Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat Chocolate?

Modern media helps pet owners with unlimited access to all kind of handy information, but sometimes it can bring to doubts and even false beliefs.

For instance, when Easter time starts approaching, we are exposed to infinite chocolate bunnies and so many versions of super-cute rabbits carrying chocolate eggs to kids.

Yes, it does look adorable, but advertisement like that often makes lionhead owners ask themselves: can lionhead rabbits each chocolate?

To answer that question impeccably clearly, but also to thoroughly explain such answer, we are dedicating this article to this often confusing myth.

Firstly, let us be really clear about one thing: no rabbit is supposed to eat chocolate. Ever.

Why Is Chocolate Toxic to Rabbits?

Chocolate is extremely toxic to rabbits for more than one reason. First of all, it contains serious amounts of theobromine. This is highly dangerous to any rabbit if ingested, even in small amounts. Additionally, chocolate contains caffeine.

Both theobromine and caffeine will attack the rabbit’s nervous system. This can ultimately lead to increased heart rates but also to fatal heart attacks, as well as overheating and various seizures. Finally, although at extremely low levels, chocolate contains such milk which rabbits simply cannot digest.

To conclude, almost any of the basic chocolate ingredients are really toxic and harmful for rabbits, so this should be avoided at all times.

Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat White Chocolate?

Although white chocolate contains significantly less theobromine and caffeine as opposed to milk or dark chocolate, it is still highly toxic to rabbits.

A rabbit’s digestive system is simply not designed to digest any type of chocolate and offering it (even just a small crunch) can potentially lead to serious health complications.

What to do if Your Rabbit Accidentally Ate Chocolate?

Even if you are a responsible rabbit owner and never offer chocolate to your pet, these curious little creatures can sometimes find their way to sweets anyway. If your rabbit accidentally ate chocolate, you need to react immediately.

If you live in the USA, make sure to report your case to ASPCA and start heading to the nearest vet center. ASPCA is available at all times at these contact details and will guide you as a first help.

Even if your rabbit ingested a small piece of chocolate and it shows no symptoms, please do not assume it will get through it alone. First symptoms can sometimes occur even after several hours and can seem as banal as diarrhea.

However, that does not mean that your pet will be fine. Instead, make sure it gets enough fresh water before arriving to the pet doctor, and try getting there as soon as possible. The sooner your rabbit is treated by a professional, the biggest its chances for recovery are.

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Rabbit?

The exact chocolate dose which can kill a rabbit is hard to define, as this depends both on the chocolate type as well as on the rabbit’s size and strength.

However, some cases prove that a dose of less than one ounce of milk chocolate can kill a 6-pound adult rabbit. That does not mean that offering less quantities is safe. Indeed, the best is to never feed your pet with chocolate. It is an exclusively human treat.

Can Lionhead Rabbits Eat M&Ms?

No, lionhead rabbits cannot eat M&Ms. As well as any other rabbit breed. Rabbits are simply not able to process such treats as humans are. On top of that, M&Ms present a combination of candy and chocolate.

Candy is dangerous to rabbits because of the high levels of artificial sugar in them, while chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine which can be deadly toxic to rabbits.

If you eat M&Ms or any other kind of smaller sweets, please make sure to keep them out of reach from any pet.

Rabbits will probably eat them if they come across them, as domestic pets often cannot distinguish unhealthy food from the healthy choices and they rely completely on their owners. A lid candy jar can be a handy solution.

Can a Lionhead Bunny Eat Nutella?

Lionhead bunnies should never eat Nutella or any other sweets which are designed for human consumption. This is especially valid for products which contain chocolate, as this is highly toxic to bunnies and can often cause their death.

Wrapping Up

Lionhead rabbits, as all other rabbit breeds, feed primarily on hay and leafy greens. However, we rarely see an advertisement with a rabbit which feeds on hay.

Instead, there are massive amounts of chocolate eggs or bunnies showcased around real bunnies when Easter approaches. Does that mean that rabbits can eat chocolate? No. The answer is as simple as that.

Chocolate is, once again, a highly toxic poison for any rabbit and should always stay out of their reach. Instead, try offering them a healthy carrot treat.

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