Can Mice Eat Biscuits? 5 Things to Consider

A mouse eating a biscuit is not something you can only see in cartoons. In general, mice are going to eat pretty much everything edible you give them.

They are going to eat biscuits as well and it’s not even bad for them. This doesn’t mean that you should feed them biscuits all the time either.

It should rather be considered as a treat that you can give them every now and then in small amounts. It will be enough to make them happy and have something to chew on besides their normal meal.

You should only give your mouse treats if you are sure that you have already provided them a healthy and nutritious diet.

What Biscuits Can You Feed Your Mouse?

Since sugar can be a big issue with these snacks, look for a package of biscuits that has a really small amount of sugar in it. Sugar can quickly make your mouse diabetic and it’s not healthy in the long term. If there is already a source of sugar in their diet, then it’s even better to look for some sugar-free biscuits.

They are going to be happy to eat it even though there is no sugar in it. When it comes to sugar content, it is far better to feed some fruits to your mouse. Fruits should be also considered as treats and you should give them small amounts.

Biscuits with chocolate are completely out of the question because chocolate is toxic to mice. You should consider most sweets as junk food for mice. Make sure to always check the sugar content and if it’s too much, then avoid feeding it to your pet.

Are Biscuits Good for Mice?

Biscuits are not particularly healthy for your mice when consumed but they can help with their constantly growing teeth. If you want to buy some for this exact reason, then you should look for some hard biscuits. It should be a bit of a challenge for your mouse to eat it in order to improve its teeth.

There are many ways to prevent mouse teeth from overgrowing and feeding them biscuits is definitely one of them. Another benefit is that your mouse considers it an actual fun activity to chew on biscuits. It is a great way to stop your pet from being bored.

It is not about the biscuit in particular, they rather just need something to chew on.

Do Mice Like Sugary or Salty Biscuits?

Although it is not good for them at all, mice are attracted to foods with high sugar content. They just can’t help themselves but eat it, whatever sugary food it is. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t eat salty biscuits if you give it to them.

In fact, this is the healthier option since sugar can make them diabetic and eventually sick. But still, this doesn’t mean that the biscuit can contain a lot of salt. It is another ingredient that should be kept at a minimum in their diet.

There are plenty of low-sugar and low-salt biscuits to choose from in the market, just make sure to check the package before buying.

Can Pet Mice Eat Oreo Biscuits?

Oreos contain an insane amount of sugar and they simply can’t be considered as healthy mouse food. Furthermore, feeding them Oreos is just like feeding them chocolate. Both are toxic for small pets like them.

Instead of Oreos, try to buy some sugar-free biscuits that contain a low amount of salt. They will be happy to chew on it and it doesn’t have to be a fancy brand. Healthier options are often cheaper than Oreos too.

It was tested in labs that mice can become highly addictive to Oreos in a short amount of time. Their pleasure center fires like fireworks when they eat it. This only proves that high-fat and high-sugar foods can be addictive not only for mice but for humans as well.

Although healthy foods are not addictive, they at least ensure a long and healthy life for your pet. In the meanwhile, you can surprise the little guy with a bit of dessert after the main meal. As long as you limit the portions, there is nothing wrong with feeding them some snacks.

Can Mice Eat Butter Cookies?

You should find something simpler than butter cookies. There doesn’t have to be any fancy ingredient in the biscuits you buy. The problem with butter cookies is that 100g of cookies contains 20g of sugar. That ratio is not healthy for mice at all.

Even a small amount of butter cookies can cause digestive problems for them. Simply put, mice love to eat carbs just like us. They instinctively try to eat more than they need to in case they don’t get fed for a while. When it comes to giving your mouse treats, it is much better to give them bananas or other fruits.

If you want to feed them something crunchy, then sugar-free or low-sugar biscuits are also good alternatives. Keep the sugar content low because it is not only unhealthy but will also make your mouse addictive.

Wrapping up

Feeding your mice biscuits is not an issue at all as long as you know which one to buy. There are a lot of different brands to choose from. This is why you need to check the sugar and salt content of each one or even go for the sugar-free one.

It shouldn’t contain any chocolate or cacao product either. Biscuits and other sweets don’t really fit into the normal diet of a mouse. After their healthy meal, you can give them some to chew on. It is recommended to feed them biscuits every few days and even then, only a small amount.

Snacks and sweets are not important in general so you can just leave them out of the diet. Keeping your mouse healthy is the main goal and it can be done only with healthy and nutritious foods. Treats are only for lifting up the mood of your mouse by giving it something to be excited about.

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