Can African Cichlids Eat Lettuce? Benefits & Risks

If you’re looking to complete a diet for your African cichlid, then you start questioning yourself which types of food your African cichlid will love. One of the more common types of foods many people feed to cichlids is lettuce.

Yes, African cichlids will eat lettuce, especially herbivorous and omnivorous African cichlids. They will like to eat lettuce very much, and they also like to eat other types of greenery, too.

Lettuce is a great food to feed to herbivorous cichlids. It’s very healthy food to keep your fish healthy and fit, and it’s also full of great nutrients for your fish, such as vitamins and minerals.

One thing to keep in mind that not all cichlids will eat lettuce. Only omnivorous and herbivorous fish will eat it, while carnivorous fish will reject it. Also, you need to keep the lettuce pieces small enough so that they can fit the mouths of your cichlids.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to feed lettuce to your African cichlids, how often should you feed the lettuce to the fish, and how much lettuce works best for a small meal. So, let’s get started.

How Often to Feed Lettuce to African Cichlids?

One of the most important things to make sure of the diet of your African cichlids is that it is as varied as possible. If you have omnivorous fish, you can add lettuce as a type of food they will eat, although you need to include other types of food, definitely.

You should try to feed lettuce to your African cichlids 1-2 times per week. If you feed it more often, it can become a bit monotonous and your fish might start to get bored by lettuce.

But if you keep it just enough for your fish, then it will represent a welcome change in their diet.

If you have omnivorous fish, then you certainly need to add meaty foods to the diet. Consider flakes and pellets too, but you will also need to feed the live foods as well as frozen foods.

For herbivorous fish, you need to add other types of vegetables and fruits to the diet. You can add watermelons, and carrots, or other types of green foods, such as beans.

Whatever you do feed them, make sure the pieces of food are small enough to fit into their mouths so that they can eat it with ease.

How to Feed Lettuce to African Cichlids?

An important thing to keep in mind about lettuce is that it can be dirty, especially if you collect it at home, and even if you buy on the market or in a supermarket. These can also be high in certain chemicals.

So the first step is to thoroughly was the lettuce several times to make sure the lettuce is as clean as possible.

This will help you get the dirt off the lettuce, but also various chemicals that are added to lettuce when it comes to commercially-bought produce.

The second step is to dice the lettuce into very small chunks, or rather, pieces. This makes the lettuce more easily digestible for the fish, and they will easily consume them at first.

This is very important if it’s the first time you’re trying to feed lettuce to your fish. But you should slash the lettuce every time you feed it to your fish nonetheless.

Lastly, you can consider blanching the leaf or feed it to the fish raw.

If you feed it to them raw, it will have more nutrients and a higher quality of nutrients; blanching it, however, makes sure you remove all the potentially harmful bacteria on the lettuce, and it’s also more easily digestible for the fish.

What Lettuce do African Cichlids Like to Eat?

Ultimately, there are no strict restrictions when it comes to what types of lettuce you feed to your fish. They will likely consume various types of lettuce you can buy at a supermarket, for example.

If you grow your own lettuce, it’s even better to feed them that lettuce because you know exactly that it’s not full of various chemicals and add-ons.

Some of the tested and tried types of lettuce that African cichlids will eat are Crisphead lettuce, Romaine lettuce, and Boston lettuce.

There are no clear-cut types of lettuce that cichlids will prefer. Most of the time, they won’t mind different types of lettuce, and they will eat it as long as it’s clean and free of any bacteria or potentially harmful chemicals (which you make sure of when you wash the lettuce).

Can Peacock Cichlids Eat Lettuce?

Peacock cichlids, well most of them, are carnivorous by nature, although there are some omnivorous peacock cichlids.

This means that carnivorous peacock cichlids will not eat lettuce at all, while omnivorous peacock cichlids might eat lettuce, but it’s not guaranteed they will.

If you have a peacock cichlid and if it’s omnivorous, you can try this out yourself. You can try with a smaller piece of lettuce at first to see if the cichlid will eat the lettuce. And then, if you see that they like the lettuce, you can continue feeding the lettuce to your cichlids.

If it doesn’t like lettuce, then you should not force it, and pick up the lettuce from the tank.

What Other Vegetables to Feed African Cichlids Besides Lettuce?

So we’ve established that the African cichlids, especially herbivorous and omnivorous types will like to eat lettuce. But what other vegetables can you consider to feed them?

You can feed them peas, carrots, kale, tomatoes, and other types of vegetables.

They will also eat fruits, so try to combine the two types of food, as well as other types of food like flakes and pellets for a more varied diet.


African cichlids will like to eat lettuce, as long as they are herbivorous or omnivorous.

But in any case, you should try to feed the lettuce to the fish first to see if they like it, and then start feeding more of it to them.

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