Can a Pet Mouse Have Diarrhea? How to Treat It?

Yes, pet mouse diarrhea is actually quite common. It’s a niggling problem that can turn into a serious problem quite fast if you don’t take quick action, though.

There might be several reasons behind diarrhea. If it’s a relatively small problem, it might be a diet issue, and that can be solved quite easily, fortunately.

Other times, diarrhea might be because of a virus or an infection. Now this is a potential problem because you might already know that mice can spread viruses and infections to human beings. So you’re actually at danger of becoming infected yourself.

If you don’t take quick action, your mouse can get dehydrated fast and might die. This can take days or weeks, depending on how serious the condition is.

Some simple changes might solve this problem. You might need to make some alterations to the mouse’s diet, or you might need to make large-scale changes to how you feed them.

If they have a virus, you will need a prompt vet examination and potentially some medicines if the virus doesn’t go away for a few days.

In this article, we’ll tell you why mice can have diarrhea and how you can solve the problem.

Why Does Your Mouse Have Diarrhea?

The big question is why your mice have diarrhea?

In general, there are two main issues that cause diarrhea:

Sometimes, diarrhea might be just a passing problem that goes away after a day. In that case, it might have been just one type of food you fed them, and their tummy didn’t react to it very well.

If you have a longer case of diarrhea, then there is an indication that there’s a problem in their total diet. You might need to eliminate some foods from the menu, and introduce drier types of food.

It should heal naturally, especially when you eliminate some types of food from their diet (acidic foods can cause diarrhea, as we’ll explain later on).

Another thing to keep in mind is to provide them with enough water during these periods. Because they will lose a lot of water, they will become dehydrated pretty fast. And in that case, you’ll need to make sure they get some water back.

Also, it might be because of a virus that they’re suffering from diarrhea. It might be a small and fairly harmless virus, or it might be more serious and might take time and medication.

Usually, you will notice other symptoms in this case, such as lethargy, the mouse might stop eating, and the behavior will normally change.

Foods that Can Cause Diarrhea to Pet Mice

In general, foods that are very acidic will normally cause diarrhea to pet mice, especially if they are fed in higher quantities.

Foods like tomatoes, some vegetables, fruits (too many fruits) can cause diarrhea. If you feed them veggies and fruits only, you need to change your approach.

Almonds are also a potential cause of diarrhea for pet mice. However, this does not normally happen at lower quantities, but it’s something to keep in mind.

So in general, if you feed them a lot of acidic foods – vegetables and fruits, mainly, – mice can get diarrhea and they might also get other health problems. Mice are grain animals, and they love those types of food, so you might need to switch the diet slightly.

How to Treat Diarrhea in Pet Mice?

Here are some things you should try if your pet mouse has diarrhea.

1. Offer Dry Food

The first thing you should do is try changing the food you feed them.

You should try to switch to dry food as fast as possible, which can potentially stop diarrhea for some time.

Giving them grains and whole-wheat foods might help in this case. You should try to feed them oats, whole grains, flax seeds, millet, puppy chow, wild bird seeds, and similar types of food.

Avoid acidic foods such as vegetables and fruits for a while. Also, make sure they get enough water as you’ll be depriving them from water as you feed them drier types of food.

2. Skip Foods that Cause Diarrhea

The obvious thing to do is to skip the foods that cause diarrhea. For some time, skip feeding the vegetables and fruits.

These foods are very acidic and can cause diarrhea. So if you feed them a lot of these foods, then you have your problem right there.

For a few days, hold back on these foods and observe the effects of this change.

3. Medicate

If there is a virus present, you should get some medications to try and eliminate the virus or infection.

You may get medications directly from your vet without visiting with the mouse. However, in some cases, you might have to bring the mouse to the ordination.

4. Visit a Vet

If diarrhea shows no signs of stopping after a few days of your treatment, then you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

Your vet will help you prescribe the right medications and will examine your pet mouse to see what the real problem is.

According to his examination, the vet will help you devise a plan that will help you beat diarrhea for good.

Can a Mouse Die from Diarrhea?

If the diarrhea is persistent and if the mouse doesn’t hydrate enough, it might also die. It can get dehydrated no matter how much water you give it.

And that’s a problem if you don’t take quick action.

Can Mice Give You Diarrhea?

Yes, if diarrhea comes from a virus, then a mouse can transfer that virus to you. In that case, you will get all the effects from the virus, including diarrhea.

So you should take extra care if your mouse has a virus.


Diarrhea in pet mice is quite common. It might be due to a bad diet, or because of a virus. Whatever it might be, you can solve it. If you don’t solve it on your own, then it’s time to visit the vet.

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