5 Best Cages for Canary Birds – Buyer’s Guide

When upgrading or buying a new canary cage, safety should be the utmost motive. Since canaries spend considerable time in the cages, settle for a sufficiently sized enclosure. In addition, ensure that the perches are placed on either side for easier flying.

In a Hurry? I recommend the VivoHome Wrought Iron Cage for housing one ore more canary birds.

Remember that your bird’s wellness should be the primary obligation. Therefore, check on the functionality, durability, and appeal. For a bird well known for its beauty and fantastic voice, you should compliment them with exquisite cages.

It is vital to consider the bar spacing as an effort to keep your birds safe. If you fail on this, your birds may slip out or get stuck in between.

Do not forget to place the cages away from windows and doors as the cold air can be detrimental to their health. Above all, avoid strong scents, kitchen fumes, or household cleaning detergents near the cages.

Best Cages for Canaries

Thanks to canaries’ great love for taking baths while singing, you can throw a canary bath and bird toys like swings, mirrors, and bells to keep them occupied. Below are some of the most preferred cages you can buy for your little friends.

– VivoHome Wrought Iron Cage

For more than five years, VivoHome has set themselves apart from others with their first-rate products. VivoHome 59.8 inch cage takes a leading position among the most favored bird enclosure because of its study structure.

Apart from the premium iron frame, the pen has four caster wheels that simplify moving from one place to another. Furthermore, it has a slide-out plastic tray at the bottom of the cage. That way, it becomes less strenuous when cleaning or removing food leftovers from the cage.

Most importantly, your birds can stay in a cleaner environment, leading to a healthy and longer life. Also, the cage has multiple doorways for easy entry and exit. Although there are traditional doors on the side, the top part can also prop up for your birds to perch.

Most VIVOHOME cages have multiple bars and a swing for your birds to play. The locking joints are amazingly secure and keep your birds away from predators around the house. It also comes with an additional storage space where you can keep toys and pet food.


– Prevue Hendryx SP1720-4 Shanghai Cage

From the first glance, the white and green Prevue cage is a sight to behold. Most impressive is the decorative peak on the roofline. For this reason, it can be an ideal home for canaries, parakeets, and other small birds.

The cage comes with a playing swing, two perches, and two plastic cups for your bird. Like VIVOHOME cages, it also has a removable color-coordinated debris tray which makes cleaning less complicated. Usually, the sizable cage measures 22 inches high and 13 ½ inches longer.

Additionally, it has a  7 x 16 inches spacing which gives your bird plenty of playing area. Moreover, it has a double access door which is convenient and allows easy access to the cage.


– Petco Scallop Top Cage

Petco cages are ideal for beginners and veteran bird owners because of their ease in assembling and cleaning. Likewise, the grey color is quite appealing and suitable for all spaces. Compared to other brands, it takes minimal time to put it in place steadily. The average-sized cage is perfect for two adult birds.

In addition, Petco cares a lot about keeping your birds content and within a suitable setting. As a result, they have placed two ½ inch wooden perches for your birds to rest. You can also find two food dishes and a thin plastic bottom tray.

Note that the bars are made from sturdy metal for added protection. Although Petco cages are not as sturdy as other brands, they can serve you for at least not less than 20 years. Proper dimensions for Petco cages are 22 by 11.8 by 16.5 inches.


– Round Bird Cage

The round-shaped cage is suitable for small birds like finches, cockatiel, canaries, and parakeets. They are usually white and measure 24 heights by 13 diameter inches. One striking feature of a round birdcage is that it has a bird-safe coated finish. Given that canaries get easily affected by strong scents, this is a plus to bird owners.

Additionally, the cage has a 3/8 inches wire spacing which is perfect for keeping tiny birds intact. Then, there is the removable tray and metal grate that makes cleaning less complicated. Round bird cages also come with a big slide-up door and a wooden swing to keep your birds busy.

Moreover, it includes two feeder dishes for your birds. If you are struggling to put up the cage together, start with the centerpiece first. Then, attach the white part at the base with the centerpiece. It might take a few attempts before fitting it in place. However, with a bit of turning, you will get things in place eventually.

Lastly, attach the top part and center hook tightly. Altogether, a well-attached round cage can serve you for ages and comfortably accommodate two birds.


– Petco Rectangle Flight Cage

The black rectangular canary cage is an ideal alternative because it offers plenty of space. With a great fitting of 30 by 18 by 18 inches, the cage is a suitable home for various small-sized birds.

Amazingly, a Petco rectangular cage can fit up to four average-sized birds. Therefore, this is one of the most preferred canary cages, especially for those eager to keep several birds in one space.

Like other cages, it comes with two covered feeder dishes for your pets. Other than that, it has two long 30 inch perches for your birds to relax. Apart from that, it has an extra door on every side of the cage.

Not to forget that the cage is quite sturdy compared to other competitors in the market. Luckily, since the bars are not bent in any way, tiny birds cannot squeeze through or get stuck. All in all, the cage weighs approximately 11.4 pounds and has a pullout tray which simplifies cleaning and access.


What is the Minimum Cage Size for Canary?

Apart from an abundance of food and a clean environment, a pet canary requires a suitable cage to survive. It is worth remembering that only a contented bird would joyously lift its voice in a melody. Mainly, canaries kept in inferior conditions become depressed, timid, and insecure.

In the long run, an unhappy canary may develop life-threatening conditions resulting in early death. You can avoid that by placing your birds in an 18 x 24 x 18 inches cage. Bear in mind that small canary sizes can hinder getting the best cage in the market. Therefore, ensure that the cage is not excessively small or large for your birds.

Given that canaries love spending time outdoors, you can also consider a less heavy cage for ease of carrying. While the market floods with numerous bird cages, the bottom line is finding a comfortable and spacious enclosure. If possible, check on the product reviews or inquire from friends before investing in any birdcage.  Mainly, a product with glowing testimonials and years of experience would be a perfect fit.

Canary Cage Bar Spacing

Most people assume that small birds require minimal territory space. That is not always the case because birds appreciate plenty of room to fly, play, rest and exercise. It does not matter if you have the smallest bird species or not. The trick is to ensure that the cage allows the birds to flap their wings without getting harmed comfortably.

What’s more, birds with longer tails require a more extensive environment and proper bar spacing to avoid damaging them. An ideal bar spacing for canary birds is about ¼ to ½ inches. Even if the birds are plenty small, they need space to be happy and healthy.

Can you Keep Two Canaries Together?

While canaries are solitary creatures, you do not have to leave your favorite bird all alone in the cage. Instead, if you love sweet choruses brightening up your home, strive to at least keep two canaries together.

In some cases, especially if the pet birds are two males, it is essential to invest in a cage that separates them. All in all, moving new canary birds together requires patience and proper planning. Here are quick tips on how to do it without significant hiccups.

– Determine your Pet’s Gender

Finding out the gender of your bird pets goes a long way in determining if they should share a space or not. It is not always easy to distinguish one gender from the other because the birds do not have external body differences.

The quickest solution to recognizing your bird’s sexes is using the DNA sexing method. You can request your vet to recommend a specific lab for proper DNA analysis. Fortunately, you can get sufficient information online on the organizations that offer quick and efficient service. Undoubtedly, this is the least expensive option that gives solutions real fast.

Another alternative is to request an ultrasound test from reliable vets. Although this option is slightly costly, the results are also fast and dependable. Altogether, male canaries sing more compared to their female counterparts. Thus, if your little friend spends most of the time churning beautiful tunes, most probably, that’s a male.

Besides, if you have younglings in the cage, try to tap the nest and observe what happens next. Most likely, males will stick up their rear or bend down their heads. On the other hand, female birds will stare at you for a considerable time to observe your next move.

– Feed Birds Simultaneously

In standard cases, dominant birds may block the less aggressive mates from feeding. Hence, ensure that each bird has its feeder dish and reduce fights over food.

Most importantly, pour food into the containers at the same time. Mainly, each bird would require a teaspoon of pellet mix, seeds, fresh vegetables, and minimal fruits.

– Bring them Together During the Mating Season

Typically, the breeding season kicks in around the end of March.  It is vital to purchase a breeding cage that has a strong partition. Then remove the division immediately the female bird begins building up their nests.

During this period, you can notice your birds kissing more often through the wires. Soon after the breeding duration is over, the birds may start molting, indicating that you should take them back to their gendered chambers.

Supervise with Caution

While some canaries manage to live peacefully with others, it is not always easy to predict if your birds will fight or not. It is common for canaries to attack one another because of mates, food, and space. If you opt on putting your birds together, keep an eye on their behavior from the first contact.

The main reason is that canaries can aggressively harm or kill each other in their brawls. If you notice an excessive aggression trait from one of them, keep them separate for a while.

Do Canary Cages Need to Be Covered at Night?

As long as the cage is in a dark and secluded area, you do not have to cover it at night. Nevertheless, remember that enough sleep is beneficial to any living creature. If you are not sure about your bird’s reaction when left uncovered, play safe and cover them with a blanket or towel throughout the night.

All told, you can detect if the bird is sleeping well by how it fluffs out its feathers and tuck the beak in back area feathers. Sometimes, they may coil up a single leg to their bellies before sleeping.

The Bottom Line

A warm, stimulating environment would undeniably keep your bird friend happy. Therefore ensure that their cages offer these and much more. Given that canaries are vigorous and energetic, they would not mind interacting with your family member on a regular basis.

As a result, place the cage in a room with plenty of activities like the home office or living area. Nonetheless, some species may appreciate watching humans but detest frequent handling. Consequently, take time to realize what keeps your canaries contented or not.

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