How Much Does A Cat Carrier Weigh?

Thinking of how much a cat carrier weighs? Well, I have done the research! Here’s what I found:

There is no definite answer to how much a cat carrier weighs. There are different types of cat carriers such as hard-sided cat carriers, soft-sided cat carriers, cardboard carriers, carrier purses etc. Each of them has a different set of weight ranges. Moreover, carriers from different brands have different features and specifications.

So, how can we determine the weight of a carrier on average?


Here’s what I have done. I have taken the 5 most popular carriers from each category of cat carriers and averaged their weight! Here’s the result!

Hard-Sided Cat Carrier:

The 5 most popular hard-sided cat carriers are:

So, on average, a hard-sided carrier weighs about 2.8 lbs

Soft-Sided Carrier

The 5 most popular soft-sided carriers are:

So, on average a soft-sided carrier weighs about 2.2 lbs

Cat Carrier Purse

These are the 5 best cat carrier purses:

So, on average, a cat carrier purse weighs about 2.3 lbs

Looking for a guide to determine the carrier size for your cat? Here is one I’ve written for you!

So, this is my in-depth writing on how much a cat carrier weighs. Though it doesn’t give you an exact answer, it should give you a good overall idea on what to expect from your carrier.

A good carrier should be as light as possible while proving the most durable construction. These days, most manufacturing companies are trying to achieve that combination.

So, whenever you are shopping for a cat carrier, ensure that it weighs as little as possible. The lighter a cat carrier is, the better you will during the journey.

Also, along with the weight, think about the portability too. The carrier should be comfortable both for the cat and the owner.

A carrier that provides comfort to the owner should have the following features:

  • The carrier must be easy to carry. It should come with both top handles and shoulder straps.
  • The shoulder strap should be padded to ensure ease.
  • Also, the strap should be adjustable. This way, the owner can adjust the length according to his preference.
  • The carrier should be as light as possible while providing maximum durability.

So, look for these when buying a carrier. A bad carrier is enough to spoil your journey from the start.

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