Do Pet Mice Like to Play? How to Play with Your Mouse?

Keeping a pet mouse on a healthy diet and providing him with a spacey cage is very important, but there are other needs that have to be met. After all, you don’t want your pet to be bored all the time. For mice, it is also important to have some toys to play with.

Or you can line up some activities for them in the cage just to keep them active. There is a wide range of bridges, tunnels, running wheels and ladders available for mice at the pet store. Besides, keeping mice healthy means that you can provide them with the opportunity to exercise.

Since they like to play, you can make exercising fun for them. The ability to climb, run around and explore in the cage means a lot to these little rodents. If your mice are active and in a playful mood most of the time, then you know that you have some happy and healthy pets in the cage.

How Much Should You Play with Your Pet Mouse?

Mice love to explore new territory and to try out new activities. You can take your mouse out of the cage every day and handle him, just make sure not to grab him by the tail. For mice, it is not a problem to play for 30 minutes straight so don’t worry about them getting tired.

This also means that you can take your mouse out a few times a day, which is great for bonding as well. Every mouse has a unique personality, which is why some of them are shy and others friendlier. You can start handling your pet mouse once he got used to receiving treats from your hand.

He also needs to get used to your presence around the tank because of his fear of lurking predators.

How do You Play with Pet Mice?

The first step towards playing with your mouse is to get him to climb your hand. This will eventually happen after you gave him treats for days. Place another piece of food in your hand, then place your hand in the tank and wait for him to walk into your palm.

Your mouse has to do this voluntarily so make sure not to force him. Once he is in your hand, you can continue by placing another treat on your forearm. Your pet will walk up for it once he gets comfortable with your presence.

Food can motivate mice to do all kinds of things. They love to climb and to crawl through tunnels as well. If you notice that your mouse got used to standing on your arm, you can scratch the back of his head or his sides. Then, you can teach him some tricks by motivating him with treats if you want to.

Do Mice Like Being Petted?

A lot depends on when you started to handle your pet mouse. If you have started when he was still young, then chances are that he is going to like it when you pet him. It also depends on their personality whether they like physical contact or not.

Keep in mind that if you fall into the mistake of hurting your pet even by accident, then it becomes unlikely for him to enjoy being petted. This can also happen if you treat him gently all the time. It really depends on their personality.

Mice don’t particularly enjoy being touched but they can get used to it if you succeed at forming a strong bond between the two of you.

Do Pet Mice Love Their Owners?

Pet mice are smart enough to realize if someone takes good care of them. If you keep them on a healthy diet and offer them treats every now and then, they are going to be grateful for it. Moreover, you need to give them the opportunity to exercise and have fun in general.

For example, placing a cage or two in the cage is always appreciated. Over time, your mice are going to realize that you do a lot of things for them. Most importantly, they are going to realize that you have no intention to do harm to them.

This is probably the most important part because out in the wild, they are afraid of predators all the time. You need to reassure them that there is nothing to be afraid of, even though you are huge compared to them.

Do Fancy Mice Bite You During Play?

When pet mice bite, it means that they are afraid. When you notice this, try to take a step back and don’t handle your mouse for a while. Instead, just slowly place your hand down in the cage and try to get him to eat from it. Then, if you notice that he is willing to climb your palm and eat from there, try to pet him.

Start with occasional scratches on the back of his head and then if he lets you do it, proceed to scratch his sides. Maybe your pet was still a bit afraid and not used to your everyday presence. Or maybe he is just stressed because the environment is noisy or some other stress factor is present.

It is important to provide your mouse with everything he needs and to make sure his environment is calm and safe.

Wrapping Up

Pet mice are playful rodents and they are always on the lookout for activities. In the wild, they are constantly moving and climbing. They live in scarcity, which is why they constantly need to look for food and warmth.

Therefore, they got used to an active lifestyle that includes constant exploration. In order to satisfy their needs, make sure to place a few toys in the cage so that they always have something to do. If your pet mouse got used to your presence, you can even pick him up for some playtime.

Mice are hard to exhaust and they can play for 30 minutes straight.

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