How to Train a Hamster? 5 Tips for Hamster Trainers 

Hamsters make for great pets but they do not easily warm up to the people around them. The good thing though, is that hamsters are intelligent animals, which means you can train them new tricks.

While training is important, allow your hamster time to relax and settle to the new surroundings. Adopting the following useful tips will ensure that your hamster training is both smooth and enjoyable.

5 Tips to Train Your Pet Hamsters Tricks

Here are few tips to and tricks that will help you succeed with training your hamster:

– Build Up Trust

Your hamster can become your little fluffy friend, but you need to be patient with him. Spend quality time with your hamster so that he gets used to seeing you around.

Feed him his favorite treats as a way to win his trust.

First, open the lid of his cage and place his favorite treats in the cage. If your hamster is scared the first time and does not respond, do not be discouraged.

Repeat this daily, and soon enough, he will warm up to you.  You can then start placing his treats on your hand’s palm as a trick to win his trust.

Once your hamster gets comfortable enough to start nibbling on food on your hand, scoop him up with both of your hands.

Ensure to cup your hands together as you scoop up your hamster. Hold him briefly and then place him back into the cage.

– Give Your Hamsters Treats

Place your hamster’s favorite treat on the palm of your hand and hold out the hand. The idea is to have your hamster climb onto your hand so that he can get hold of the treat.

Allow him to climb onto your hand several times until he is comfortable enough doing it. Once the hamster begins eating the treat, this might be your cue to being petting him using your other hand

– Be Consistent

Ensure that your training methods are consistent; otherwise, your hamster may get scared. Repeat the same procedure several times each day.

For example, if you practice calling it by its name each time you have a treat on your hand, it will learn to come to you because there is a reward involved.

By practicing this trick every day, your hamster will eventually come out even when there is no treat on your hand.

– Use the Same Teaching Method

Train your hamster to perfection before embarking on a second trick. Only then should you consider introducing a second trick.

Luckily, hamsters are intelligent animals, and they learn to perform each trick that you teach them very quickly.

– Be Patient

Some hamsters warm up quickly to new owners, while others may take longer to relax around you. Such hamsters may also take longer to learn.

Exercise patience with your hamster so that he learns to get comfortable around you. If you are patient enough, your hamster will begin to trust you.

As trust grows, it becomes easier to handle and train these fluffy creatures.

10 Tricks to Teach Your Pet Hamsters

So, you how to teach your hamster different tricks? Here are few examples you can do:

  • Coming out of the cage when called

Call your hamster by his name when feeding him. With time, he will get used to his name and come running as soon as you call out his name.

  • Stand

Hold your hamster’s favorite treat slightly above its head and encourage him to reach it with a “Stand” command. The hamster will instinctively stand. When he does, give him the treat.

  • Jump

You can train your hamster to jump by moving his favorite treats up and forward while commanding him to ‘jump. Each time your hamster jumps, reward him with a treat.

  • Hoop jumping

This trick requires an embroidery hoop. Alternatively, you can improvise with an ice cream container. Position the hoop in front of your hamster with the treat at the other end.

Let him learn to go through the hop to reach his treat. Gradually raise the hoop as he gets the hang of it.

  • Spinning in circles

After your hamster gets used to feeding on your hand, try moving the treat in a circular motion. However, these tricks demand a lot of practice and patients to master.

  • Rollover

To do this trick, place the treat on your hamster’s back and see whether he will rollover. If they roll over, reward your hamster with the treat.

  • Target

Place a target object in front of your hamster and reward them for showing an interest in it. Change positions where you place the target.

  • Jump to hand

Place a treat on the palm of your hand and lure your hamster with it. Gradually raise your hand to promote the hamster into jumping to reach the treat.

Fade out the treat so that the hamster jumps on your hand on cue.

  • Back up

Hold out a treat on your right hand then use your left hand to “straddle” the hamster’s head. This will teach the hamster to back away from the treat.

Slowly build up this trick so that the hampers can back away with no treat.

  • Pulling on a string

Place a treat on a small container and attach a string to it. Have your hamster pull on this string to reach the treat.

Regard him for his efforts. Once he gets used to it, remove the treat but retain the reward for his efforts.


Hamsters are intelligent creatures. You can teach them various tricks such as coming out of their cage when called, jumping, spinning in circles, and backing up.

However, you need first to win their trust. It would help if you were very patient with your hamster to avoid scaring him off. Learn to give your hamsters treats as a way of establishing a bond.

Be consistent in your teaching methods, and before you know it, these fluffy creatures will be lighting up your home and adding joy to your life.

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