7 Best Guinea Pig Cages

Choosing a guinea pig cage is an incredibly crucial choice to make. A lot of people will make the mistake of keeping guinea pigs in spaces that are too small for them.

In addition to being spacious, the cages should be separated into different areas for things like nesting and going to the bathroom.

Guinea pigs demand plenty of floor space so that they exercise throughout the day. If they lack sufficient stimulation, guinea pigs can get bored and depressed.

Larger areas will also accommodate several guinea pigs and makes it easy to clean and maintain. After reviewing different guinea pig cages, we recommend the following models:

1. Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you are looking for a spacious cage for your guinea pig, the Living World Deluxe Habitat will provide ample space for them to roam and be comfortable.

Its measurements are 46 8/9-inch length by 22 4/5-inch width by 24-inch height, and your pet will, therefore, not feel confined.

This two-level cage is characterized by an upper wire frame and a plastic base. The base is incredibly sturdy, and it will not break or bend as is common with cheaper solutions. It is also easier to clean plastic floor making the cage easy to maintain.

One impressive feature of this cage is its tip-proof food dish. The dish can be clipped onto the balcony floor to keep your pet’s food in the same area and prevent mess.

This feature is particularly handy if you have multiple guinea pigs since they can get lively during feeding time. Another useful accessory is the drip-proof water bottle that discourages the hay guard from dampening the feeding area.

All features, except the feeding plate, have been fitted outside the cage to leave sufficient room for your guinea pig to play.

Guinea pigs appreciate some hiding time, which is why the cage also includes hiding compartments. There is a hidden area beneath the primary body of the cage where your pet can retreat to as needed.

The cage is easy to access and assemble. You can access it from the top by detaching the side top or open the wire door at the front. The base also slips off quite quickly to allow you to clean. Since the balcony shelf is detachable, you clean even the hard-to-reach corners.

The cage can be purchased in the X large size if you have multiple guinea pigs.


2. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

This cage features an attractive rounded corner design without pinch points and tight wire spacing.

It measures 32 ½’’ L x 19’’ W x 17 ½’’ H with 3/8’’ wire spacing to prevent animals from escaping and discourage their paws from getting stuck.

The cage’s basin is comfortably deep at 6.25 inches, and it will hold your pet’s accessories and toys.

The cage can be accessed through the roof or the front door, both of which have been fitted with a wire-latch locking mechanism. Its easy snap-on, snap-off mesh is held securely in place with six clips.

This offering from Prevue is a good buy if you want a small-pet cage. It has passed independent lab testing to ascertain that it measures up to the highest standards of pet safety.

The high-quality materials used promote durability, and it has been expertly engineered in the US.


3. Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat

This solution is perfect for those looking for a reliable and safe cage for one or two guinea pigs. It measures 42L × 18W × 19H inches and has a large door for easy access.

The cage includes four lockable casters to secure it firmly when you do not want to move it around. Since the base is deep and the edges sealed, you don’t have to worry about urine and other liquids spilling over.

The product comes with functional accessories, including a water bottle, hay Buffet, safety ramp, food dish, caster wheels, and a comfort shelf. The latch and wires of the cage are chew-proof, which is vital in case you have an active chewer for a pet.

This cage has been gaining popularity for its suitability. It is shipped in its container to protect it during shipment.


4. Cavie Guinea Pig Cage with Water Bottle & Hay Feeder

The Cavie Cage by Ferplast is a great starter guinea pig home. It has been engineered to provide optimal comfort for your pet, thanks to a large bottom and a wide front door.

The included accessories like a water bottle and food dish will further ensure that your pet is comfortable. The door’s closing system includes plastic clips to discourage accidental escapes.

The structure of the cage is incredibly sturdy. A plastic base and the varnished wire mesh ensure your pet is safe at all times. The cage’s high bottom holds sawdust to accommodate food waste and dirt so that the floor remains clean.

A small door has been fitted at the top for easy maintenance. For more thorough cleaning, simply open the front door to its widest and get to the hard-to-reach corners. You can also unlock the side hooks and separate the top and the base entirely.

This fully-accessorized home has everything your guinea pig will need to feel relaxed. The drinking bottle has a hook to fix it to the wire mesh structure as well as an anti-drop steel valve. An indicator will display the water level for convenience.


5. Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage by Midwest

This cage offers the 8 square feet of living space for guinea pigs as advised by breeders and veterinarians.

Having studied guinea pigs eat, sleep, and interact, the product developers at Midwest sought to assemble an ideal habitat specifically for the animals.

The cage was designed to promote the health of guinea pigs and keep them active and comfortable. You can choose to expand the cage to 16 square feet by getting the Guinea Habitat Plus or another Guinea Habitat.

The Guinea Habitat Plus will give your pet more than enough room to exercise since they need plenty of stimulation. It is also convenient to clean a more spacious space.

This cage is packed with several functional features. The multi-access folding top will encourage interaction with your pets while keeping them safely enclosed.

The model also includes a divider panel with which you can separate play and rest areas with hinged, lock-in-place doors.

The PVC-lined canvas bottom is easily removable, washable, and leak-proof, and you can be assured that your pet’s sensitive feet are well taken care of.

You can carry the cage outdoors since the cage’s top will protect your pet from predators.

The habitat’s modular design accommodates unlimited expandability and numerous configurations. You can re-design it to suit your pet’s specific needs.

The cage can hold up to three guinea pigs since the animals are mainly social. You can rest easy with the 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty that comes with this product.


6. AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

This cage features a rectangular design and an upper iron frame. The PP plastic bottom border and base promote comfort, ventilation, and optimal ventilation.

The standard size is ideal for small animals, and it measures 31.7 L × 21.8 W × 18.1 H inches.

It is easy to access the habitat, thanks to the large openings at the front and the top. You will find it easy to let your pet out or clean the cage.

There is a balcony for a better view as well as a hiding space underneath in case your animal needs some privacy.

The balcony access ramp makes up and down movements easy, while the non-tip food bowl can be fitted on the balcony floor to minimize messes.

The habitat also comes with a hay guard and non-drip water bottle, which are secured outside the cage to allow more space for your pet.

You do not need tools to set up this habitat as it assembles easily in seconds.


7. AmazonBasics Canvas Bottom Pet Cage with Divider Set

You can use this cage for both the outdoors and the indoors. Its lightweight design makes it convenient to move as needed, whether you are moving it to the kitchen or your child’s bedroom.

The cage is characterized by an iron wire cage frame to keep your pet safe at all times. It is both easy to assemble and disassemble the habitat as needed, including during cleaning times.

This cage has been configured to keep your pet as comfortable as needed. The textural canvas base creates traction for small and sensitive feet, such as those of a guinea pig.

To clean the bottom, simply detach the iron wireframe from the bottom, dump, and clean with soapy water.

The leak-free polyester canvas contains messes from your pet and makes maintenance easy. This model is also preferable to glass or hard plastic-bottomed cages.



There are endless cage options for your guinea pigs, and it can get a bit overwhelming when narrowing the selections down. One thing to consider with guinea pigs is that they need space to roam and play around.

They can get stressed if they lack adequate physical stimulation. Guinea pigs also need hiding spaces in their habitats. The cage you choose should keep pets safe and relaxed.

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