How Much Does a Havanese Puppy Cost?

Looking to buy a Havanese puppy? Havanese puppies are lively and affectionate.

If anything, they offer lots of love to their owners and relish playing as well as learning new games.

Havanese puppies are also funny, outgoing, intelligent, gentle, and good with children.

So it makes sense why you would want one. If you’re wondering whether the base price and the cost of ownership will fit your budget, you’ve come to a proper place.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on Havanese puppy ownership costs:

What’s the Base Price of a Havanese Puppy?

Did you know that Havanese puppies were first bred by the Cuban people for their country’s wealthy families? Even then, the breeders spent loads on caring for their puppies.

No wonder to this date there are many expenses concerning the purchase and care of Havanese breeds. These include medical insurance, grooming, vaccination, etc.

Even so, the average cost of purchasing a purebred Havanese puppy is about $1000-$2000. But it may vary depending on the registration status of the breeder.

That is if he has AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Continental Kennel Club) certification, for example, it shows he’s been following certain regulations or rules, and so his dogs can sell at a higher price.

Other factors affecting the price of a Havanese dog include genetic history, season, health issues, as well as your location of purchase. You can get a Havanese for as high as $2500 and as low as $70.

It also depends on the breeder’s asking price. Experienced breeders sell at higher prices while amateurs go for lower prices. What’s more, if you choose to forgo getting a puppy and buy an adult Havanese dog instead, the initial purchase price may be lower.

All in all, one of the most crucial things to do when looking to invest in a Havanese pup is finding a reliable breeder. Because the breeder you choose will largely determine how much you pay to get your pet. Talking about breeders:

Where You Should Buy your Havanese Puppy?

There are many different places to get a Havanese pup. You can go to a breeder, a third-party owner, a pet store, or any other source. But if you’re hell-bent on getting a purebred (and you should be), it’s best to seek out true breeders.

However, it can sometimes be tricky to differentiate between disreputable and reliable breeders. Though several tell-tale signs that may help you land a proper breeder and avoid buying a sickly dog. These include:

Do They Have Essential Health Certificates?

A reputable Havanese breeder should have proof of genetic health tests conducted on their animals.

You can always confirm the status of certification by checking your dog’s testing info on the OFFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) website. Good breeders test and post results with OFFA.

Mind you, the tests don’t consist merely of routine checkups. Your preferred dog should get tested for:

  • BAER (hearing)
  • CERF (eyes)- done yearly
  • OFA (one time deal for elbows & hip dysplasia) done after or at age 2
  • Patella (knees) done after or at age 1
  • Cardiac (heart) done after or at age 1

And don’t believe excuses like “we’ve tested our dogs, but we don’t have funds to post results on the OFFA website.” It’s much cheaper to post on OFFA than to undertake the tests.

How do they Answer Questions?

Question them about heritage, health clearances, and the temperament of your pup before buying. Reputable breeders encourage queries and provide satisfactory details.

They may also inquire about your expectations as well as the kind of life you wish to offer the puppy. This shows they care about their dogs.

Are they a Member of the Havanese Club of America?

A breeder who’s a member of the Havanese Club of America is likely to abide by all code of ethics relating to raising and selling healthy Havanese breeds. Meaning they should be okay with providing written contracts and screening for their dogs.

Bottom line? Take precaution to avoid disreputable breeders. Someone who really cares about their dogs they’re selling should even be willing to help with training.

In any case, facility checks, queries, and research should help you find trustworthy Havanese breeders.

The Cost of Keeping a Havanese Puppy

Think about it. Havanese puppies have a lifespan of 15 years. Also, just like any other breed (or even more), Havanese incur care costs every month. So you should expect to lose money to your pet for a long time to come. Good thing, it’s so worth it!

With that said, here are some secondary costs of keeping a Havanese pup:

Food and Treats

Since Havanese pups are a small breed, they don’t require large portions. So they come with substantially reduced dietary expenses as compared to other breeds. Still, experts recommend that you go for high-quality foods for your Havanese pup rather than cheap ones.

The healthier the meals, the healthier your dog grows to become. If anything, Havanese pups require two meals a day (plus treats), which translates to about $200-$500/ year. And just like humans, not all pups eat the same portion of food.

The more active your dog is, the more food he’ll need for all energy he needs.


Toys are essential to keep a Havanese pup healthy and happy. In any case, these gods can be quite demanding as they love to play whenever their owners are around.

If you cannot provide all that attention, a few toys will come in handy. Expect to spend about $25-$50 on toys yearly.

Bed, Leash, and Grooming

Without a doubt, your Havanese dog will need a long walk daily as well as a sufficient amount of sleep to stay active and fit. This is where leashes and beds come in.

Puppy beds cost around $100-$200 while high-quality leashes go for $50-$100. Luckily, these are one-time purchase products.

Now it’s important to note that your Havanese puppy will need top-drawer grooming from professional groomers every once in a while.

As you may know, this breed’s fur is silky, fluffy, and thick, which makes it quite tricky clean at home.

It should cost you about $50-$200 to groom your dog yearly. Though the costs depend on how long or short your dog’s fur measures.

Medical Expenses

All dogs, no matter how hardy the breed, require preventative supplements and medications. This is to help suppress ticks, fleas, heartworms and other parasites that cause different diseases in dogs. Take note that your veterinarian will likely prescribe medication depending on your puppy’s needs and the climate.

Not only that. Some Havanese puppies require additional vitamins. So subject to your pet’s needs, you are likely to spend about $200- $500 in medical expenses.

Veterinary Care

Regular visits to your vet, licensing, vaccinations, shots are inevitable if you buy a Havanese dog. Just like other purebred dogs, Havanese purebreds are always at risk of developing common health issues.

In fact, the first thing you ought to do after purchasing your puppy is vaccinating it. This helps to avert common health complications such as joint dysplasia, deafness, heart defects, and eye problems.

The truth is that veterinary care is likely to account for the biggest chunk of expenses when it comes to caring for your dog. In any case, yearly wellness checkups alone will cost you $200-$300. Add dental checkups and lab work and the total amount to cover health expenses may come to about $500- $1500 yearly.


Take note that your medical expenses will increase whenever your puppy develops an issue and as it grows older. As such, it’s best to budget for pet insurance to cushion yourself from any unforeseen expenses. Insurance should come to about $500-$1500 yearly. Though this cost depends on the dog’s pre-existing condition as well as its age.

In essence, the total cost of caring for your Havanese pet throughout the year should be about $1500-$4500.

Wrapping Up

Buying and caring for a Havanese dog is no mean feat. It requires meticulous planning especially when it comes to budgeting.

If you feel having this breed might squeeze your wallet, don’t do it. Or you might end up regretting the whole experience.

Otherwise, follow the guideline above and you’ll be ready when that special new addition to the family arrives. Best of luck!

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