplochromis and Copidochromis are carnivores, yet they need their daily portion of veggies. This applies to dwarf Tanganyikan cichlids too.

Those that are more on the herbivorous side find it hard to digest meat-based foods that are high in facts.

In order to protect their digestive system, you should avoid feeding them those. The rule of thumb is to read about the ideal diet for every single fish species you want to keep at home.

This way, you can avoid causing them health problems while you are trying to feed them different foods.

You will know exactly what to feed them and when, and also how many choices you have when you want to give them treats. Simply put, every African cichlid that is omnivorous or herbivorous can eat carrots. It is healthy to consume for some of the carnivorous ones as well.

Since there are hundreds of species, a list of the ones that can eat carrots can be quite long. It is best to check it for the exact species you want to keep at home.

What to Do with Uneaten Carrot?

The thing with steamed carrots is that you can leave them in the water for a couple of hours. Since you put them in as a whole anyways, it is easier to remove and doesn’t going to contaminate the water that much.

Also, you are not going to spend as much time removing leftover food because it is all in one piece. If you are in a hurry after feeding your fish, there is no need to worry.

You have 4-6 hours to remove leftovers before they really start to contaminate the water.


We can conclude that carrot is a healthy option for most African cichlids. Since it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, there is really nothing to worry about. You are only going to contribute to the well-being of your precious fishes by feeding it to them.

Besides that, carrot is one of those vegetables that can bring out the best colors of the African cichlids that eat it. It is not a bad idea to feed these color-enhancing foods to them more frequently.

Of course, make sure that there is some variety by introducing at least a couple more of these foods into their diet.

After 2-3 weeks, you are going to notice that your fish flourishes in somewhat brighter colors. It makes them more decorative and these foods are completely healthy as well.

In fact, your fish displaying its best colors is only a sign that he is healthy and thriving.

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