Oscar Fish Changing Color – Is it Normal?

All fish tend to change some colorations during their lifetime. And this is also quite typical for Oscar fish, too. When they are young, they tend to be a bit paler, and when they grow up, they start to develop more intense and brighter colors.

So yes, it is quite normal for the Oscar fish to change colors. When they age, they will tend to get a bit bright and more vivid in color. And as they become old, they tend to lose some of that coloration, which is quite typical when it comes to Oscar fish.

However, in some cases, the loss of coloration or the change in color might be because of other factors. It might be because of some diseases, or it might be because of too much stress or other factors that might be causing them to lose color. Even though it’s typical for them to change color, make sure you look deeper into the reasons for it.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Oscar fish and why they tend to change colors, how they change colors and everything you need to know about this happening with your Oscar fish.

Do Oscar Fish Change Their Color?

Yes, Oscar fish tend to change their color quite regularly. In fact, they tend to change their coloration when they get older and when they grow up. When they are young and even when they are not adults yet, they don’t have truly developed colors yet.

That changes when they reach adulthood, though. That’s when you’re most likely to see the most coloration with Oscar fish. And when they get old and are close to dying, they will inevitably lose their color.

A lot of this comes down to the care you provide for them, too. When they are cared for well and are fed properly, their colors will be bright and vivid. However, if they are malnourished, they might start to lose coloration. It also happens when the stress levels are quite high.

Another potential trigger for color changes is when these fish change their mood. When they are calm and peaceful, they have normal coloration which is moderately bright. However, when they change their temper and when they get angry, their coloration can get much brighter quite quickly.

If the change of coloration is big and very prominent, then it might be a sign of a serious disease. Keep on reading to find out more about that.

Why is my Oscar Fish Turning Grey?

When Oscar fish turn grey, it is normally a sign that there’s something not right in their mood or in their environment. It might be something as simple as the wrong water parameters. Or, it can be because of excessive stress and the wrong type of care.

Grey coloration with Oscar fish is normally connected to when the fish are stressed or even agitated, which is quite common when the fish relocate and when they are first put inside your tank. When these fish start turning grey, take a closer look at the surroundings and the conditions inside the tank.

Make sure the water parameters are correct, and also take a closer look at if there’s any stress coming from inside the tank or outside the tank that might be causing your Oscar fish to turn grey. Only this way you’ll be able to prevent this grey coloration that’s happening to your Oscar fish.

Why is my Oscar Fish Turning White?

It’s also possible that your Oscar fish might start to turn white, which might happen also if your fish is stressed or is not feeling well. Although that’s quite rare.

When your Oscar fish starts to turn white, then it’s more than likely because of a serious health problem. For example, they start to turn white when they are ill. It might be because of ich, which causes your Oscar fish to turn white.

Ich is a bacterium that is seriously threatening for your fish. It’s a parasite that if it’s not stopped, it can cause severe damage to your fish and might even kill it. The key with ich is to make regular water changes and to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Another potential reason for your Oscar fish to turn white is HITH, which is the hole in the head disease, which can cause discoloration on the head. Other potential reasons for the fish turning white is malnourishment, bad water conditions, dirty water, and high stress.

Why Does My Oscar Fish lose Color?

You might be experiencing this issue, and it can be caused by a few factors.

One common factor is old age. When these fish start to lose color, they are most likely quite old and are not capable of developing bright colors anymore.

Another potential reason is that your fish are malnourished in terms of diet. It might mean the diet doesn’t have enough of the right types of nutrients for the fish to develop bright colors.

How to Improve my Oscar Fish Color?

There are a couple of things you can do to improve the color of your fish:

  • Make sure they get all the nutrients in their diet so that they develop the right colorations
  • Eliminate stress as much as possible, and make sure they live comfortably in their tank
  • Consider coloration supplements and vitamins that can boost their coloration again
  • Make sure you eliminate stress from their environment as much as possible

If you think that there’s a serious disease present, then the best course of action for you is to visit your vet and consult with them.


It’s normal for Oscar fish to change their color. It can happen quite often, and it’s because of many reasons. In some cases, your Oscar fish might even start turning white or grey. Fortunately, there are solutions for these problems and you should consider talking to your vet if you can’t solve the problems with the above-mentioned solutions.

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