5 Best Cages for Hedgehogs – For Happy & Healthy Pets

Hedgehogs are prickly, active, exotic little mammals that make wonderful pets for owners. They are low-maintenance pets with tiny and delicate feet. Picking the right hedgehog cage is one of the best decisions to make for your hedgie.

This will make them happy, healthy, and never bored. Are you searching for the best cage to get your hedgehog? We’ve got you covered! Below is a list of hedgehog cages you can pick for your lovely pet.

1. Wabbit Deluxe Home Kit

Featuring a 5.5 inch deep, easy-to-clean plastic pan, the Wabbit Deluxe Home is a large and expandable living space that provides maximum support for rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and other rodents.

The feeding area is elevated to create a private space for animals. This hole has a stationary feeding bowl, which reduces spilling during meals.

The cage can be easily assembled without tools, and it includes accessories like a removable hay feeder, feeding bowl, and water bottle. For optimal ventilation and visibility, the powder-coated wire top is constructed with 1-inch mesh spacing. Wabbit Deluxe Home complies with quality control standards, so it’s considered a safe home for pets.

Having a full-width side door that lifts and rests overhead, pet parents can easily clean, feed, and play with their pets. With the large top door, you can gain easy access to your pet.

The hedgehog cage also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you want to add more living area or a private hutch to your hedgehog cage, this model can be paired with a wire extension or hutch extension.


  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy
  • Very spacious
  • Easy to clean


  • Hedgehog wheel is absent


2. Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Designed to house a wide range of little animals, this small animal home is dark grey and has dimensions of 32 x 19 x 17 inches and with 3/8 inch wire spacing. The round corner pattern and wire spacing make this cage the right abode for many small rodents.

Pet parents can gain entry into the cage with two large doors (front and top). Each door is about 12 ¾” long and 9 ¼” wide and closes firmly with a wire latch locking mechanism.

Made in the USA, all Prevue cages go through an independent laboratory test that conforms to pet safety standards. The easy snap-on or snap-off mesh is held together by 6 clips.

Perfect for gerbils and hedhehogs, this extra-large cage has a deep tubby base of 6 1/4″ with a length of 18″ and width of 12 3/8 “. The cage has a twist knob closure and a 14 ½” long and 4 ½” wide plastic ramp. With an extra-large detachable base, this Prevue 528 Universal small animal home is lightweight, easy to clean, and hygienic.


  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Spacious


  • No food bowls included.


3. AmazonBasics Small Animal Habitat

Your furry friend can now feel safe and comfortable in this AmazonBasics Pet Habitat! The rectangle-shaped cage is built to last long with an iron wire upper frame and a PP plastic bottom border and base. This ensures that the space is properly ventilated with optimal viewing.

AmazonBasics Small Animal Habitat is available in three sizes: Standard, Large, and Jumbo. These sizes are great for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, or ferrets.

The small animal abode features large openings at the top and front of the cage for easy access into the cage. When it’s time to feed, clean, or play with your pet, the generously sized openings facilitate accessibility.

It features a balcony for added dimension and better viewing, which creates hiding space for privacy and rest. The balcony has an access ramp for easy movement of pets up and down the cage. A non-tip food bowl is held firmly to the balcony floor.

Other accessories include a non-drip water bottle and a hay guard, both attached to the exterior part of the cage to prevent overcrowding and allow easy access while cleaning or refilling.


  • Easy set up within minutes
  • Large space for animals to run around


  • Leaky water bottles
  • The food bowl is quite small for bigger animals


4. Prevue Hendryx Small Animal Cage

Perfect home for various small animals like rabbits, hedgehogs and guinea pigs, Prevue Hendryx Cocoa and Cream Cage Stand comes with two large doors, one on top and one on the side for easy access to your lovely pet.

It has a tubular steel stand with wheels for convenient movement of the cage from room to room or from indoors to outdoors.

Coated with a non-toxic powder finish, which cleans up quickly, the cage also has an extra deep 6 1/2 inch plastic pan that contains mesh. The cage is an all-metal product with a chew-proof platform and ramp.


  • The two large doors allow for accessibility.
  • Easy to clean
  • The non-toxic, powder-coated finish is considered safe for pets.


  • No food accessory for small animals.


5. Ferplast Krolik Cage

The Krolik  hutch is actually designed for rabbits, but it perfectly good for a hedgehog too. The cage is made in such a way that the wire mesh and base can be completely separated.

It’s compact-sized for easy carriage while ensuring your pet has a large living space, all thanks to the base designed with no flares.

The base is large and high enough to contain litter or sawdust. There is a full front door access for easy cleaning and quick maintenance.

Ferplast Krolik Cage has all it takes for your pet to feel comfy, stay safe, and relax. The feeding bowl is placed on a large shelf stationed on the steps.

The drinking bottle has a capacity of 600 cc and is firmly fixed to the cage net with the aid of a special hook. A hay feeder is also included in the cage. The  hutch comes in a knock-down kit which can be easily assembled and disassembled.

It’s extensively fixed to the cage structure with a separation grill and welcoming wooden house.

Ideal for nesting, the house is nicely decorated with a safety closing and opening roof. The extension doubles as a large space and a protected zone for separating male or injured animals from other rodents.

If you need the perfect habitat for your small pet, the Ferplast Krolik Cage is rated amongst the best options.


  • Fully accessorized for pet’s comfort
  • Convenient access
  • Easy to clean
  • Large living space for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • It might be difficult for some people to assemble it


Choosing a Cage for Your Pet Hedgehog

Choosing the perfect cage for your hedgehog is one of the crucial decisions you will need to make as the animal will spend most of their life in it. Hence, you need to make the right choice. Below are factors to put into consideration when selecting a hedgehog cage:

– Cage Size and Shape

The size of the hedgehog cage should be the first factor to consider before making your choice. Keeping a hedgehog in a tight space can take a toll on its health and happiness.

Though these animals are quite tiny, they need plenty of space to run around. The minimum cage size for a hedgehog is 2 x 2 feet, but a 2 x 4 feet would be ideal as well.

There should be enough room for free movement, eating space, litter box, and others. You also need to consider the weight and size of these animals. These small animals are prone to obesity, so there’s a need for you to create space for them to explore and exercise in their cage.

– Number of Hedgehogs

The number of hedgehogs will determine the type and size of the cage. If you intend to keep many of them, then you should get a hedgehog cage with enough space.

– Features and Accessories

Check the features and accessories of the cage before making your pick. Features to look out for include ventilation, temperature control, lighting, surface construction, amongst others.

Wire sided enclosures are well ventilated. The optimal temperature for your pet’s habitat should be between 75 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Cleaning and Maintenance

Just like every pet, you would need to clean up after your hedgehog, including their cage. Ensure you go for an easy-to-clean cage as you’ll need to clean it often. An overly heavy cage will make cleaning a difficult chore. The above-listed cages are easy to clean.

Hedgehog Cage Types

There’s a wide variety of hedgehog cages on the market. It’s best you choose the one that suits your pet’s needs.

– Wire hedgehog cages

Wire cages have solid bottoms and deep pans. They’re considered the most common type of hedgehog cages. Wire cages are well ventilated, strong with low temperature.

They have more floor space compared to other modified cages. In our opinion, a wire cage is simply the best because it’s easier to clean and provides more ventilation compared to the plastic tub, aquarium, or wooden cage.

– Pans

Pan cages are usually lightweight, whether plastic or metallic. Several people prefer using plastic pans as they don’t rust easily and are easy to clean compared to metallic options.

– Plastic storage containers

These are also lightweight, relatively cheap, and portable. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Plastic storage containers aren’t quite large, so they limit viewing for both pets and pet owners.

– Glass aquariums

Do you have a large aquarium? You can use it to house your hedgehog. Aquariums might also be limiting because they lack enough floor space, are cumbersome, expensive, bulky, and difficult to clean.

Can a Hedgehog Live in Hamster Cage?

No, hamster cages are not suitable for larger animals, these are too small for a hedgehog.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! 5 best cages you can get for your hedgehogs. Irrespective of the one you choose, ensure you go for a fully equipped cage to create that comfortable, memorable, and lasting experience for your furry friend.

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