Lixit Water Bottle for Birds – Overview, Pros & Cons

Clean water is important for the health of your parrot. Safe water bottle connections are important for the life of your parrot!

Our bottles don’t have the spring attachments that some mischievous parrots get trapped in.

Here are the great features of our Lixit Water Bottles:

  • Water stays fresh, clean and sanitary in the Lixit Water Bottles. Durable, thick wall glass bottle (Dishwasher safe).
  • Fits most cages
  • Easy to install
  • Quick-release bottle holder
  • One-piece tube cap with ultra vacuum seal.
  • US stainlees steel Ball-Point™ tube and mounting hardware
  • Non-Toxic, USDA approved, rubber stopper
  • All components can be sterilized
  • No springs for your parrot to get trapped in!

For Cockatiels

This Lixit water bottle is made of glass, so it is chew proof. Its cap is very resilient, so your bird will not destroy it easily. On top of that you can purchase a chew-protection item for the cap.

The stainless steel drinking tube makes it easy to sanitize and clean.

This bottle is available in two different sizes: 8 oz and 16 oz. This water bottle is perfect for smaller birds such as cockatiels.

For Cockatoos to Macaws

The Lixit glass heavy duty water bottle is perfect for bigger birds such as conures, african greys, quackers, senegals, cockatoos and macawas.

It is easy to install on any wire cage thanks to its mounting screws. The bottle can be removed quickly for sanitizing or refilling.

Bottle Brush Kit

This kit is a must for cleaning your Lixit Bottle. The large end cleans the bottle and the convenient small brush that cleans the spout is connected on the other end.

Cleaning the water bottle once or twice a week is essential and a brush kit can make this job pretty easy.


Lixit Replacement Parts

If you need to replace your Lixit bottle or cap, here are the parts you can purchase separately.




Birds   Updated: February 17, 2021
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