Can Hamsters Eat Bacon?

Sure your hamster can eat bacon. Most people would say that hamsters cannot eat bacon, but this is simply not true. The hamster is capable of eating bacon and will do so in an unnatural setting, but in the wild they will not eat it.

However, this does not mean you should feed your little friend a lot of bacon. It is very high in fat content and can cause a lot of health problems for the animal if overfed. A small piece once a week is probably good enough for most hamsters to enjoy.

Should Hamsters Eat Bacon?

Hamsters should not eat bacon. Bacon is high in protein and fat, which means it is very calorific. Hamsters are omnivorous, so they will eat anything, but bacon should not be on their menu.

While hamsters can eat bacon, it is not recommended to give your hamster bacon or to feed your hamster too much bacon. Hamsters are prone to obesity, and if you feed your hamster too much bacon it may get overweight.

While a little bit of bacon once in a while won’t hurt your hamster, it is better to avoid giving your hamster too much bacon or any processed foods. A healthy diet for your hamster should consist of fresh fruits (not citrus), vegetables (like dark leafy greens), and some seeds and nuts (like sunflower seeds).

TIP: Check out the What do Hamster Eat page to learn more about healthy hamster foods.

Is Bacon Toxic for Hamsters?

Bacon is not considered toxic or harmful to pet hamsters. It has a lot of fat, but it’s not something that hamsters are going to gobble up and become obese from, so it’s safe for them to have an occasional treat.

Hamsters are omnivores, so they can enjoy a little bacon in their diet without any problems. They should not be eating huge amounts of bacon on a regular basis, but it’s fine for an occasional snack.

Hamsters should only have up to a few grams of bacon at a time. This is approximately 10% of their daily food intake. Having more than this amount can make them overweight and lead them to become ill from a vitamin deficiency. As long as your hamster is getting everything else that he needs in his diet, then it’s fine to give him a little bit of bacon now and then.

Although giving your hamster some bacon every once in awhile isn’t harmful, there are better and healthier foods that you can give him instead, such as fresh vegetables that contain vitamins A and C like kale or broccoli or fruits like bananas or papayas which are loaded with antioxidants.

What Type of Meat Can Hamsters Eat?

Hamsters are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat. Hamsters can eat small amounts of meat, but only if it is cooked. Hamsters should not be fed raw meat because it can cause illness or even death.

What Types of Meat Can Hamsters Eat?

Hamster safe meats include: cooked chicken, turkey, beef and pork. Other types of meats such as lamb, goat, rabbit, or duck should also be cooked before feeding to your hamster. Hamsters cannot digest raw fish or poultry.

Never feed your hamster bacon. It is hard for them to digest and may cause health problems for them. Other foods that are safe for hamsters to eat: cooked eggs (plain), yogurt (plain), beans (cooked), peas (cooked), rice (cooked), cornmeal (cooked).

The following foods are not safe for hamsters: chocolate, raisins and grapes as these foods can cause diarrhea in them; any nuts or seeds as these contain oils that are poisonous to hamsters; breads/grains with poppy seeds as these also contain oils that are poisonous to hamsters; avocado as they may not know how to digest this food properly; potato chips/crisps/cubes as they contain too much fat for hamsters; onions or garlic as these foods may upset the stomach of your pet if given in large quantities over time; citrus fruits such as oranges should be avoided because they can lead to diarrhea in hamsters.

What Type of Meat Should You Not Feed to Your Hamster?

Some types of meat are not good for your hamster. Some pet stores may tell you to feed your hamster chicken necks, but this is not a good idea. Chicken necks are very hard to digest and may cause health problems for your hamster if fed too often.

Hamsters should also not be fed raw fish or poultry. These types of food can cause illness in your pet if consumed regularly. Never feed any type of bacon, as it is hard for them to digest and may cause health problems for them.


Hamsters are actually omnivores, so they can eat a wide variety of foods. Hamsters also like to snack on things such as fruit and vegetables.

Bacon may be okay for hamsters, but it is not exactly healthy. It should not make up a large part of their diet. Instead, they should be given much healthier options such as fruits and vegetables.

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