100+ Latin Dog Names: Make Your Pet Stand Out

Latin names can be a great choice for dogs because they often have a strong and distinct sound. Here are over 100 Latin-inspired dog names that may be suitable for your furry friend:

latin dog names

Distinct Latin Dog Names

  1. Adalwolfa: meaning noble wolf
  2. Aeneas: meaning “praised”
  3. Agatha: meaning “good” or “kind”
  4. Alaricus: meaning ruler of all
  5. Amicus: meaning “friend”
  6. Apollo: the Roman god of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, prophecy, healing, plague and the protection of the young
  7. Aricius: meaning ruler
  8. Aurelia: meaning golden
  9. Aurora: meaning “dawn”
  10. Caesar: meaning “head of hair”
  11. Calypso: meaning “concealed” or “hidden”
  12. Cassius: meaning “empty” or “hollow”
  13. Cato: meaning “wise” or “knowing”
  14. Cedrus: meaning “cedar”
  15. Celeris: meaning “swift” or “fast”
  16. Ceres: the Roman goddess of agriculture
  17. Clara: meaning “bright” or “clear”
  18. Claudius: meaning “lame” or “crippled”
  19. Cora: meaning “heart” or “maiden”
  20. Cornelius: meaning “of the horn”
  21. Cybele: the Roman goddess of the Earth and fertility
  22. Cygnus: meaning “swan”
  23. Damara: meaning “gentle” or “calm”
  24. Decima: meaning “tenth”
  25. Decimus: meaning “tenth”
  26. Demeter: the Roman goddess of the harvest
  27. Diana: the Roman goddess of the hunt, wilderness, virginity and childbirth
  28. Diva: meaning “goddess” or “divine”
  29. Dominus: meaning “lord” or “master”
  30. Draco: meaning “dragon”
  31. Eurydice: meaning “wide justice”
  32. Fabius: meaning “bean grower”
  33. Faunus: the Roman god of nature and fertility
  34. Felix: meaning “lucky” or “fortunate”
  35. Flora: the Roman goddess of flowers
  36. Fortunatus: meaning “fortunate” or “lucky”
  37. Gaius: meaning “rejoice”
  38. Galen: meaning “calm” or “healer”
  39. Galenus: meaning “calm” or “healer”
  40. Ganymede: meaning “delight of the gods”
  41. Glaucus: meaning “bluish” or “greenish”
  42. Gratia: meaning “grace”
  43. Halcyon: meaning “kingfisher”
  44. Helios: meaning “sun”
  45. Horatius: meaning “of the hour”
  46. Hyacinthus: meaning “hyacinth flower”
  47. Ianthe: meaning “violet flower”
  48. Ignatius: meaning “fiery” or “ardent”
  49. Isadora: meaning “gift of Isis”
  50. Julius: meaning “youthful”
  51. Juno: the queen of the gods, the goddess of marriage, motherhood and women’s life
  52. Jupiter: the king of the gods, the god of the sky and thunder
  53. Leo: meaning “lion”
  54. Livia: meaning “enlivener”
  55. Lucius: meaning “light”
  56. Luminus: meaning “light” or “bright”
  57. Luna: the Roman goddess of the moon
  58. Magnus: meaning “great”
  59. Marcus: meaning “warlike”
  60. Mars: the Roman god of war
  61. Maximus: meaning “greatest”
  62. Meliora: meaning “better”
  63. Mercury: the Roman god of commerce, trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and messenger of the gods
  64. Minerva: the Roman goddess of wisdom, war, arts, trade and the sponsor of sciences
  65. Minervus: meaning “of the mind”
  66. Narcissus: meaning “narcissus flower”
  67. Neptune: the Roman god of the sea and earthquakes
  68. Nerva: meaning “strong” or “vigorous”
  69. Octavia: meaning “eighth”
  70. Ophiuchus: meaning “serpent-bearer”
  71. Orion: meaning “son of fire”
  72. Orpheus: meaning “darkness” or “the darkness of night”
  73. Palladius: meaning “of Pallas”
  74. Panthera: meaning “panther”
  75. Pax: meaning “peace”
  76. Penelope: meaning “weaver”
  77. Perseus: meaning “destroyer”
  78. Petronius: meaning “rocky” or “of the rocks”
  79. Philemon: meaning “affectionate”
  80. Phoenix: meaning “reborn” or “eternal”
  81. Plinius: meaning “mollusk”
  82. Pluto: the Roman god of the underworld
  83. Pomona: the Roman goddess of fruit trees
  84. Praetorius: meaning “leader” or “chief”
  85. Primus: meaning “first” or “foremost”
  86. Propertius: meaning “well-behaved”
  87. Pythagoras: meaning “of the Pythagorean philosophy”
  88. Quirinus: the Roman god of the Roman state
  89. Rhea: the Roman mother of gods
  90. Romulus: meaning “from Rome”
  91. Saturn: the Roman god of agriculture
  92. Selene: the Roman goddess of the moon
  93. Sibyl: meaning “prophetess”
  94. Sol: the Roman god of the sun
  95. Tiberius: meaning “of the Tiber”
  96. Titus: meaning “of the Titans”
  97. Triton: meaning “of the waves”
  98. Ursus: meaning “bear”
  99. Venus: the Roman goddess of love
  100. Vesta: the Roman goddess of hearth and home
  101. Vulcan: the Roman god of fire and metalworking
  102. Xanthe: meaning “golden” or “yellow”
  103. Xena: meaning “foreign” or “stranger”
  104. Zephyrus: the Roman god of the west wind
  105. Zodiacus: meaning “circle of animals”

These names are all inspired by Latin culture, religion, mythology, history and language, and are chosen for their meanings and sounds. Some of them may give a sense of strength, power, beauty, and nobility. And these names can make your dog feel special, and make them stand out from the others.

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