Can Oscar Fish Live Alone? 5 Things to Consider

Oscar fish don’t really have a problem with living alone. It really depends on whether you want to set up a large community tank or a smaller one for a single Oscar. Going for the latter obviously has a lot more complications.

It all comes down to the Oscar’s temperament and diet. Aggressive carnivorous fish like them don’t get along with that many other fish. They eat the smaller ones and often bully the bigger ones as well. If you don’t want to deal with these difficulties, then you can always keep your Oscar alone.

All the Oscar needs is an ideal environment to live in with plenty of healthy food. There are many tank mates to choose from but you can set up a same species tank with Oscars as well. Now let’s learn a bit more about the overall care of this popular fish species!

What is the Minimum Size Tank for an Oscar Fish?

When it comes to tank size, the first thing to note is that an adult Oscar can be about 20 inches long. Now you might have a little Oscar but it is actually going to grow at least an inch per month. You need to think about the future and make sure your fish can live comfortably in that tank.

Because of their size, this species requires a relatively large tank compared to most fishes that people keep at home. If you want only one, then you should buy a 55-gallon tank right off the bat. This is the bare minimum so if you feel like you can afford it, then a 75-gallon one is even better.

You can keep a baby Oscar in a 20-30-gallon tank if you have one at home but you are going to have to upgrade eventually.

How to Keep Your Oscar Fish Healthy?

First off, let’s talk about the water temperature. Out in the wild, Oscars live in waters that are about 74 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit warm. They also have a preferred pH of 6-8 and a water hardness preference of 20 KH. Doing your best to stay within these ranges is a very important step toward the optimal health of your pet.

Secondly, you need to keep your Oscar on a healthy diet. They prefer a meat-rich diet because they are omnivores but more on the carnivorous side. Feeding them pellets made for carnivores and insect larvae day by day is a great idea. It is also recommended to give them occasional treats.

These treats can be different smaller fish. That is also what they do out in the wild, they eat the smaller fish around them. And, of course, they need to live in a stress-free aquarium that is not overcrowded in order to stay healthy.

How to Keep Your Oscar Fish Happy?

Keeping your Oscar fish happy mostly depends on the abovementioned conditions. Living with tank mates doesn’t really make your Oscar more or less happy. It doesn’t mean much for them whether they live alone or not, just make sure you don’t keep them with species that keep them in constant stress.

Your Oscar is going to thrive the most if you keep him on a diverse and healthy diet. You need to give him the opportunity to hunt for live foods, just like out in the wild. Let your pet chase that live food and get excited about it.

Also, replicate their natural habitat as best as you can. Oscars absolutely love to be around plants, as they got used to it out in the wild. Keeping the water conditions consistent also plays a big role. That’s all you need to know. Oscars are truly happy when they have their needs met.

Can You Keep Two or More Oscars Together?

You know what is better than an Oscar? Keeping two or more Oscars in the same aquarium. While a single one requires the tank to be at least 55 gallons of size, you need to get a 75-gallon one for two. But basically, you can keep as many Oscars together as you want.

Just make sure they have enough space and thus buy a huge tank. The rule of thumb is to make sure there are no big size differences between them. Add another 20 gallons to that 55 for every additional fish if you want to calculate how big of a tank you need for a lot of Oscars.

Do Oscar Fish Get Bored When Kept Alone?

Oscars don’t feel alone and they don’t feel boredom either. For them, as long as the food and the conditions are good, life is good too. If you feel like your Oscar is not really doing anything in the tank, then feel free to play some games with him.

Since they have primitive brains, they are not going to play for the sake of playing. However, Oscars are curious and always get excited about new things. Surprising them with a new object that they can toss around in the tank is going to be an amusing activity both for you and your fish.

One of the most important “games” you can play with your Oscar is to give him live foods. This is the kind of activity that will not only get them excited but also comes with a reward. They love to chase their food because that is what they do out in the wild.

Wrapping Up

Whether the Oscar fish lives alone or with tank mates, it depends on what you prefer. For this species, it doesn’t really matter.

An Oscar is just as happy living alone as it is when living with lots of tank mates. They have interesting personalities and it’s a delight to watch them interact with the outside world.

There are fish species that get stressed or depressed when kept alone but all Oscars need is proper care. As long as you feed them well, take care of the water and do your best to replicate their natural habitat, it is all fine. They are going to live a long and happy life.

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