Anglo-Arab Horse Breed – Profile, Facts, Photos

The Anglo-Arab is a horse built for competition with excellent physical capabilities and an athletic and imposing frame. There are few horses that equal this breed’s physical presence. The Anglo-Arab comes with a compact and well-sculpted body with visible muscles, a refined neck on top of an arched neck, and a deep chest.

The horse has long and agile legs suggesting strength, flexibility, and explosive power. It is clearly a horse designed for competitive tasks, and its history and origin story speak volumes in this sense.

History and Origin

The Anglo-Arab breed dates back to 1836 in France, out of all countries. The breed is the result of the English Thoroughbreds mating with the Arab stallions, resulting in an athletic, strong, fast, and flexible breed almost immediately. The Anglo-Arab horse became a staple in the French military as the ride of choice for cavalry.

Thanks to its physical capabilities, the horse was largely popular, making it excel at competitive events and anything involving speed, endurance, and agility.


The Anglo-Arab horse comes with many unique characteristics, many of which are expected thanks to the horse’s pedigree. One unique feature is its sheer size. The Anglo-Arab breed can easily dwarf many other horse breeds both in terms of size and overall looks.

This is a slim, athletic, muscular, and tall horse, specifically designed for competitive recognition. The breed has an impressive pedigree in the world of equine competition with regard to speed, endurance, and agility.

– Size and Height

The Anglo-Arab horse stands at 15.2 – 16.3 hands or 62 to 67 inches tall. This is well above average since most horse breeds would generally revolve around 55 to 63 inches. Its tall stature allows the horse to perform consistently better at jumping competitions, as well as racing.

A taller body equals longer legs which translate to covering more distance faster. The horse’s size also makes for a more impressive frame and presence. An Anglo-Arab will dominate the space as no other horse could.

– Weight

The horse will weigh on average around 1,000 lbs. which could seem unexpected given its size. The reason for this discrepancy is that, despite being tall, the horse is rather thin. It has a speed-build body with long and slim legs and moderate musculature.

Its light build allows the horse to remain agile and perform tasks that other breeds might not be capable of.

– Colors

The Anglo-Arab doesn’t have too much diversity in terms of coloring. You will only find it in gray, chestnut, or bay with the occasional white or black around the lower legs.

– Speed

The Anglo-Arab horse excels at speed, capable of reaching an excess of 40 mph, compared to the average 25 to 30 mph of other breeds. This makes the horse a formidable force on the competitive scene, capable of outperforming most breeds with relative ease.

The horse’s speed capabilities will also depend on several factors, including the horse’s parents. If you want a fast specimen, I recommend researching the horse’s background and parents to make sure you get the best genes possible.

– Temperament

The Anglo-Arab horse has a temperament fitting for its breed. The Arabian blood provides the horse with strength of character, intelligence, high energy, and loyalty. Its Thoroughbred ancestors gave it toughness, willingness, and character flexibility, which complement its already vibrant personality quite well.

This is a friendly breed with a strong and vibrant character, ideal for a horse with its physical characteristics.

– Lifespan

The Anglo-Arab will easily reach 25 to 30 years old with the potential to live longer than that. Some horses have reached well into their 40s, making the Anglo-Arab one of the most stable and healthy horses over the years.

Diet and Nutrition

The Anglo-Arab has a naturally high appetite, especially horses that participate in events and competitions regularly. The strenuous and regular physical activity will require a sustained caloric intake, causing the horse to consume up to 25 lbs. of grass and hay per day.

If you have a competition-ready horse, I suggest supplementing its diet with vitamins and minerals. High-quality equine supplements are necessary for horses with an active lifestyle, consuming a lot of energy daily.


The grooming aspect should take too much time since the Anglo-Arab doesn’t have any unique needs. I would, however, recommend paying extra attention to its hoofs, especially if your horse participates in competitive events regularly.

The same goes if you tend to ride your horse on a more rugged terrain. Other than that, the standard equine grooming kit should do the job just fine. Pay attention to the horse’s mane and tail and bathe it occasionally to keep its coat in peak condition.


The Anglo-Arab is most useful in racing, endurance, jumping shows, and other equine events where it can display its physical capabilities. This breed is also great for casual riding, more fitting for adults than children.


The Anglo-Arab horse is among the priciest breeds, given its uses and the breed’s capabilities. You can find the Anglo-Arab horse at prices ranging between $4,000 and $10,000. The situation will change when talking about a competition-ready horse with an impeccable pedigree and known competitive accomplishments.

In that case, the price can jump to $50,000 – $70,000 or even more. While the Anglo-Arab isn’t the most expensive breed, it’s certainly up there with the spiciest ones.

Health Problems

The Anglo-Arab horse comes from a healthy and tough breed with very few health problems. Only occasionally will the breed develop problems like immunodeficiency disease. Other than that, your horse should be fine with regular veterinary check-ups.


The Anglo-Arab population ranks in the thousands, with approximately 11,000 individuals worldwide. The population has been growing moderately since 1991 and continues to grow yearly.


The Anglo-Arab horse is the best pick if you need a competition-ready horse. It has the genes for the job and can significantly boost its capabilities with adequate training. The horse is probably not a good option for individuals who seek a calm and docile companion for occasional riding.

The Anglo-Arab has an energetic and vibrant spirit, made for competition and a more active and explosive lifestyle.

I’m available for any questions about the breed if you’re interested in acquiring a specimen anytime soon.

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