5 Best Motorcycle Pet Carriers – Complete Buying Guide

Many of us want to travel with our furry friends. But, all of us can’t afford a car. If you have a motorcycle, then it is obvious you wanted to give your cat a ride on the motorcycle. Luckily for those who own a motorcycle, you can carry your cat with the motorcycle on a motorcycle pet carrier.

Motorcycle pet carriers are very durable, and versatile and ensure a safe journey for the cat. If you are looking for the best motorcycle pet carrier, then this article is for you.

In this article, I am giving a top to bottom review of the top 5 motorcycle pet carrier in the market. I hope it helps you to buy the best motorcycle pet carrier for your furry friend.

How to choose the best motorcycle pet carrier?

Buying a motorcycle pet carrier can be very tricky. Various factors need to be considered to determine the right motorcycle carrier for your cat. Every motorcycle pet carrier has its own set of features, advantages, disadvantages, and specifications. You need to know about these before buying a carrier.

While riding with your cat on a motorcycle can be extremely fun, if the carrier is not high-quality, your cat will be in a great risk. So, when you are looking for a new motorcycle pet carrier for your cat, look for these features:


No matter what, your motorcycle pet carrier needs to be durable in all conditions. Being durable doesn’t only mean high-quality material but also mean withstanding all types of weather and impact. Unfortunately, even if you crash into an accident with your motorcycle, the pet carrier needs to be intact. It is very important for the safety of your cat.

Check if the carrier is waterproof. Choosing a waterproof carrier is very important as it will save your cat from rain and stormy weather. Heavy-duty plastic is the most common building material for motorcycle pet carriers. Some company even use aluminum for added durability.


Security is the next most important thing to check on a motorcycle pet carrier. The first thing you need to look for is the door. Check if the pet carrier has secured door. Some pet carrier comes with several entry options including a top loading system. These types of motorcycle pet carriers are great as your cat can bring out her head and enjoy the trip.

However, you need to ensure that all of the openings in the pet carrier has secured closing system. Ask the salesman if there is any mechanism to lock the doors. Also ensure that no matter what your cat can’t open the door from inside.

Clean interior:

Many cat owners often make the mistake of not checking the interior of the motorcycle pet carrier when buying. It is crucial that you check the interior of the pet carrier. Often, the interior of the newly manufactured carriers includes sharp edges, staples or different types of sharp items. These things can poke your cat’s body and even wound her.

That’s why, when buying a motorcycle pet carrier, spend some extra time to check everything is okay on the inside. The interior of a motorcycle pet carrier should be soft, comfortable and padded. There shouldn’t be any rough let alone sharp edges inside the carrier. Simple design yet high-quality pet carriers are the best for motorcycle riding.

If you find any sharp edges inside the carrier, change it immediately or buy a different one.


The carrier needs to be completely leak proof. Being waterproof doesn’t mean that the carrier is leak-proof too. The two is totally different. Being leak proof means that no liquid can leak outside from the inside of the carrier.

Sometimes, your cat may get scared or nervous and have an accident. In such cases, you need to ensure that no liquid comes outside from the carrier and make your motorcycle dirty. A leak-proof motorcycle pet carrier ensures that, even if your cat has an accident, the carrier will hold all the liquid and your motorcycle will remain dry.

High absorbability bottom:

I know we don’t want any liquid coming out from the carrier. but also, you don’t want your cat to sit on her pee all day long, do you? That’s why it is important that your motorcycle pet carrier has a high absorbability bottom.

A high absorbability bottom will ensure that, even if your cat has an accident, the bottom of the carrier will absorb all the liquid and your cat will be dry. So, choose a carrier that has an absorbent floor.

Another way is to choose a carrier that has a removable bottom. If your motorcycle pet carrier has a removable bottom, you can remove it and clean it in case of an accident. Otherwise, you may have to clean the whole carrier if your cat has an accident. So, look for a carrier that either has a high absorbability bottom or a removable machine-washable bottom.


It may seem obvious, but many cat owners don’t give enough emphasis to it. You motorcycle pet carrier must have a good ventilation system to ensure enough air circulation inside the carrier. A well-ventilated pet carrier doesn’t only ensure your cat can breathe properly, it also makes the carrier comfortable for your cat. In warm days, ventilation keeps the inside of the carrier cool.

Look for carriers with multiple flaps to ensure well ventilation. In a multiple flab carrier, your cat can enjoy as much as air she wants.


Comfortability should be one of the most important considerations for a cat carrier. No matter how much good quality the carrier is, if it is not comfortable for the cat, it won’t be good for her too. Whether you are planning on a short ride or a long trip, always ensure that your cat is comfortable in her carrier.

Most comfortable motorcycle pet carrier these days have a removable soft pad inside to make the interior cozier. Also, choosing the right size carrier for your cat also determines how much comfort it will be for the cat. In a right size cat carrier, your cat should be able to stand up and move freely. The length should be at least 1.5 times the length of the cat.


While it is important to look for a motorcycle pet carrier that is comfortable for your cat, it is also important that you can carry the pet carrier comfortably. The easier a pet carrier is to carry, the more you will use it.

Pet carriers with handles are generally very easier to carry around. Some pet carriers even have straps so that you can use them as a backpack. Whatever system your motorcycle pet carrier has, ensure that you can carry it comfortably.


Motorcycle pet carriers are getting more popular these days. Every brand is now producing pet carriers with high additional features and versatility. These days motorcycle pet carriers come with built-in food bowl, water-bowl, leash or a harness.

I know versatility is not as important as security or comfortability, but a little versatility doesn’t hurt! So, if you find a good pet carrier with excellent versatility, buy that even if it costs some extra bucks.


Never think of buying a motorcycle pet carrier as a luxury. It is an investment for your cat. So, you need to get the best quality pet carrier possible within your budget. It is true that the costliest carrier doesn’t always guarantee the best quality, however, the good quality pet carriers generally tend to cost a bit more than the average ones.

Whatever your price range is, when buying a motorcycle pet carrier, ensure that you are getting what you are paying for!


What is the right motorcycle pet carrier for your cat?

Choosing the right motorcycle pet carrier for your cat generally depends on what purpose you need the carrier for. A carrier for a long journey is not as same as a carrier for regular use. You also need to consider your budget and look for the features stated above.

Every cat owner has a different expectation from their pet carrier. So, think about why you need the pet carrier for and see if the pet carrier satisfies that requirement. If it does, then congratulations, you have the right motorcycle pet carrier for your cat!

So, now that you know what to look for in a motorcycle pet carrier, I am listing here my 5 personal favorite motorcycle pet carriers that provide the best value for money:


1. Saddlemen Pet Voyager:

Saddlemen pet voyager promotes comfortability as well as safety when traveling with your cat. It can also be used as a cargo bag. The carrier includes multiple flaps and more than one vents which ensure complete air circulation inside the carrier as well as easy access to your cat.

The inside compartment is spacious and comes with a removable bottom tray and resting pad. The removable bottom tray ensures that you can clean the carrier very easily in case of an accident. The resting pad makes the carrier very comfortable for your cat. It also has food and water trays for your cat.

The carrier comes with two mounting systems: one is a seat harness and the other is a sissy bar trap which can easily lock the carrier with your motorcycle’s seat. The quick disconnect strap feature let you remove the carrier from motorcycle within seconds. The plush rest back pad makes the journey very comfortable both for you and your cat.

You can also store your clothes and other important items in the carrier in a separate compartment. You can carry Saddlemen pet voyager by both with a strong handle system or by shoulder straps. So, carrying it is very easy and stress-free.

Saddlemen pet voyager comes with an internal leash to prevent any kind of unsupervised escape of your cat. It also has a walking leash which you can use if you need to stop anywhere during the road trip.


  • Ensures comfort as well as the safety of your cat.
  • Has more than one vents and flaps for proper air circulation inside.
  • Spacious interior with removable bottom tray and resting pad.
  • The removable tray lets you clean the carrier very quickly without a lot of hassle.
  • It has two mounting systems: you can either carry the cat by the handles or by the shoulder trap whichever you prefer.
  • Quick disconnect feature lets you take off the carrier from the motorcycle within seconds.


  • Dimension is 18.4 x 15.9 x 15.3 inches
  • Inside compartment measures 16″ w x 14″ L x 14″ T
  • Weight is 10.7 pounds.


  • Saddlemen pet voyager is water resistant, but not waterproof.
  • It is difficult to attach the carrier to some models of motorcycle.



2. Milwaukee’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Pet Carrier:

This motorcycle pet carrier is made of heavy duty PVC material. Double-sided carry handles make it very easier to carry the pet carrier. it also has three extra pockets to keep your cat’s necessary items as well as your moneybag, card etc.

You can also carry the pet carrier with its universal adjustable shoulder strap. Mesh breathable panels ensure proper ventilation throughout the carrier. Top loading system let you insert the cat easily to the carrier. The size of the carrier is perfect for small to medium size cats.


  • Made of highly durable PVC material
  • Two mounting systems: double-sided handles and universal adjustable shoulder strap
  • Breathable mesh allows complete ventilation inside the carrier.
  • Extra three pouches to store additional items in the carrier
  • Perfect size for carrying small to medium size cats
  • Dimension is 16 x 12 x 13 inches.


  • Not suitable for very large size cats.



3. Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace:

This is one of the safest and versatile motorcycle pet carrier to carry your furry friend on a journey of a lifetime. Trendy style, versatility, superior ventilation and large interior space makes this pet carrier one of the best in the market.

The pet carrier has an internal frame which provides structural stability to the carrier and keeps your cat safe from any impact. With Kuryakyn grand pet palace, your pet can enjoy 20% more ventilation than any other traditional motorcycle pet carrier.

You can mount the carrier by two ways: using multiple D rings and with the adjustable shoulder strap. The carrier has a removable foam cushion inside which makes it very cozy for your cat. You can also remove the foam cushion and wash it after a trip. The four mesh windows not only provide super ventilation but your cat can enjoy the outside view too!

The pet carrier is made from 1200 denier textile material which is UV rated weather resistant. It also includes a removable rain cover for protection against stormy weather.


  • Versatile and one of the safest motorcycle pet carriers in the market.
  • The internal frame which provides rigidity to the carrier. it also saves your cat from external impact.
  • 20% more ventilation than most other traditional pet carriers.
  • Easier carrying by either multiple D rings or with the adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Removable foam cushion that makes the carrier very comfortable for your cat.
  • Cleaning the removable foam cushion is easy. All you need to do is take it out of the carrier and throw into the washing machine. It saves you from the hassle of cleaning the whole pet carrier.
  • Four mesh panel windows ensure ventilation from all sides. You cat can also enjoy the outside view through these windows.
  • UV rated weather resistant raw material provides durability against rough weather. Also includes a removable rain cover for protection against stormy weather.


  • Dimension is 18.5″ wide x 13″ deep x 14“tall
  • Internal space is 2700 cubic inches.
  • The carrier weighs about 9 pounds.
  • Suggested weight capacity is 20 pounds


  • Not airline approved.



4. Outward Hound Front Carrier:

With outward hound front carrier, you can carry your cat safely as well as comfortably on a motorcycle. Outward Hound is famous for producing pet safe gears which are very high quality and makes the adventure with your cat far much easier.


  • This is generally a backpack carrier for small pets. This is a perfect carrier for small to medium size pets. With this pet carrier, your pet can also enjoy the view with you.
  • This pet carrier is designed to be used in warm weather especially. The design is very lightweight and keeps your pet cool on a sunny day. Made from water-resistant nylon fabric which helps to repel sweating too!
  • The design of Outward hound front carrier is very simple yet durable. It has additional storage pockets to keep all the necessary items for your pet. You can also store important stuff like moneybag, wallet, cards, keys etc. in there.
  • The carrier includes an interior harness which adds extra security to the carrier and prevents any unexpected escape of your pet. Thanks to the forward facing design style, with this carrier you can observe your pet all the time while riding.
  • The pet carrier comes in multiple sizes and various colors. So, you can easily choose one that best suits your cat!


  • The dimension of the carrier is 15 x 11.2 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight is 1.56 pounds.


  • Not suitable at all for large size pets.



5. Geepet’s Front Facing Pet Carrier for walking, hiking, and motorcycle

Geepet’s front-facing pet carrier allows you to have a more comfortable journey with your cat without much hassle. You can use it as a backpack too. The front-facing design helps you to keep an eye on your pet while you are walking, hiking or riding a motorcycle.

The wide adjustable straps make it very easier to carry the pet carrier. the wide padded design will never cut down on your shoulder no matter how much heavier your cat is.

The legs out design ensure complete security of your pet while traveling.

With this front facing pet carrier, traveling with your pet won’t be a hassle anymore. It makes traveling with your pet easier, funnier and more enjoyable.


  • Front facing design allows you to keep an eye on your pet all the time. It can also be used as a backpack carrier.
  • The head-out design lets your pet enjoy a soothing journey while keeping her safe.
  • The 1.5” wide adjustable straps will never cut into your shoulder no matter how heavy the carrier is.
  • This carrier makes traveling with your cat free from all kinds of hassle. With this, you’ll never have to leave your pet alone in the room.
  • Comes in multiple sizes and various colors such as black, denim blue, stripes and colorful stripes.


  • Small: chest dimension is 15” while the distance between front and back legs is 4.5 inches. Weight capacity is 5.5 lbs.
  • Medium: chest dimension is 17” while the distance between front and back legs is 5 inches. Weight capacity is 9 lbs.
  • Large: chest dimension is 19” while the distance between front and back legs is 6 inches. Weight capacity is 15 lbs.
  • Extra Large: chest dimension is 22” while the distance between front and back legs is 7 inches. Weight capacity is 22 lbs.


  • Not suitable for very large size pets
  • Some customers find the carrier a bit uncomfortable for long time use.



Wrapping Up

So, this is my guide to choosing the best motorcycle pet carrier for your cat. Buying a motorcycle pet carrier can be very rewarding, but you have to be careful to get the one that is right for your cat. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below. I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Also, don’t forget to mention if you are using any motorcycle pet carrier right now and what is it. Happy cat-keeping!

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