Swedish Warmblood Horse Breed – Profile, Facts, Photos

At first glance, the Swedish Warmblood looks like that horse that Prince Charming would ride in search of its princess. It is a handsome horse with a slim waist, straight back, and a long and gracious neck.

Its sheer size further supports its apparent graciousness. The Swedish Warmblood is taller than many other breeds, albeit of average weight. This heigh/weight ratio provides the horse with that slim, elegant, and athletic look that transpires speed, jumping abilities, and endurance.

History and Origin of Swedish Warmbloods

The Swedish Warmblood is among the oldest horse breeds in the world. Its humble beginnings date back thousands of years, with the earliest records coming from 4,000 BCE. This was the time of the Scandinavian settlers who relied on the horse to traverse the wilderness, carry their belongings and equipment, and even rage wars.

These ancestors of the Swedish Warmblood lived through tough times, filled with wars, bad weather, and poor living conditions. The Swedes of the time were using horses for everything, including working the field, doing various errands, and for war-related businesses.

The Swedes’ interest gradually shifted, as they were now looking for a breed with different physical characteristics. Rather than strong and bulky, the Swedes looked for a slim, athletic, and resilient breed that they could use in competitions.

Their efforts finally paid off in the 19th and 20th centuries, when breeds like Thoroughbred, Hanoverian, and Arabian contributed to what is today known as the Swedish Warmblood.

Swedish Warmblood Characteristics

The Swedish Warmblood has plenty of competition-ready characteristics. These include traits like:

  • An imposing physical presence and handsomeness
  • Highly versatile and adaptable
  • A friendly and gentle temperament
  • Calm and reserved, yet consistently energetic
  • Easy to train, manage, and maintain

These impressive characteristics don’t usually coexist in the same breed, making the Swedish Warmblood that much more impressive.

– Size and Height

The Swedish Warmblood stands at an impressive 16 to 17 hands, which translates to 64 to 68 inches tall. This is an impressive height for a horse, given that many breeds have specimens between 57 to 62 inches. This height makes sense due to the horse’s purpose and its physical characteristics.

– Weight

The horse will weigh approximately 1,000 lbs. which is standard for the Swedish Warmblood. The height/weight ratio is ideal for a competitive-oriented horse, providing the animal with a light and flexible body. There are a handful of metrics to consider when choosing your horse, and this height/weight ratio is clearly one of them.


The Swedish Warmblood generally comes in clean gray, brown, or roan, but there are also pattern-based horses. Breeders don’t generally have preferences, as clean colors will be just as appreciated as patterned colors.

– Speed

The Swedish Warmblood can reach speeds in excess of 30 mph, often getting closer to 40 mph. The horse will only maintain these speeds over shorter distances since the Swedish Warmblood is most fit for jumping, dressage, and general equine events.

– Temperament

The Swedish Warmblood is gentle, friendly, and calm, making it ideal for dressage and equine events. It also doesn’t hurt that its peaceful temperament comes with an outstanding and elegant physical presence. These fundamental assets make the Swedish Warmblood one of the most beloved breeds in the competitive scene.

– Lifespan

The horse will generally live more than 25 years, closer to 30, if well cared for. To boost its lifespan and ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I recommend providing quality food, impeccable hygiene, and regular veterinary checkups.

Swedish Warmblood Diet and Nutrition

The Swedish Warmblood doesn’t have any unique food requirements. It will consume whatever other horses will eat, but with a twist – the quantities differ. Expect this horse to consume more food than others, given its active lifestyle and higher caloric demands. You should also ensure the proper amount of fresh water, especially during warmer days.

Grooming Swedish Warmbloods

Grab a quality equine grooming kit, and your Swedish Warmblood won’t need anything else. There’s nothing you should do outside the regular bath, hoof cleaning, and tail and mane grooming.

Uses of Swedish Warmbloods

The Swedish Warmblood is a competitive-ready horse. This means that the horse is more fit for jumping events, competitive riding, endurance, and speed. It also has a smooth and clean gait, making it ideal for equine presentations and events.

Price of Swedish Warmblood

The price for a competition-ready Swedish Warmblood will reach between $15,000 and $30,000. These values can vary greatly depending on several factors. These might include the horse’s genetic background, pedigree, competitive accomplishments and history, age, etc.

You can also find cheaper specimens, where ‘cheaper’ translates to $5,000 – $7,500. The breed’s physical characteristics, history, and price qualify it as one born for competitions. If you’re looking for a more casual companion, the Swedish Warmblood might not be for you.

Swedish Warmblood Health Problems

Fortunately, there are no breed-specific disorders to mention. Unfortunately, you will need to pay extra attention to the horse’s legs. The Swedish Warmblood has a larger stride which will place more stress on its legs. I recommend wrapping them tightly before competitions to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Swedish Warmblood Population

There is no exact number of Swedish Warmbloods since there are a lot of unregistered animals across the US and worldwide.


I would say that the Swedish Warmblood isn’t meant for the general, horse-loving population. This horse has a competitive-oriented profile which you can easily see in its physical characteristics and price.

I recommend only getting a Swedish Warmblood if you’re into the competitive business and seek for an agile, balanced, and easy-to-train beast. It also doesn’t hurt that the horse is gorgeous with a unique scene presence that is bound to steal the show.

For more details about the Swedish Warmblood or any other breed, fill in the contact form or simply comment below. I’ll join the discussion as soon as possible.

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