5 Best Mouse Cages – Housing Your Pet Mice

If you are on the lookout for a good mouse cage, then you are at the right place. I took a look at the best mouse, hamster and critter cages in general and ended up with the 5 best cages you can find online.

You can read more about each of these cages and decide which one suits you and your pets the most. Each one of them has a different design and comes with different accessories. Without further ado, let’s get into the reviews.

Best Mouse Cages

Below, you can find my reviews of some of the best mouse cages:

1. Midwest Critterville Arcade

As you can see, this Hamster Cage by Midwest Homes for Pets is the ultimate cage for your mouse. It is going to be pure entertainment for your little pet to live in it. Besides being entertaining, it is optimal for feeding and it’s straightforward to clean.

Not to mention that it is going to look awesome in your room. A pretty cool cage for your awesome pet. In this Midwest Critterville cage, your mouse can exercise whenever he wants to using the running wheel. It is in-built, just like the play tube, the food bowl and the water bottle.

It is divided into two parts so that your mouse will feel like he has two separate apartments to live in. One for fun and one for sleeping and eating. In the cage bedding, your pet has plenty of space to move around without feeling congested.

On the side of the cage, there is a connector that allows you to attach other tubes to it that lead to another cage. If you feel like creating your own mouse empire at home, then we can only recommend you this cage by Midwest Homes for Pets. It is all well-assembled using high-quality material.

You can basically create a huge mouse empire out of it with some accessories and another cage or two.


  • The upper Vertical Playspace has an easily removable cover
  • It comes with non-slip ramps for safety
  • Stimulating environment with quality accessories
  • Silent high-quality running wheel
  • Easy to put together and has awesome design


  • Platforms need to be cleaned carefully otherwise they break
  • Mice might prefer living in the top part which is harder to clean
  • It is a bit top heavy so should be supported by a wall


2. Ferplast Cage

In the Ferplast Hamster Cage, they decided to put in a nice tube that your mouse can use for exercise. Since the tube goes outside the cage as well, you can even use it to connect with another cage. Using tubes is a great way to keep your pet entertained and connected with his fellow mice.

If your mouse wants to hide, he can always go through the tube and reach his little cottage. If he feels hungry or wants to run a little bit in the running wheel, he can go down for those activities. Keeping your mouse active is important for his well-being in general.

In this cage by Ferplast, there is no way your little pet gets bored. Also, the colorful design makes it a great choice for kids and adults as well. It might look complicated but this cage is really easy to assemble. You can unpack it and set the whole thing up in a few minutes.

The two-door access ensures that you can get to your mouse either if he’s upstairs or downstairs. In addition, there are countless accessories available for this cage. You can use them to build a full complex where your little pet can entertain himself all day.

For a little mouse, the most important thing is to live in a stimulating environment. With this cage, it is going to be a dream that became true for your pet.


  • The optimally sized tubes are great for exercise
  • The base can be removed for easy cleaning
  • You can expand it with as many accessories as you want
  • Top and front door access for feeding and cleaning
  • A secure cage with strong latches, tubes and overall material


  • Comes with sketchy instructions
  • The bedding can be easily kicked out on the sides
  • The tubes take a bit long to disassemble and clean


3. Favola Cage

The Favola Hamster Cage by Ferplast ensures that your mouse has plenty of place to wander around and do whatever he feels like doing. Simply put, it is going to be a lot of fun for your little pet to live in it. If the space provided by the upper floor is not enough, he can always go downstairs and explore a bit there.

It only depends on you on which floor your mouse is going to eat, exercise or just chill in his hiding place. Your pet will learn it in no time how to use the ladder to climb up or go down. With this cage, you have the option to connect tubes on the side, allowing your mouse to visit another cage if he wants to.

The bottom part is completely transparent and can be filled with shavings for comfort. By opening the door at the top, you can easily gain access to the food bowl or anything that needs to be cleaned. The best thing about this cage is that the two floors can be detached and you can clean them up separately.

Also, there is no need to buy accessories. It comes with a food bowl, a running wheel, a water bottle and a nest. All the essentials are there, you just need to set the cage up and let your mouse in. However, if you want to buy additional accessories or replace some of them, you can do so with ease.


  • Lots of space to move around
  • Comes with accessories
  • You can attach another cage to it
  • Easy to clean the cage and all accessories


  • Low-quality yet replaceable running wheel
  • The top opening is rather small
  • Water bottle doesn’t work properly


4. Savic Extra Large Cage

This extra-large cage by Savic is the absolute heaven for hamsters and mice as well. Whether your pet wants to play or to hide, he will be able to find plenty of places for those activities. It is a playground and a place for comfort at the same time.

There is nothing more important for a little mouse than to live in a cage where he can move and play around without getting bored. Since it is rather big, two or even three mice can live in it quite comfortably. All of them are going to have their own private hiding places and accessories for play.

Instead of separating the cage into two different floors, there are ledges where your mouse can hang out. In addition, there is a tube that allows them to take a walk outside the cage. It is something they are going to be excited to explore. Thanks to its large door, you will be able to access all the different parts of the cage with ease.

You will get plenty of accessories with this cage by Savic, yet it is going to be easy to set up. If you want your mice to be surrounded with a stimulating environment, then don’t think twice. This is going to be the perfect cage for them.

Considering the size, the wire spacing and comfort, you and your mice are going to be absolutely satisfied.


  • Ideal bar spacing for safety
  • Interesting accessories that keep your mice entertained
  • The base is deep enough to keep the bedding in
  • You can put it together with ease


  • The accessories make it harder to clean
  • Consists mostly of plastic parts
  • The water bottle holder is a bit loose


5. Sugar Glider Mouse Cage

The great thing about the Sugar Glider mouse cage is that it’s huge. Thanks to its tight mesh, you can keep plenty of baby mice or a few adults in it easily. It has two doors at the front, allowing you to reach anything that needs to be removed from the cage.

Cleaning this cage is not much of an issue. All you need to do is to attach the grate floor and remove the bottom part. Then it can be cleaned and re-attached separately. It is designed in a way that you can easily carry it wherever you want to and even fold it if necessary.

In case you have mice but you also travel a lot, this cage is going to be a great choice. It is one of the biggest portable cages that you can get. With some accessories, you can turn it into a complete mansion for your pets. The bigger the cage, the more possibilities there are to improve the life quality of your mice.

It is divided into three levels that are big enough for your mice to feel comfortable and low enough in height so that they can climb or descend easily. You are going to be surprised about how easy it is to assemble this cage. The Sugar Glider cage can potentially be an outstanding home for your mice.

If you are looking for a cage that is simple and big enough at the same time, then the Sugar Glider is the best choice.


  • This cage is simply huge
  • Since it is huge, you can easily clean it
  • Perfect wire spacing that is impossible to chew through
  • Allows you to put a huge running wheel in it
  • Easy to assemble and looks great


  • Arrives without instructions
  • Only suitable for adult mice
  • You need to be careful not to bend the cage


Choosing a Cage for Your Pet Mouse

Here are few things to consider when choosing a cage for your pet mouse:

– Number of Mice

If you have, let’s say, two mice, then you should go for a 1.5 cubic feet sized cage. Based on this, you should buy a 3 cubic feet cage for 4 mice and 6 cubic feet one for 8. It is really important to follow this rule because mice get frustrated if they don’t have enough private space. This is especially true for males.

– Size and Space

Each and every mouse in the cage needs at least 1 cubic foot of free space. If your mice are relatives, then just make sure that every one of them has at least .5 cubic feet of space. Of course, we can only recommend you to buy a bigger cage.

The more space your mice have to move around, the less likely it is going to be that they get bored. They are going to have a lot of fun.

– Price

When it comes to price, glass tanks are the most expensive homes you can buy for your mice. If you want it to be as cheap as possible, then I recommend you to buy something that is mostly built of plastic. However, if you can afford to spend a bit more then you should definitely check out the metal cages as well.

– Maintenance

Cages that are made out of simple plastic parts are the easiest to clean. You just remove the accessories or take the cage apart in a few easy steps. Then you wash them with mild soap, rinse out and replace every part. That’s all.

Metal cages are usually a bit harder to clean since you need to deal with wires instead of smooth surfaces. Glass tanks can be cleaned just as easily as plastic ones, although they are more expensive. Keep in mind that there are a million different cages in each category. Just make sure to look for one that is easy to clean.

– Play and Toys

Some cages come with plenty of accessories, some don’t. But even if you buy a plain cage, there are plenty of ways to upgrade it. For example, you can find running wheels at the pet shop that are easy to install. There are also numerous hiding places and tubes you can choose from.

It is highly important to look for toys that are not dangerous for your pet. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of toys out there that might look good but can potentially hurt your little mouse. Avoid buying toys that are made out of weak plastic or have sharp edges.

Mice Cage Types

How can you house your pet mice? Which is the best way to keep pet mice? Below, are three most common types of cages for mice:

– Glass Tank

Buying a glass tank is a great idea if you want to see it crystal clear what your mouse is doing. It is certainly more fun than to watch them through wires. Also, there is no way they can get out thanks to the strong construction and there are obviously no gaps.

The bad thing about them is that the glass they are made of is quite heavy. Also, anything that is made of glass can be easily broken if you bump into it by accident or something similar happens. Not to mention that glass tanks are way more expensive than other types of mouse homes.

– Wire Cage

Cages made out of metal allow proper ventilation for your mice thanks to the gaps between the wires. In addition, you can interact with your mouse and even give him treats without having to remove anything.

Metal is also durable enough so that your mouse can’t chew through it and it won’t break easily. You just need to be careful about corrosion over time. Also, it is not as easy to clean as plastic tubes.

– Plastic Tub

The great thing about plastic tubs is that they are the cheapest mouse homes you can get. This type of cages is also the most common on websites where you can find second-hand ones. Since they are made of plastic, they are not heavy at all. This makes them easy to carry wherever you want.

Another thing to note about them is that you can clean them rather easily. The fact that they are lightweight also means that you can’t put anything heavy on top of them. Otherwise, you can end up with some broken parts. It is also something you can easily knock over.

Can Mice Live in Hamster Cages?

Mice don’t differ much from hamsters when it comes to size. They also have similar needs. Therefore, the answer is yes.

If you particularly like a cage that is specifically made for hamsters, then feel free to buy it to your mouse. Your little guy is going to be happy to live in it.

Can Baby Mice Live in Wire Cage?

No because baby mice might be able to get through the holes between the wires

If you are looking for a home for your baby mice, then you definitely shouldn’t buy a wire cage. Those are designed for adult mice and the baby ones are probably going to fit through between two wires if they want to.


As you can see, I already did the hard work for you. Now all you need to do is to choose the perfect cage based on the ones we reviewed. I also provided you with plenty of tips on how to choose the perfect cage and informed you about the different types of cages in the market.

You even have the option to choose a cage that comes without accessories and buy the ones that you most prefer. The choice is yours but no matter which one you choose; your mouse is going to have a lot of fun in his new home.

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