Day Geckos for Sale – 10 Online Stores to Buy with Confidence

Are you in the market for a day gecko and you don’t know where to get one? Don’t worry! I’ve listed 10 online stores in this article where you can buy day geckos with confidence.

They’re all trustworthy and tested by many buyers, so no backhanded deals are happening around there.

Some of these stores will deliver internationally while some are limited only to the US and/or Canada and the UK. Some have higher transport fees, while others are more affordable.

And finally, some of the stores on this list have a wider range of day geckos than others. But you wanted diversity, so here it is.

Keep reading for a list of 10 online stores where you can buy day geckos with confidence and without worries


Website –

DayGeckos is a UK-based gecko store that only sells within the UK. So, if you live in the US or any other part of the world, DayGeckos is not for you. If you’re from the UK, you’re in luck.

This store is one of the most reputable ones on the British mainland. Many people have bought geckos from them throughout the years, and their reputation is stellar.


DayGeckos’s prices are more than fair. A Cheke’s Day Gecko is £70, while a Peacock Day Gecko is £80. More exotic day geckos are a bit expensive like the Ornate Day Gecko is £200, and the Electric Blue Day Gecko, which comes in a pair, is £800. The prices are a bit inflated for the more exotic day geckos but it’s up to you.

Currently, there are only two Day Geckos available for sale on DayGeckos – the Gold Dust Day Gecko and the Giant Day Gecko.

All the others are sold out. But usually, DayGeckos gets new geckos quite quickly, so you shouldn’t worry about their stocks.

On their website, they mention that the prices for their geckos may vary due to three factors:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Availability

Moreover, all the day geckos on their website are captive bred and not caught in the wild.

Shipping Details

DayGeckos can deliver your pet via Cold Blooded Movements, which is what most gecko stores use to deliver pets to their customers. This delivery service appears to have a great reputation and has never made any mistake.

Regarding courier pricing, they are as follows:

  • £40 for England and Wales
  • £60 up to Glasgow and the Edinburgh area of Scotland
  • Quote a custom price for delivery north of Edinburgh and Glasgow

Remember that the courier price is per delivery, not per animal. So, it’s more advantageous to buy several animals from DayGeckos.

DayGeckos also has the Local Delivery option available. If you live within a 40-mile radius of Phelsuma Farm, then the shipping will be even more affordable. Here are the price ranges:

  • Free within 10 miles
  • £10 within 20 miles
  • £20 within 30 miles
  • £30 within 40 miles

It’s quite affordable if you live closer to their farm!

Location & Contact Info

DayGeckos’ physical location is the Phelsuma Farm, in the Ilton Business Park, Somerset, TA10 9DU. You can contact them at or at 01460 259962! They should reply to your email within a few hours and answer your call immediately.

2. GeckoRanch

Website –

GeckoRanch only ships geckos across the US and Alaska. As for dry goods, they can ship them internationally. The owner of GeckoRanch is Julie Bergman, who is widely known in the gecko community for being passionate and very knowledgeable about reptiles. She’s written several books on them and often speaks at herp societies.


GeckoRank has spicy prices, to say the least. The cheapest day gecko is Angulated Day Gecko at $85. This doesn’t account for the shipping fee either. The most expensive specimens on the website are day geckos like the Blue Blood Giant Day Gecko at $650. Others cost $550, $450, and go lower to $198 for other day gecko species.

Every now and then, GeckoRanch will have everyday specials where they offer some kind of discount or offer on some of their geckos.

At the time of writing this article, Julie is offering Blue Blood unsexable geckos with zero shipping fees, but she gets to pick them for you, no pictures.

Shipping Details

GeckoRanch uses FedEx Overnight to ship its day geckos around the US. July ships geckos only between Monday and Wednesday, and you’ll get a notification email from her when you place an order. You’ll also receive a tracking number to follow the shipment.

FedEx Overnight charges $49.50 for most shipments but they will charge more depending on the size of the box or the distance. If you live in North Carolina, you may get a discount from FedEx Overnight shipping, so remember to ask for one when you contact GeckoRanch!

Julie will ship the day geckos with heat or cold packs, depending on the outside weather, and she guarantees live arrival but only if you’re there to receive the order.

If the gecko arrives dead on arrival (DOA), you must freeze it and report it in three hours. Otherwise, the refund is void.

If you cancel your order or want a refund, you will incur a 20% restocking fee. Moreover, there’s no cancellation for weather delays.

Location & Contact Info

Gecko Ranch is on 2519 North Church Street in Burlington, North Carolina 27127. You can contact Julie Bergman at (530) 304-7529 every day between 10:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Additionally, you can ask to use the online contact form to ask Julie anything about geckos and if she has certain geckos in stock.

3. UndergroundReptiles

Website –

UndergroundReptiles was established in 1988 in South Florida and is a family-owned business. They sell live animals, supplies, and even feeders for interested buyers. They ship across all of the US with overnight shipping even.


This gecko store is more extensive than the first two, with several categories of geckos on display. As for the day geckos, there are only a few types:

  • Juvenile Crimson Giant Day Gecko – $59.99
  • Baby Crimson Giant Day Gecko – $29.99
  • Adult Crimson Giant Day Gecko – $69.99
  • Baby Gold Dust Day Gecko – $59.99
  • Gold Dust Day Gecko – $59.99
  • Robert Merten’s Day Gecko – $99.99
  • Pasteur’s Day Gecko – $84.99
  • Peacock Day Gecko – $69.99
  • Lined Day Gecko – $74.99

These prices are more than reasonable compared to the first two stores on our list. Most people will be able to afford these giant day geckos, whether they’re adults or juveniles.

Shipping Details

UndergroundReptiles prides itself on offering overnight shipping across the contiguous US. This means the shipment will reach you very soon. Moreover, live arrival is guaranteed. If not, you get your money back or a replacement.

Still, they’ve had very few cases of DOA (dead-on-arrival) during the years.

As for shipping costs, the online store uses a shipping calculator based on what you’re buying and where you want it delivered. You’ll also get a tracking number for your shipment.

If you want to cancel any order or you receive the wrong order, you should contact UndergroundReptiles as soon as possible.

All day geckos will be delivered using the appropriate packaging measures, including heat or cold packs, depending on the outside temperature.

Location & Contact Info

You can call UndergroundReptiles at 954-428-8005. Alternatively, you can issue a report with your order by going to this link. There, you can file an order claim or contact the support team for additional information.

They don’t have a physical store where you can go and buy animals, though. Everything is done online!

4. BackwaterReptiles

Website –

This store doesn’t have too many day gecko species on stock – only 4. However, the prices are really low and most of the other geckos are also affordable.

They also offer a fixed shipping fee of $49.99. It doesn’t matter what animal you buy or how many animals are in the order.


The store describes its prices are “absolute rock-bottom”, which I tend to agree with. These are some of the lowest prices I’ve seen, comparable to those at UndergroundReptiles. They describe themselves as reptile enthusiasts, so they’re happy to give these critters a new home.

A Giant Day Gecko is $59.99, a Peacock Day Gecko is around $54.99, and a Gold Dust Day Gecko is $69.99.

Their stock of day geckos is currently very low but they’ll have more to show off soon. When they do, you’ll have a much bigger list to look through.

Shipping Details

All reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions are delivered through overnight delivery and will incur a $49.99 delivery fee. It’s much more advantageous to buy several pets from BackwaterReptiles because the delivery fee will always be the same. You can buy 1 or 10 reptiles, the delivery fee will still be $49.99.

When you receive your package, you’ll be required to offer your signature so we know everything is alright. If there’s no one to sign the package, it’ll be taken to the nearest FedEx/USPS/UPS facility where you can pick it up.

Moreover, all the shipments arrive very fast, in 2-3 days at most. For instance, you place the order today, which is then shipped tomorrow, and you’ll receive it the next day after tomorrow. You’ll also receive a tracking number to keep track of your order while it’s on the way.

BackwaterReptiles does not ship internationally, not even in Canada, though. You can only buy day geckos from them if you live in the US, and that’s it. Moreover, they make no deliveries on major holidays like Independence Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, and so on.

Lastly, you can cancel an order before it has been shipped free of charge. However, you can’t cancel it after it has shipped. You won’t receive any refund for this, which is kind of unfriendly.

They do have a Live Arrival Guarantee and if the animal arrives dead, you will receive a replacement or refund.

Location & Contact Info

You can contact BackwaterReptiles at 916-740-9758 or use their online form to ask more questions about an order or inquire about their pets. Alternatively, you can email them at for more information.

At the moment of writing this article, their contact form has been malfunctioning, so I recommend calling or sending them an email.

5. TikisGeckos

Website –

TikisGeckos is maintained by a bunch of really passionate people who care about animals and their wellbeing. Their prices are quite high and not many day geckos are available here either.

But there are other gecko species available that you can care for! They deliver the pets through FedEx or a courier of your choice.


There are only 5 Day Gecko species sold on TikisGeckos:

  • Standings Day Gecko – $124.99
  • Madagascar Giant Day Gecko – $74.99
  • Neon Yellow-Headed Day Gecko – $144.99
  • Hawaiian Blue Gold Dust Day Gecko – $99.99
  • Baby Crimson Giant Day Gecko – $49.99

As you can see, most of these geckos are more expensive than you could find in other stores, so if affordability is important, look elsewhere. However, their animals tend to be very well cared for, and the DOA rate (dead-on-arrival) is very low. But even if this happens, you’ll receive a refund in these cases.

Shipping Details

In terms of shipping, TikisGeckos isn’t too clear on any details other than returns and refunds. You’ll get your animals through a courier of your choice (FedEx, UPS, USPS), and there’s going to be a shipping fee involved. They do deliver across all of the US, so there’s that.

They do state that if the animal is not picked up within 15-30 minutes of delivery, they are not responsible for whatever happens to it afterwards. In the case that an animal is not delivered to the customer, a 25% cancellation fee is in order.

Location & Contact Info

You can contact TikisGeckos at (754) 317-4638 from 11 am to 7 pm EST. They’re also present at their offices from Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can use their online contact form to ask for more information about your order.

6. AllReptiles

Website –

This online store is one of the more expensive ones on our list and it only delivers in Canada. Their day geckos are not quite affordable but customers have been very satisfied with this store.

You’ll have to ask for a shipping quote for any animal you buy from here, so their services are pretty unique when it comes to this niche.


As I said, their prices are everything to scoff at. Though not exaggerated considering this industry, they are on the high-end from what I’ve seen. Currently, there is only one species of Day Gecko available for sale.

All the others (5 more) are sold out. The only one available is the CB Madagascar Giant Day Gecko and he’s priced at $149.99.

The good thing is that their foods aren’t that expensive and will last you a long while. If you’re planning on getting a day gecko, food is a must.

AllReptiles also has substrates, beddings, boxes, and any supply you could ever need for your day gecko. They’ll set you up for good when you buy a gecko for them!

Shipping Details

Their shipping details are almost non-existent, but we can safely assume they use the standard couriers. They’re saying that they make live animal delivers all year round, so at least there’s that.

As for any refunds or canceled orders, I couldn’t find any information about this on their website.

You’d have to call them or email them to clarify this before you buy something. That’s also what I recommend.

Location & Contact Info

AllReptiles’ physical location is at 99-1911 Kennedy Rd, South of 401, Scarborough, Ontario, M1P 2L9. So, the shop is in Canada, and as far as I could tell, they only deliver to Canada and not the US. But just to be sure, you could call and ask them about this.

You can also call them at (647) 343-0669 or send them an email at

7. ReptMart

Website –

ReptMart claims they breed the highest-quality reptiles in the industry and their prices are lower than most places. They also offer a big variety of pets, including day geckos, and most of their customers are satisfied with their services.

ReptMart also has specialized breeding facilities that allow them to create certain colorations on reptiles that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.


ReptMart has some of the lowest prices in the industry. And their gecko variety is quite good, though they only have the Gold Dust Day Gecko ($39), Giant Day Gecko ($79), Standing Day Gecko ($129), and the Peacock Day Gecko ($49). Still, this is a nice and rounded-up choice of geckos.

Plus, they also have special offers if you join their mailing list. I have no idea what those special offers may be but they should like a good thing! They also don’t have high shipping prices, so there’s that.

The reason they can have such low prices on animals is that they breed the animals themselves. There’s no middle-man to speak of.

Shipping Details

ReptMart ships their animals using FedEx Overnight, and the delivery fee is $39.99 regardless of how many animals are delivered. Deliveries will only take place in the United States, so if you live in Canada, use another online store to buy your day gecko.

Deliveries will only be shipped Monday-Wednesday and it only takes 1-2 days before the delivery reaches you. You’ll receive a tracking number to follow the courier’s progress to you, of course. ReptMart offers no refunds unless there was an inventory error and the animal was, in fact, not available to purchase.

There’s also a $10 cancellation fee for every order. This fee doesn’t apply if the item was out of stock and there was an inventory error. ReptMart also doesn’t refund for weather condition mistakes. They will only ship when the weather is fine.

As for how they ship the animals, ReptMart uses labeled boxes with Styrofoam inserts to maintain the temperature constant. Heat packs or ice packs may be added depending on the outside temperature and weather.

Location & Contact Info

The only visible way you can contact ReptMart is through the online form on their website. Then, they’ll reply to your email address. But the online form is only for new clients.

If you already have an order, you will need to use the messaging system in your ReptMart account to contact them.

You’ll need to create an account on their website, and then you’ll have another messaging system available to you. That’s the system you should use for inquiring about orders you’ve placed.

There’s also no mention of any physical location, so I can only assume that they don’t have any. They only ship live animals and supplies through couriers!

8. JoshFrogs

Website –

JoshFrogs has the largest variety of day geckos I’ve seen – 12 species to be exact. Although not all of them are available at this moment, they will be. However, the prices are a bit high, to say the least.

Still, they have a Live Arrival Guarantee in effect and free shipping for animals worth $300 or dry goods worth $100.


These prices are not the highest and not the lowest I’ve seen in this industry. They’re a bit above average I’d say. However, the quality of the animals is also above average, which says a lot.

A Neon Day Gecko is $150, a Gold Dust Day Gecko is $70, a Robert Merten’s Day Gecko is $150, and so on. There are more expensive varieties like the Blue-Tailed Day Gecko at $175.

The Electric Blue Day Gecko at $275 is the most expensive day gecko breed on JoshFrogs’ website. However, the free shipping from $300 orders and beyond is surely welcomed. You can also buy supplies and food from JoshFrogs, and those are quite affordable.

Shipping Details

First off, JoshFrogs only sells live animals in the US, so there aren’t any international deliveries for live animals. Secondly, national delivers will be made through FedEx with multiple options, including:

  • FedEx Home Delivery – Delivers Monday-Thursday
  • FedEx 2-Day – Delivers Monday-Wednesday
  • FedEx Priority Overnight – Delivers Monday-Thursday

You can use USPS deliveries but JoshFrogs doesn’t guarantee that they’ll arrive on time. There’s also no guarantee of an order canceling in due time. As for refunds, they are accepted as long as they conform to the Live Arrival Guarantee on their online website.

If the animal arrives deceased, although they say this is highly unlikely, you are required to notify them within an hour and send pictures of the dead animal within 24 hours. If you do that, you will receive a refund or a replacement free of charge.

Or if your animal arrives in poor health, JoshFrogs will extend the health guarantee to 14 days but only if you notify them about the condition of the animal within an hour and you send pictures of the animal within 24 hours.

Location & Contact Info

You can call JoshFrogs at 1-800-691-8178 or email them at Alternatively, you can leave them a message on the online chat where they’ll reply within a few hours, usually.

Their corporate offices are at 312 S. Elm Street, Owosso, MI 48867. You can pick up your order from there between Tuesday and Friday. They don’t have a physical store but a warehouse, so it’s not open to the public unless you’re there to pick up an order.

9. Preloved

Website –

This isn’t an online store but rather a listing of ads where people sell their pets or animals. It’s not as trustworthy as a real store but you can still buy “second-hand” day geckos from here. And the prices are quite accessible most of the time. However, the market is only for UK residents.


Expect very low prices because most of the pets here are already old and “second-hand”. You can find day geckos at £75 or £90. Some will cost £140 but they come with a complete vivarium, for instance.

There are many affordable offers here but it all comes down to trusting the seller and making sure the animal is in a good condition.

You can find Giant Day geckos, Neon Day geckos, and Leopard geckos. There isn’t a great variety of day geckos at the moment, but it’s worth checking out once in a while. Maybe you’ll find different ads then.

Shipping Details

The shipping details all depend on the seller. As I said, Preloved isn’t a seller itself. It’s more of a middleman between you and the seller. After you contact a seller, you can agree upon a specific delivery courier and delivery fee, depending on how fast you want the animal delivered.

Or you can choose to go pick up the animal yourself. The good thing is that Preloved uses Trustap, a system that ensures secure transactions between unknown people. If you want to buy something from someone, this app will protect your money.

If you want to be sure that your animal is delivered safely, you should agree upon a guarantee with the seller.

So, if the animal arrives dead, then it’s not your fault but the courier’s. I wouldn’t recommend accepting a transaction if the seller doesn’t offer any guarantees.

Location & Contact Info

You can contact a seller through their ad page. There, you’ll convene upon a specific contact method.

Either phone or email. If you have an issue with a seller, you can contact Preloved directly and file a report against that user. If you believe an ad is a scam or is illegal, you can report it using the contact form on the website.

10. MorphMarket

Website –

MorphMarket is the last online marketplace where you can buy day geckos on our list. It’s a very affordable market with great-looking geckos looking to find a master. You’ll find ads here, just like our number 9 entry, so the store doesn’t sell anything. Instead, there are regular people (or businesses) selling their pets through the platform.


As I said, the prices here are very decent and more than affordable. After all, most of the animals being sold are already owned by someone else.

Expect prices between $60 and $200 for the more expensive day geckos. Most of the geckos are priced low, though, so you won’t have problems finding one that you like.

The good news is that MorphMarket isn’t only for the US or Canada or the UK. You can select region-based ads for Europe, the US, European Union, South Africa, Canada, and the UK.

Many people put their ads here, from all around the world, so you have the most chances of finding your future pet gecko here.

Shipping Details

Every ad has a store policy, and you can read through them at your leisure. Generally, most will ship through or FedEx, and there’s going to be a $5 fee for signature upon delivery if delivery is necessary. Refunds and exchanges will be made if the animal arrives dead on arrival.

Moreover, most stores will only ship between Monday and Wednesday and they actively try to avoid bad weather.

All the stores that put their ads on MorphMarket are professional stores with years of experience in breeding and selling day geckos, so you shouldn’t worry about problems while buying here.

Some shops will offer a full refund if the animal arrives dead on arrival, while others will only offer partial reimbursement. You’ll need to read these details on the ad page. If you agree with their terms, contact them!

Location & Contact Info

You can contact a seller using the contact information provided during the initial conversation you’ve had with them. If they don’t reply or you think they’re scamming you, then you should contact MorphMarket directly. Or report the ad using the “Report” button on the ad page.


There are many online stores where you can buy day geckos but not all are trustworthy or even worth looking into.

The 10 stores I listed above are the best I could find on the market. They have affordable geckos, for the most part, and their reputation is quite good with the customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment down below! I’ll reply as soon as possible with a fitting answer.

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