5 Best Cages for Conure Birds – Buyers Guide

Conures are lovely pets to have at home, and getting a large and nice birdcage for them is essential. The home provided for pets can have notable effects on their wellbeing and behavior.

A birdcage should be a comfortable and nice containment tool that helps conures to sleep, play, eat, and fly freely to retain their natural instincts.

There are different kinds of bird cages with different features, and choosing the right one for your conure can be challenging. Here’s a review of the five best cages for your conure bird to guide you in the right path.

1. Prevue Dome Top Cage

This Dome Top Cage from Prevue features a refined and roomy cage with additional space for allowing conures to stretch their wings and hanging toys.

Manufactured in the USA, the cage can be easily assembled by the owner. Its rounded corner seed guards ensure the control of mess on the cage exterior and aren’t likely to catch your clothing or damage walls.

The debris and grill tray are removable for easy cleaning. Also, the integrated cage sits on durable, easy-rolling casters.

It features a large front door that closes securely with its push-button lock system and a wind bell lock for protecting against escape artists that might push the door open.

The cage comes with two stainless steel 12-ounce water/food cups and a large 11/16 inch wooden perch.

The Prevue cage is finished with an elegant and durable Black Hammertone coating. The Dome Top Black Hammertone Cage measures 18 inches length, 18 inches width, and 54.63 inches height, with 0.75 inches wire spacing.

If you need a birdcage that conforms to high levels of bird safety, consider choosing this Dome Top Black Hammertone Cage from Prevue.


  • Wind bell lock
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Features wheels for easy transportation
  • Easy setup and assembling


  • Assembling might take some time


2. Prevue Hendryx Iron Flight Cage

If you have several little birds, such as finches and conures, you should consider getting a large cage.

This Prevue Flight Cage is the real deal! It comes in 2 different sizes — extra large and large.

The large option comes with three wood perches, four plastic double cups, a tray and grill, six spring-loaded doors, and two large front doors.

The cage features wheels for easy movement and a storage shelf located at the bottom.

You won’t have to scatter your pet products around as you can store them in the storage rack and pick them up whenever they’re needed.

It’s constructed with powder-coated steel material with ½ inch spaces between the bars. The material is pet-safe and non-toxic.

This cage is ideal for small and medium-sized birds, such as the sun conure.

There’s something odd you should know when shopping for a birdcage — the larger cages are mostly needed by the smallest birds.

For instance, a conure typically keeps its flight wings and loves moving across horizontally in the cage.


  • Includes storage shelf
  • Plenty of space
  • Several wood perches
  • Easy to move and clean


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Horizontal gaps are too big


3. Yaheetech Rolling Standing Bird Cage

The Yaheetech 64-Inch Bird Cage is perfect for birds like budgies, conure, canary, etc. Although it may not work for large birds, it perfectly fits the bill for most households with small pet birds.

It’s not so large that it takes the entire space in your room, yet it gives the birds enough space to play and fly.

A wood perch travels across the cage length, and another perch hangs from the top allows your conure to play.

The cage comes with 4 hanging cups for the conure’s seed, with a feeder door for each of them, to avoid opening a large door and releasing a bird on accident while trying to refill the seed.

You can move the cage in two ways — by lifting it using the handle top or pushing/pulling the rolling base (on which the cage sits).

The cage features a clip that secures it to the base. The cage measures 36.2 inches by 18.1 inches by 13.9 inches.


  • Easy to move and clean
  • Beautiful design
  • Easily accessible feeding bowls
  • Secure button lock
  • Built-in play top


  • Bowls may be too deep
  • Perches aren’t big enough


4. Vision Bird Cage

This Vision Bird Cage is another excellent option for small birds, such as finches, lovebirds, budgies, canaries, and conures.

The cage design features a combination of two original cages, which doubles the height.

The cage comes with four perches that are adjustable, allowing you to relocate them to your taste. You can even put one outside the cage for your bird to enjoy some freedom.

The cage also comes with two feeding trays located at the base.

Each of these feeding trays has a separate door that you can access while changing their food without accidentally opening the main door for the bird to escape.

The cage’s base features a debris guard for protecting your home from the conure’s dropping, waste, and seed that could fall through the bird’s cage.

The birdcage measures 17″ long x 31″ wide x 22″ high, which can accommodate up to three conures. It comes with an outstanding double door, and terra-cotta dishes and perches.


  • Multi-grip perches
  • Removable top for easy cleaning
  • Debris guard
  • Modern design


  • You have to trim paper liners to fit the rounded corners
  • A bit difficult to assemble


5. Prevue 124BLK Madison Bird Cage

The 124BLK Madison Bird Cage from Prevue is ideal for multiple conures, canaries, and finches. The cage provides enough space for your birds to fly.

The ½ inch wire spacing helps to keep your birds safe. The birdcage sits on durable rolling casters that allow you to move the cage as you desire.

It comes with 2 large front doors (measuring 8 inches x 8 inches) that help to assemble the nest and perches easily.

There are 4 smaller spring-loaded doors — 2 on each side measuring 4 inches x 4 inches. The cage has a durable and elegant powder-coated finish and comes with a shelf located at the bottom for extra storage space.

It also includes two plastic double cups, two wood perches, and a bottom drawer and grille that you can conveniently slide out for cleaning.

The cage measures 20-inch x 20-inch x 29-inch, with a ⅝ inch wire spacing.


  • Extra storage space
  • Bottom drawer for easy cleaning
  • Rolling casters for easy movement
  • Can accommodate multiple conures
  • Two cups and two perches included


  • The door is not very big and makes the cleaning a bit difficult


What Is the Minimum Cage Size for Conure Birds?

Conures need to stretch their wings, move around, and play to be happy and healthy. You should also consider room for toys, perches, and food dishes.

Another essential factor in selecting your conure’s cage size is the available space. You surely don’t want a large birdcage that can’t fit inside your home.

Conures are medium-sized birds, and their minimum recommended cage size is 20-inch length x 20-inch width x 20-inch height.

It can be bigger than this as no cage is too big for your conure. It’s the bar size that matters.

What’s the Best Bar Spacing for Conures?

When choosing a cage for your conure, ensure that the space between the cage bars is so narrow that your conure’s head won’t fit but not so narrow that its foot can get stuck within the bars.

Conures are very clever and creative and can make attempts to escape if the bar spaces are too wide.

The recommended maximum bar spacing for a conure’s cage should be ¾ inch (2 cm). If the bar spacing is wider than ¾ inch, conures can squeeze themselves out of the cage, and you don’t want that.

Can You Keep Two Conures In One Cage?

Conures enjoy having company. There’s a high chance that conures will easily get along with other fellow conures as different kinds of conures usually have the same sizes, whims, quirks, behaviors, etc.

However, we can’t really be sure that birds will get along based on the kind of bird and their similarities. It largely depends on them and consistent training to eventually learn if they’re not used to companies.

If you’re hoping to bring two conures together, there’s a very high chance of them liking each other. However, you should monitor them for a few days. Also, ensure to get a larger cage to provide enough space for them.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! A review list of the best cages for conure birds. If you’re looking to buy a cage for your pet conure, ensure that it’s not smaller than our recommended minimum size.

Consider getting an even larger cage if you decide to put two conures together. And most importantly, consider the recommended maximum bar spacing to avoid your pet escaping.

All the cages listed above are of top-quality, and you can select the option that best suits your feathered companion.

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