How Much do Conures Cost? With 15 Examples

Conures are very social, entertaining, and affectionate birds. So, if you are looking for a pet bird you can bond with, then conures will be your best friend. They make a great family pet because they can adapt easily, love children, and are ideal for both novice and experienced birdkeepers.

The good thing is that there are several species to choose from. But you are probably not sure about the cost of acquiring or maintaining a conure. That is why we have created this guide for you, where we will discuss the average cost and price of popular conures, adoption costs, and the cost of equipment.

What is the Average Price of a Conure Bird?

From my research, I found out, that the average price of a conure bird is about $500, but the price depends on various factors such as conure breed, age, gender, breeder certificate, health condition. On top of that, you need to consider equipment and upkeep cost, which can range between $500 to $2000.

Average Price of Different Conure Breeds

Generally, conures are reasonably priced when you get them from a breeder rather than buying from a pet store. But note that the price depends on different factors such as the sex of the bird, age, type of conure, and health condition, among other factors.

– Peach Faced Conure: $250-$400

Peach-faced conures are strikingly beautiful and are only compared to orange-faced conures, but they have a tinier black beak.

Their forehead as well as some parts of the crown are orange while their backs are graying-green, with some light green touches on the breast. In terms of cost, an adult conure will cost about $250 – $400.

This cost doesn’t include the cost of maintenance. Be sure to check different stores to get a better offer. It is even better if you can get your bird from the breeder. You will not only save on cost, but you will also get valuable information about the bird.

With such a cost, you will have a wonderful bird that loves the fun. Just being around them guarantees a lot of cuddling, playing, and affection.

If you keep only one bird, it will bond with you. The only challenge is that once a mate is around, they will start to lose attention or even ignore you completely.

– Green Cheeked Conure:  $250-$400

The price of a green cheeked conure ranges from $250 – $400. On average, you may get them at around $350. Some unique varieties of green-cheeked conures such as turquoise green cheek conure or pineapple green cheeked conure will likely cost you more.

There are also other variations of green-cheeked conures besides these two, including violet-green cheek conure, cinnamon green-cheeked conure, and yellow-sided green cheek conure. A mature bird with these unique color mutations will cost you about $400 – $700.

People often buy these birds based on several factors, appearance just being one of them. If a bird has poor-looking feathers, blemishes, or other markers, then prices might drop slightly.

– Sun Conure: $300-$500

Better-looking conures can cost as much as $5oo, but normal ones usually cost about $300. The slightly higher prices of these birds are because they are visually appealing. Their bright-colored feathers make them more desirable than other birds.

Other than this, they love attention and are very friendly. They are a good investment if you are there to give the attention they deserve. Therefore, they aren’t birds for everyone.

The population of sun conures is gradually dropping, meaning that they can be rare to find. So, you should be careful when selecting the buyer because some people capture them in the forests and sell them to you. Only source them from a trusted breeder.

– Half Moon Conure: $300-$500

The half-moon conures are lively birds that can dilate their eyes or even bob their heads when you meet them. Apart from their friendly personalities, these birds are compact but have long tail feathers. On average, the half-moon conures cost about $300 – $500.

The larger and rare genus is usually pricier than young conures. A reputable breeder should get you a fully weaned bird that can eat on its own.

On top of this, the bird should have a vet checkup report. Also bear in mind that, just like other conures, half-moon conures will need additional investment in terms of foray toys.

– Pineapple Conure: $400-$600

Pineapple conures are a vibrant colored variation of the green-cheeked conures. They are derived from a mutation of yellow-sided conure and cinnamon conure. This combo gives them a unique appearance that appeals to most bird keepers.

Overall, they are friendly and intelligent birds who need attentive and affectionate owners. A baby pineapple conure will cost you about $300. But on average expect to spend about $400 – $600 for an adult bird.

Before buying these birds make sure to check their gender. In cases where gender information is unavailable, you can purchase DNA testing to be sure that you get the preferred gender.

– Nanday Conure: $300-$500

This species is one of the common conures found in captivity. They are social and curious birds, so they can easily bond with their owners. Moreover, they are very entertaining and energetic.

If you are interested in hand-raised Nandays, you have to part with about $300 – $500. Besides this, you may need to buy them toys. We will cover the cost of their cage in the next section.

Other recurring costs are maintenance, which includes diet and nail or feather clipping.

– Black-Capped Conure: $300-$600

Black-Capped Conures are some of the smallest birds in the conure family. Despite their small size, their price is almost the same as big-bodied conures. A grown-up black-capped conure will cost about $300 – $600.

The huge price gap is caused by factors such as the status of the bird, size, and where you get them. They are commonly sold in pet stores, but if you can get them from a breeder, you will likely give you a discount.

These birds are somehow popular because they are quieter than most conures. Nonetheless, they are inquisitive and loving. Perhaps their most distinctive characteristic is their appearance. They are brownish-back with scale-patterned necks.

– Cherry Headed Conure: $500-$700

Cherry Headed Conures or Christmas conures are very appealing birds mainly because of their buoyant and entertaining nature. They can be extremely noisy, so you need entertaining neighbors.

You can adopt them for about $500 – $700. Their unique appearance, interactive personality, and sturdy nature justify this cost. If no gender information is not available and you prefer a certain gender, you might have to spend about $150 for DNA testing.

– Dusky Conure: $300-$500

Dusky Conures are small and attractive birds that can make great companions. Generally, they are sweet, calm, clever, and relatively quiet when they are compared to other conures.

The good thing is that these birds are readily available in most pet stores and bird breeders sites with prices ranging from $300 – $500.

Their easy-going disposition makes them appealing to most pet owners. Some buy them when they are young because they are relatively cheaper and can thrive in captivity.

– Jenday Conure: $400-$600

These conures are indigenous to South America but they are bred and offered for sale by many bird breeders. Their attractive coloration and charming personality increase their demand. That is why an adult bird cost about $400 – $600.

Another loving characteristic that might make you buy these birds is their playful and easily tamable nature. Most of the hand-raised baby Jendays rarely bite and are less aggressive.

– Mitred Conure: $500-$800

Mitred Conure is a rare bird that can make a good pet. If you want to adopt one, you can obtain it from adoption societies or rescue organizations. Some local breeders can offer them at attractive costs.

On average, a mature Mitred conure will cost you about $500 – $800. But before you can buy them from a breeder, assess the general health of the bird and talk to the breeder. If possible contact past customers and check the living condition of the bird.

– Patagonian Conure: $600-$800

Patagonian Conures are probably the largest in the conure family. Specifically, they have the biggest feet. That is why they are sometimes referred to as burrowing parrots.

It got the name Patagonian because it originated from the Patagonian region in South America. Generally, they are loud and noisy birds, but they are friendly and playful.

To own a Patagonian conure, you will need to set aside $600 – $800, but you have to factor in other costs that we will explain later.

Their popularity rose in the 1990s, which also led to increased importation from the wild. Since then, several breeders and adoption organizations are selling these birds to potential bird lovers.

– Blue Crown Conure: $500-$1000

Blue Crown Conures are one of the highly desired birds. That is why they are priced slightly higher than other conures. The good thing is that these birds are relatively easy to find in stores.

To buy a blue crown conure, you will need to set aside $500 – $1000. If you are getting it from a breeder, inquire how long they have been breeding the species.

– Golden Conure: $1500-$2000

Golden conures are beautiful and visually appealing birds. Their strikingly yellow body and green flight feathers attract most bird lovers. Besides their beautiful nature, these birds are also affectionate companions.

They are also rare and smart. That is why pet stores often put a high price tag on these birds. An adult golden conure will cost you about $1500 – $2000.

– Crimson Bellied Conure: $1000-$2500

This is another interesting bird to keep as a companion. They make good pets because of their easy disposition.

These birds love to fly around, but they are also lively and overly loud. An adult bird will cost about $1000 – $2500.

Equipment Cost

Your bird needs a home and facilities to use. You need money for the cage, bath box, travel cage, and food containers. The good thing is that these costs are usually one-time and upfront.

You might only need to change them when they are worn out or when introducing new varieties. If you are lucky you can get them as a package from where you buy the bird. This way, you will not have to introduce your bird to a new environment.

Based on the size and character of your bird, try to set up a sizable cage. As a rough guide, we approximated that you will need to spend about $250 – $300 to buy and set up equipment for the bird. Here is the breakdown:

  • Fly Cage – $150
  • Travel Cage – $75-100
  • Bath Box – $20
  • Water and Food Dishes – $20
  • Toys & Nest Box – $50

Upkeep Cost

Besides the cost of acquiring and keeping your conure, you also have to take into account the cost of feeding and maintaining them.

These are ongoing costs that you will need to keep the bird happy and healthy. In other words, you will have to set aside a budget for treats, insurance, food, and vet fees.

In summary here is a breakdown of the costs:

  • Food – $20 / mo
  • Mineral Block – $5 / mo
  • Treats – $10 / mo
  • Insurance – $20 / mo
  • Vet – $100-$500 / year (depending on the age and health of your bird)

Adoption Cost of Conure Bird

Conures are beautiful creatures that come in endless sizes and colors. In most cases, you can buy them in the open market or from breeders. But there is also the option of adopting them from bird societies or rescue groups.

Adoption cost is usually determined by the species, behavior, age, and the special need of a conure. But in most cases, you can get it from $300 – $800. If the adoption comes with a cage, the cost will likely be higher.

All you have to do to adopt a bird is to contact an adoption center either online or in-person to check out on the bird you like.

These centers will give you all the details about the bird, including personality, foods, toys, and activities. The center may also need to know about the condition of your home and your lifestyle.


Conures can make a great pet for anyone looking to own a cheaper animal. Some conure species do not cost much to acquire but you will have to consider the maintenance expenses.

For instance, you have to provide them with quality cages, food, toys, insurance, and vet visits. On average, expect to incur a one-time cost of about $700- $2000.

Besides this, you can set aside $750 -$900 per year for upkeep. Typically, if you are buying a smaller or less popular conure, the cost will be slightly cheaper.

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