Can Mice Eat Cookies? 5 Things to Consider

As you might already know, mice are attracted to sweet and fatty things and are likely to be very keen on such things. These include stuff like cookies, but you must note a couple of things before you start feeding them cookies.

Mice will eat cookies and you can feed them cookies easily. However, there are a few things you should know beforehand.

Firstly, mice are sometimes quite vulnerable to the toxins that some types of cookies have in them. These ingredients are not harmful to humans, but they are incredibly harmful to mice.

These are chemicals like preservatives, for example. If cookies have a lot of them, then you should not feed them cookies that often.

Also, cookies can make your mice fat quite quickly. That’s because they are highly caloric and they have a lot of sugar. This can make the mice fat, especially if you tend to feed them a lot of cookies.

Ultimately, if you want to keep your mice healthy, then it’s not good to feed them cookies. You can offer them cookies from time to time as a treat, though, but only in limited quantities and also under some circumstances.

Are Cookies Toxic to Mice?

Cookies themselves on their own are not toxic. However, some cookie brands do add a lot of potentially harmful ingredients that can make your mice sick, especially preservatives. And these chemicals are not harmful to us, but they can be very harmful to your mice.

These toxic ingredients, if they are fed in larger quantities, can make your mice sick, and potentially, your mice might even die as a result.

The solution is to make sure that cookies don’t have too many of these toxic chemicals, and that you only feed your mice cookies in moderation and as a treat.

There are also some other potential issues that cookies can cause to your mice.

Firstly, cookies are very fatty and have a lot of sugar. This can make your mice fat very fast, and they can also get diabetes. Because of this, you should not feed them cookies very often or only in moderate quantities.

Secondly, cookies can cause your mice’s teeth to start to decay. This is a potential issue since mouse teeth problems can be quite complex and hard to solve. Once you compromise the mouse’s teeth, there are not that many solutions for you to solve them.

Why are Mice So Attracted to Chocolate Cookies?

Mice are crazy about cookies, and particularly about chocolate cookies, it seems. And they will most likely snuff out where you have these cookies hidden, and they will want to eat as much as they can eat, almost.

However, it’s not a good idea to give them that freedom. Mice are very attracted to sweet foods that are also very fatty, and cookies fit that category perfectly.

And chocolate is also highly desirable for mice, as they will want to eat chocolate and other potential things that have chocolate.

But you should be wary about feeding chocolate to mice. You might have already heard how chocolate is harmful to dogs – well, it’s similar with mice.

You see, chocolate is made of cocoa, and this cocoa often has some toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your mice. So chocolate is actually highly toxic to mice, which is why you should avoid it at all costs as a food for mice.

If you feed too much chocolate to your mice, the least problem they might have is that they can get diabetes and they will get fat.

But because chocolate is toxic to mice, they might get really sick and might even potentially die. So you must make sure you don’t feed them chocolate, or at least not as much of it anyway.

Is a Chocolate Brownie Toxic to Pet Mice?

Yes, a chocolate brownie can also be very toxic to mice, and that’s because they have a lot of chocolate contents inside of them.

There’s a lot of chocolate and cacao contents inside, which is potentially really dangerous to mice. Even if they want to eat these brownies so much and they might prompt you to do it, you should ignore it and not give them brownies.

You can, but you must first make sure there is no chocolate inside. But that’s the whole idea of brownies – most types have chocolate, which is harmful to mice.

Sweet foods in general are normally not that great for mice. That’s because high amounts of sugar can cause the mice to become fat and potentially diabetic.

What Treats Can a Pet Mouse Eat?

You should consider other treats for your mice that are not that high in sugar.

Potentially, you can feed them fruits such as apples and slice the apples into smaller bites that your mouse will be able to eat. You can also feed them bananas or oranges.

That’s a good type of treats, because even if it still has a lot of sugar, it’s much healthier than chocolate because it has some key vitamins.

Other treats include vegetables, and sometimes you can also consider peanuts and similar types of food, but with low amounts of salt.

Can a Mouse Live Only on Treats?

Absolutely not, this is not a great idea. That’s because treats are what they are: they should be considered from time to time, and they are not great type of food if you want to feed them treats only.

Instead, consider a balanced diet with a lot of mixed types of food. Make sure they get enough vegetables and the right type of foods that will help them stay healthy and happy for longer.


Cookies are very desirable for mice. They will want to eat them very keenly. However, you should not feed them too many cookies because some of them have high amounts of chocolate but also sugars.

And this can cause your mice to become diabetic and contract some other potential diseases caused by the toxins in chocolate.

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