Can Pet Mice Eat Banana? 5 Things to Consider

Bananas are high in nutrition and you should definitely feed them to your mouse. It is an energy bomb of minerals and vitamins that your little pet is going to appreciate. Although they consider bananas enjoyable to eat, it should not be the main part of their diet.

There are also a lot of fruits that mice can’t eat or it offers them no benefits to do so. When it comes to mice in general, you, as the owner, have to be careful about what you feed them.

They are not fussy eaters at all and will consume almost anything you give them.

The reason why you shouldn’t feed them bananas all the time is that mice can develop preferences to certain foods.

You are going to have a hard time feeding them if they want to eat bananas all the time. It is something you should consider a treat and surprise them every now and then.

How Often to Feed Banana to Your Mice?

Given that you feed them bananas as a treat, you can do so once or twice a week. Even then, make sure to give them small amounts. They would eat all the bananas you give them. Since you are the owner, you are the one that has to control their portions.

This is especially important at the start because your mice need to get used to it. Big changes in their diets often lead to health issues. Every new food should be introduced to them with baby steps and special care.

Why You Should Avoid Feeding Banana Too Often?

In general, fruits contain quite a bit of sugar and fiber. Bananas contain a huge amount of fructose. Carbohydrate can be a great source of energy in small amounts. An excess of carbohydrate, however, is going to make your mouse gain weight while causing organ issues.

Therefore, keeping your mouse on a banana-only diet would be a huge mistake. It can make your pet diabetic, not to mention that it would crave the fruit all the time. Banana contains a lot of fiber as well, which is good in small amounts but pretty bad if there is too much in their system.

If you don’t want to see your mouse suffering from constipation or similar bowel issues, then be careful with that banana.

Will Mice Eat Banana Peel?

The peel is a bit harder to digest than the soft part of the banana. This part contains plenty of vitamin B12 and B2, potassium and magnesium.

A great resource of fiber for your little pet. The main benefit of feeding them the peel is that it contains much less sugar than the main part.

If you want to feed your mouse the peel, you should be extremely careful. Since it is hard for them to break down and digest, eating too much of it can cause blockage issues.

Whenever you feed them, offer them small pieces in order to minimize the health risk.

Can Mice Eat Banana Bread?

Yes, just like with bananas, only feed them small amounts

Mice can eat bread in general. Although it definitely shouldn’t be the core of their diet, you can feed them bread every now and then. If the bread is made of banana, it is not a problem either.

As we mentioned above, banana is great for mice if you feed them small amounts.

Bread is fine too, so this alternative kind of combines the advantages of the two. You can feed it as a treat in small cubes, right after they have finished their main meal.

When it comes to bread, white bread is definitely the one you should avoid.

What other Fruits Can You Feed Pet Mice?

There is a wide range of fruits that mice can eat. You can build up their preference to a particular fruit by feeding them more of it.

However, this is not recommended because fruits contain a lot of sugar. Fruits that you can feed to your mouse include melons, oranges, pears, apples, bananas, berries and peaches.

The list doesn’t end here but these are the most popular options when it comes to fruits for mice. No matter which fruit you feed them, make sure to give the soft parts of it to your mouse. Make sure to cut it up, remove the peel and then give some small bites to your pet.

Keep in mind that grapes and raisins are toxic to mice so keep those away from their cage. Also, try to cut them into really small pieces so that your mouse won’t find it difficult to eat them. Fruits should be offered as treats right after your mouse has eaten its core meal.

This allows them to eat something delicious while getting all the nutrition they need. At the point when the fruit starts to cause diarrhea, you should stop feeding him fruits altogether for a while. These stomach aches can persist for a while until things get back to normal.


There is nothing wrong with feeding bananas to your pet mouse and it has some important benefits too. Vitamins, sugar and fiber can be good for their organism, but only in small doses.

If you want to surprise your mouse with a delicious treat every now and then, then one of your best options is to give them a piece of banana.

It is up to you to regulate the portions, as mice are not good at deciding how much they should eat. Overfeeding can be a real issue with these pets.

Every time you want to introduce new foods to their diet, start small and then slowly increase the portions.

This gives you time to observe how your pet reacts to the food you gave him. If it induces any discomfort or behavioral changes, then you should probably avoid feeding it to him in the future.

Banana can be part of a diverse diet that provides your pet with just the right amount of sugar, vitamins and fiber.

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