Are Crested Geckos Friendly?

With so many species of geckos taking the pet industry by storm, it’s natural to worry about differences in behavior and care requirements. After all, not all geckos are alike since they differ in a lot of areas based on the species.

Yes, Crested Geckos are friendly animals that make great pets. They are easy to care for and can be handled without much worry. They do not require a lot of space and equipment and are not very picky about their diet either.

Crested geckos will even differ between themselves since they have different personalities and respond to various stimuli differently.

So, what should you be concerned about if your kid really wants a crested gecko? Is the reptile friendly enough to become a reliable family member? Let’s have a look!

Are Crested Geckos Friendly with Children?

Crested geckos don’t really differentiate between children and adult humans. They can only tell that you’re not a crested gecko.

Fortunately, they’re not inherently aggressive towards humans, but they’re not exactly overly friendly either.

In short, geckos don’t like human interactions that much, especially when too frequent or inadequate.

Many people handle the geckos too aggressively or recklessly, causing them to freak out or display signs of discomfort. In these scenarios, it’s not uncommon for the gecko to wiggle, struggle to escape, and even bite to force you to let it go.

Fortunately, geckos don’t have any means to actually hurt you since their teeth are not meant for self-defense.

But this is a sign that the gecko is uncomfortable with whatever you’re doing.

The moral of the story is always to teach your kid how to handle the reptile adequately. You don’t want them to squeeze it or hold it tight by the tail, thorax, head or legs.

This will cause the gecko to feel trapped and will activate its ‘I need to get out of here’ behavior.

Once you learn how to handle the gecko safely and gently, the reptile will feel more comfortable when held with time.

Are Crested Geckos Friendly with Other Pets?

No, crested geckos are not friendly with other pets. These are solitary animals that don’t like to share their space with any other creature.

They will even have problems accepting other crested geckos in their habitat since their presence will activate their territorial behavior.

Geckos won’t necessarily become aggressive towards other pets, but their presence will stress them out.

You will soon see your gecko looking for hiding areas, becoming lethargic, digging into the substrate, and even opening its mouth in an aggressive fashion. Many people even believe geckos play dead by freezing when distressed.

The truth is that they’re simply displaying fear and distress since geckos don’t have a genuine ‘play dead’ behavior.

So, don’t try to make your gecko befriend other pets for fun purposes. Geckos are pretty antisocial creatures, and you can’t change their personality.

Do Crested Geckos Like to be Held?

There isn’t a universally-applicable answer in this case. Some geckos don’t mind being held, others do, while others will seemingly like it.

However, as a general rule, geckos will need some accommodation period. So, don’t expect your gecko to enjoy the handling from the get-go.

Instead, you should give the reptile time to become accustomed to your presence and the feeling of being held. Start with several seconds-long sessions and put the gecko back into its habitat if it shows signs of distress.

The lizard will become more docile and friendlier with time, allowing you to hold it and pet it for longer.

Most importantly, always handle the gecko with care and use gentle and slow movements when petting it.

Do Crested Geckos Like to Cuddle?

No, crested geckos don’t like to cuddle. They’re not exactly the affectionate type, which is a reptile-specific behavior.

You can’t change this behavior because it’s how all reptiles are built in general.

In short, the gecko will tolerate your presence and even grow comfortable when held and petted.

But don’t expect anything meaningful in return because that’s not how geckos function.

Do Crested Geckos Get Attached to Their Owner?

No, crested geckos won’t get attached to their owner, similar to how a dog can. Dogs can display affection and attachment because they’re simply smarter with a larger and more intricate brain pattern.

Reptiles have a simpler cognition because they have evolved differently. Their entire existence boils down to hunting, resting, mating, and identifying and avoiding threats.

They have no meaningful social behavior. Their only meaningful interactions with other geckos fall into the ‘make love or war’ mindset.

They will only meet up to procreate or settle territorial disputes, which make for quite a basic form of interaction.

When it comes to humans, geckos cannot display attachment because they are biologically incapable of doing so.

That being said, they will display trust and recognition towards their handler. Which, to be honest, is already a lot coming from a gecko.


While geckos aren’t your typical social pets, they are friendly and peaceful overall.

Fortunately, you can learn their behavior and what makes them tick during your countless interactions with them over the years.

All geckos are slightly different in terms of behaviors and personalities.

Interact with your pet frequently, assess its behavior, learn its habits, and you will strengthen your bonds with it considerably.

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