Can Guppy Fish and Amano Shrimp Live in Same Tank?

I can understand why someone would want guppies and Amano shrimps in the same tank. They are both exhilarating species with a lot to offer to their environment. Guppies are wildly colorful and diverse, while the Amano shrimp are mostly transparent.

Many people will pair guppies or other fish with shrimp because they typically live in different parts of the aquarium. Guppies prefer middle to top zones, while shrimp lurk around middle to lower areas.

We should also note that guppies and shrimps aren’t always the best friends, as the latter are often lower on the food chain. Guppies tend to eat a variety of shrimp, especially if they’re smaller in size.

Knowing all this, are these 2 species compatible? Let’s see what we can find out.

Do Guppies and Amano Shrimp Get Along?

I think the best answer is almost. Theoretically, guppies and shrimp can live together, but guppies can also eat the shrimp, also theoretically. This, however, can only happen when the shrimp is younger. The shrimp will measure around 2-3 inches as a full adult, which is at least as large as a female guppy.

At this point, guppies will have hard times killing and eating the shrimp, but it can happen. The reverse is also true, where Amano shrimp can kill guppies, albeit rarely. Amano shrimp are peaceful and calm creatures, minding their own business in the deeper areas of the tank.

However, to prevent any type of aggressive interactions, I suggest resorting to several precautions. These include:

– Introducing the Shrimp First

Placing the shrimp first in the aquarium will allow them to settle and learn their environment faster. This way, they can hide in case of guppies become aggressive and start poking at them. This measure is much more important if you have baby shrimp that cannot survive without some assistance from you.

Allow them to settle within their environment before adding the guppies, and they should be fine.

– Include a Variety of Plants

The richer the environment, the easier the shrimps’ life. Consider adding plants like java moss, guppy grass, or dwarf lily, which will create a natural-looking environment perfect for both guppies and the Amano shrimp.

A plant-rich habitat will break line of sight between guppies and shrimp, allowing both species to live in peace.

– Control the Number of Guppies

Guppies typically require around 2 gallons of water per fish to remain healthy, active, and comfortable. However, since you will also have Amano shrimp in the same tank, consider reducing the number of guppies a bit.

Instead of keeping 10 guppies in a 20-gallon tank, consider 7 to make room for the Amano shrimp. The more the Amano shrimp are in inferiority, the more likely that the guppies will attack them. Keep them in relatively close numbers to limit the risk of incidents along the way.

These strategies will help you accommodate both guppies and shrimp in the same habitat, minimizing any interference between the 2 species.

Requirements for Guppies and Amano Shrimp

Guppies and Amano shrimp are similar in a lot of aspects, including:

  • Tank decorations – Both species prefer heavily planted habitats, which helps them remain comfortable and hide when stressed.
  • Water requirements – Both guppies and shrimp prefer similar water conditions. The water temperature should remain in the 72-82 F range for maximum comfort, with as little variations as possible. I suggest getting a heating system in place if the environment temperature fluctuates too heavily between day and night.
  • Dietary preferences – Guppies and Amano shrimps are both omnivorous, but the shrimp has a preference for algae. Feed both species adequate diets to make sure they remain healthy over the years.
  • Behavior – Guppies and Amano shrimps are peaceful tank mates that won’t have problems living together.

Feeding Amano Shrimp and Guppies

The 2 species have slightly different dietary needs in the sense that Amano shrimps will rely on you less than the guppies. Guppies require a carefully crafted diet, consisting of both live food and plants and vegetables. Some of their preferred food sources include brine shrimp, daphnia, mosquito larvae, spirulina, algae (only occasionally) and veggies like spinach, cucumber, kale, zucchini, etc.

On the other hand, Amano shrimp will feed mainly on algae, plant residues, and food leftovers. They are quite proficient and consuming tank algae since they make up for much of their diet. However, you can’t count on your Amano shrimp to survive alone on algae and food residues. You should also provide them with additional food supplementation like frozen snacks (whatever works for guppies works for them) and various veggies.

Pro tip – Avoid fish food that contains copper. Check each product’s label since copper is toxic to invertebrates like Amano shrimps.

Do Amano Shrimp Eat Guppy Fry?

Yes, Amano shrimps can eat guppy fry, so long as they can find and catch them. Since it’s small and pretty much defenseless, the fry will use speed as a diversion. It’s agility is beyond the shrimp’s hunting abilities, which is why it’s a rare sight to see Amano shrimp catching and eating guppy fry. Just know that it can happen.

To minimize the risks, consider a larger community tank. After all, both guppies and Amano shrimps require to live in groups between 5-6 individuals at a minimum. This means that a 10-gallon tank can’t accommodate both species. Consider an upgrade to provide shrimps and fish more space, lowering their aggression and improving the fry’s survival chances.

Do Guppies Eat Amano Shrimp?

Yes, guppies will eat Amano shrimp, but only in their infant stage. Adult shrimps are too large for guppies to see them as prey anymore. An adult Amano shrimp can grow as large if not larger than a guppy. You won’t need to worry about guppies killing adult shrimp since it’s very unlikely to happen.

The chances are that much lower if you have a large tank filled with vegetation and caves for shrimp to hide in. Such a lush environment is ideal for a community tank, accommodating both species and minimizing aggression between them.

Why Did Amano Shrimp Attack Guppies?

You should understand that Amano shrimp are not predators, but scavengers. It’s very unlikely to see them attacking adult healthy guppies. They will, however, attack guppy fry and even sick or dying adult guppies if they wander in their area. It’s common for Amano shrimps to consume dead guppies, for instance.

That being said, not all Amano shrimps are the same. Some may be more inquisitive and aggressive than others. Take action if you spot one of your shrimps actively going after healthy adult guppies. You might need to remove the culprit from the tank to make sure it doesn’t hurt or kill your guppies.


Given the right circumstances, guppies and Amano shrimp can live together with no incidents whatsoever. Both species have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years, so it’s in your and their best interest to provide them with optimal living conditions.

Just remember that both species thrive in groups of at least 5-6 individuals and that they require a lush, stable, and clean environment to remain healthy long-term.

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