What is the Best Temperature for Pet Mice?

Pet mice are quite hardy rodents but still, you need to set the right temperature if you want them to be healthy and thriving. This usually isn’t that difficult, as it is often just about putting the cage in the right spot in your house.

The recommended temperature range for mice is 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is nothing too specific but it can be bad for the health of your pet mouse if it is below or above these numbers. Not to mention that suboptimal temperature can cause a lot of stress for them in the long run.

For example, your mouse is not going to have a great time if you place his cage near a fireplace. Even direct sunlight can heat the whole cage above the recommended temperature. This is especially true when you buy an aquarium, as the glass will amplify the sunlight that goes through it.

Can Pet Mice Withstand Cold and Heat?

Hypothermia is one of the main causes of wild mice dying during the winter. This means that their body temperature gets so low that their body simply can’t function anymore. Unfortunately, mice are not able to hibernate so they always have to do their best to find a warm place.

Pet mice are lucky enough to live in your home where you need to make sure it is warm enough inside. In case it gets below the temperature that we mentioned above, they would become rather stressed and suffer health consequences shortly after.

If it is too warm in the room, on the other hand, then your mouse’s health is going to decline as well. In fact, a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit is simply fatal for them. However, we are not saying that mice can’t get accustomed to slightly colder or warmer temperatures.

If you would gradually raise the temperature to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, your mouse would be most likely able to endure it. But this is not something that we recommend because it is not optimal for these rodents.

Can Pet Mice Live Outside?

Before you put the mouse cage somewhere outside your house, make sure that the conditions are ideal. Wherever you want to keep your mouse, you need to make sure that all the needs of your pet are met. It is not as simple as picking up the cage and taking it outside.

You need to take the climate in consideration. Moreover, other pets going near the cage can also be an issue. Your pet mouse needs to be safe and to feel safe as well in order to stay healthy. First off, mice need enough light in order to be able to determine whether it is nighttime or daytime.

Since they are nocturnal, they need to be awake at night and to sleep during the day. When they are active, they will also want to eat so leaving some food for them before you go to sleep is also important. Leaving them out during the winter is totally out of the question because it is simply too cold for them.

Do Pet Mice Get Cold?

When the temperature is more on the cold side, the immune system of pet mice starts to become weaker. This happens as soon as the temperature gets to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. If your mice are still young, this temperature can hamper their growth as well.

The lower the temperature, the more serious problems your mouse is going to have. As a result of cold, they can end up having respiratory diseases that are hard to cure if the temperature stays so low. Your mouse can get wet while drinking water, which can be dangerous in low temperatures.

It can cause chills, which can kill your mouse if left unnoticed. In short, you need to keep that cage warm if you want your pet to survive.

Do Pet Mice Need a Heater?

Not every household is warm during the winter, especially when people are working and leave their homes. Meanwhile, the temperature can easily get below 65 degrees Fahrenheit and cause detrimental effects on the health of your pet mouse.

First off, it is important to leave your mouse something that he can use to warm himself up. It can be a towel or a rag that you don’t use for anything else. In the bedding, your pet should be able to create a nest as well.

If that is not enough, it might be a good idea to set up something that emits heat. For example, you can get a ceramic heat emitter and set it on near the cage. Just be careful not to heat the cage up too much.

How do Wild Mice Survive in the Winter?

Wild mice are constantly migrating and exploring until they find a place with plenty of food and water. They are looking for holes where they can enter the house and take a look around in the basement or other places. During the winter, it becomes increasingly important for them to find a warm place.

This is why companies that help people get rid of mice get the most calls during the winter. Wild mice are simply desperate to find a warm place during that time.


Ensuring the above-mentioned temperature range for your mouse is crucial if you really care about his well-being. Mice are sensitive rodents and they really need the warmth of a comfortable cage. Not too much warmth though, as higher temperatures also cause a range of health problems.

During the winter, you may even need to get a heater so that you can compensate for the slightly colder temperature inside. Remember, it can cause a great deal of stress for your pet mouse if the temperature gets even slightly below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can even keep them outside if you want to, but only if the weather is ideal for their needs. And, of course, you also need to make sure there are no other animals around.

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