Do Horses Make Good Pets? 10 Reasons to Consider

If you’re looking to get a pet and have the open space for it, I would suggest a horse. Many people don’t realize how a horse is more advantageous than a cat or even a dog.

If you’ve never owned a horse or didn’t even think about getting one, what I just said will probably sound unreasonable, to say the least.

In today’s article, I will show why I think horses are some of the best, most reliable, and most enjoyable pets you can have.

Here are the 10 reasons that I think will reflect that:

1. A Long Lifespan

Everybody wants their pets to be around for as much as possible, especially since they tend to become part of the family. You will get emotionally invested in your bond with your pet, and you want it around for years to come.

Fortunately for you, horses can live between 30 to 40 years and beyond. Their lifespan will depend on several factors, including:

  • The breed
  • The food quality and feeding pattern
  • The emotional bond with the owner
  • The care, hygiene, and grooming
  • Regular veterinary check-ups
  • Overall lifestyle quality, etc.

If you are a genuine horse lover and care for it as you should, your horse will be by your side for decades.

2. Easily Domesticated

Horses have been around humans for a long time. Some breeds date back millennia, coexisting with humans for a long time. For the most part, however, these are protected breeds, recovering from the brink of extinction. There are also feral breeds still roaming around the wilderness in various parts of the globe.

The fact that humans have domesticated horses for so long shows their obedient and loyal nature. Horses tend to bond with humans and show an unbreakable willingness to please. It’s what makes them highly trainable and, consequently, great pet choices.

3. An Impressive Variety of Characters and Temperaments

Horses are unique, just like the breeds they belong to. Some are energetic, jumpy, and playful, while others are more docile, laid-back, and calm. Their characters differ just as much as those of humans, making them unique individuals.

This will allow you to explore your horse’s personality and learn how to work with them every day. It will contribute to creating an unbreakable bond between you that will last for the rest of the horse’s life.

4. The Social Aspect

Horses are social creatures, just like humans. This means that they enjoy the company of other horses, opening a multitude of exciting opportunities as a result. You can make riding friends during your horseback strolls, join horse clubs or even go to equine organizations.

There’s nothing like riding along with your friends in the countryside and enjoy each other’s company. It’s way better than walking your dogs together.

5. The Opportunity for Some Workout

Riding a horse is physically demanding and burns calories. It is an excellent opportunity to work out and get in shape if you despise gyms or running. You can even get your friends along for the road to work out and socialize at the same time.

Sure, you can walk your dog and call it fitness, but it’s nowhere near the same thing. Another important aspect is that riding a horse allows you to cover huge distances on your walkouts. This is another thing that adds diversity and excitement.

6. Easy to Care For

Horses aren’t pretentious animals. You only need to feed them regularly, provide a fresh water source, and groom it when necessary. This is generally enough to keep your horse healthy and happy.

When it comes to grooming, there are several things to note:

  • Care for the mane and tail – Many horses come with rich manes which can get dirty and entangled fast. You can avoid that by using a mane brush once a day to remove fallen hair and dirt.
  • Bathe the horse regularly – You don’t necessarily need a bathing program. I would recommend only bathing the horse once or twice a week, especially if there aren’t many opportunities for it to get dirty. Washing its coat will bring out the horse’s natural colors, providing it with a unique glow.
  • Check its hoofs – This is a must, especially if your horse walks or runs a lot on gravel and rugged terrain. Its hoofs may catch on little pebbles that can cut or hurt the soft interior of the hoofs. Untreated wounds will increase the risk of infection, which can kill the horse.
  • Veterinary check-ups – I know that this doesn’t come under the grooming umbrella, but I had to mention it somewhere. Regular veterinary check-ups are ideal for keeping your horse in good condition and prevent various health issues. Many of these health problems have a genetic background and can be easily detected in early phases, making the treatment more accessible.

7. High Intelligence

Horses don’t get enough credit for their intelligence. Studies have shown that horses learn several times faster than humans, making them highly adaptable and perfect for competitive events.

Their emotional intelligence is equally as high as horses bond with their owners and recognize them even years after being separated. These qualities make the horse the ideal companion for people looking for a smart and loyal animal.

8. Therapeutic Assistance

Like many other pets, horses can provide extensive physical and mental benefits to people who need them. This includes individuals with various health problems, including Alzheimer’s, depression, or substance addiction.

Equine therapy has proven useful for reducing harmful thoughts and behaviors and promote positive emotions. A horse can help you brighten the life of a loved one struggling with mental problems.

9. Sheer Beauty and Physical Presence

There’s nothing that can equal the elegance and beauty of a horse. Certain breeds, especially, tend to come with unique physical characteristics, making them highly preferred among horse lovers.

Take just three of the most compelling examples:

  1. The Swedish Warmblood – A descendant of the Arabian and Thoroughbred, this horse is the epitome of speed and agility. Its smooth, athletic, and slim body, with long legs, demonstrates its inclination towards jumping and running. It is the top choice for those looking for a swift and agile companion to match their explosive personalities.
  2. The Dales Pony – Don’t let the name fool you as this is no ordinary pony. The Dales pony is the size of a regular horse but with the fluffy and adorable look of a genuine pony. The broad head matches its strong neck and the muscular and stocky body. But the Dales pony really stands out in the hair department. Its rich mane and long and fluffy tail provide the pony with a majestic presence that’s meant to spark interest and admiration. This is a calm, kind, and adaptable companion, perfect as a family gift.
  3. The Noriker Horse – Behold, the giant among horses. This Austrian horse has all the qualities of a mountain animal, bred in the harsh environment of the Central Alps. It is a strong, muscular, and imposing horse with powerful legs, a deep chest, and visible musculature. Despite its intimidating presence, the Noriker is a gentle giant. Its main traits include loyalty, gentleness, adaptability, and intelligence.

These are just three of the countless horse breeds available worldwide. They are so many that it’s difficult to calculate an exact number, especially since breeds constantly mix with one another. This provides you with a virtually infinite reserve of specimens, each with their unique physical and temperamental characteristics.

10. Stress Reduction and Comfort

You can go for a ride whenever feeling stressed and looking for a temporary way out. Bonding with your horse allows for a unique experience that no other human-pet relationship can mimic. Nothing beats the overwhelming and calming sensation of riding your horse, feel its muscles move beneath you, and sense the vibration of its breath.

The riding experience will also benefit your horse, both physically and emotionally.


Horses have been around humans pretty much since forever. We have always been fascinated by their grace, strength, agility, and speed, which is why we’ve decided to befriend them.

I recommend getting a horse if you:

  • Have the location to keep it and care for it
  • Have a lot of land to ride it
  • Wish to get your kids an awesome gift
  • Desire to participate in competitions
  • Simply need a companion to share some quality time with

There are numerous horse breeds available, and finding the right one in terms of price and characteristics can be tricky. I have a lot of articles about several horse breeds available, so maybe you’ll find one to help you make up your mind.

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