How Long Can Pet Mice Survive Without Food & Water?

Keeping a pet mouse means that you will need to provide a good level of care for it. Diet and water is a crucial part of the care, and you’ll need to give them enough food on a regular basis.

But how long can a pet mouse survive without water and food? They can go without food for about 2-4 days, but you shouldn’t keep them without food and water for longer than a day.

Even if you’re traveling a lot, you should make sure that your pet mice get enough water and food to survive.

Ideally, they should be fed constantly and shouldn’t go without food or water for more than a day.

Getting an automatic food or water dispenser can be beneficial if you’re away a lot, but the best way to care for your mice when you’re gone is to ask someone to tend to them.

Here’s what you need to know about mice and their diet, and how to care for them when you’re away from home.

What to do With Pet Mice When Going on Vacation?

Even when you’re away from home, you should make sure the mice get enough care and attention for them to survive.

There are ways of doing that, although many people make the mistake of trusting the automatic feeder equipment too much without testing it first.

The most reliable and safe way to care for your pet mice is to ask someone (family member or friend) to tend for your mice. There are even various people who offer care for your pets when you’re gone, although you might need to spend some money.

– Ask Someone to Care for Your Mice

The easiest way to care for your mice when you’re gone is to ask someone to care for your mice. It can be a family member, a friend, or even someone who does this for money.

This way, you’ll be secure and sure about your mice when you’re away. But make sure you give them proper and clear instructions of how to care for mice when you’re away. Sometimes, the problem arises when someone doesn’t know what your mice prefer.

Asking a friend or a family member is the best way to go about this. But there are people who are prepared to do this for money, and that’s also a good way to make sure your mice are ok.

– Set Up Automatic Feeder and Water Dispenser

Another good way to make sure the mice get the food and water is to set up an automatic feeder and a water dispenser. An automatic feeder will feed the mice the exact amount you tell it to release, while a water dispenser will provide enough water for your mice.

Setting the equipment right is crucial, though. You should make sure that everything works perfectly before you go. Depending on equipment is risky sometimes, and you don’t want to return back home to find dead mice.

It might make sense to ask someone to check on the mice from time to time, especially if you’ll leave for longer periods of time. At least to see if the equipment is working as it should.

– Take Your Pet Mice with You

Why not take your pet mice with you on the adventure? Many people do this with pets, and you can do the same. The question of transport comes into play, especially if you’re traveling long distances. But many air companies offer the chance to transport pets.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some hotels don’t allow pets to stay at the hotel. You need to make sure the hotel you go to allows pets to stay at the hotel. Ask for permission first before you find yourself in a tricky situation.

How Much Water Do Pet Mice Drink?

This is an important thing to know, especially if you’re leaving for longer. They will consume 5-10 ml of water on a daily basis, so that’s an approximate measure to go by when setting up the equipment, or when asking someone to care for your mice.

Mice should get enough water in order not to get dehydrated. As for food, they can last for a few days, but it’s not recommended to do it.

Things to Consider Before Leaving

Here are some things to consider before you go on your holiday in peace.

  • Before you go, test your automatic feeder and water dispenser to see if they work properly. You’ll need to make sure they do, as you won’t want your mice to get left without food and water. If you see that it’s working, you can still ask someone to check on the equipment to see if it works as it should.
  • Write down clear and concise instructions for the person who will be caring for your mice. It’s important that they know what your mice want and like, and how they should care for them. The problem might come when they don’t know how to care for mice.
  • Make sure the mice are in good condition before you leave. This will make it easier for the mice to survive when you’re gone, and you’ll be sure that the mice will survive until you come back. You’ll also leave easier, knowing that your mice are taken care of well.
  • Change the bedding before you leave, and put extra bedding in. Bedding needs to be changed frequently due to the high amounts of waste mice produce. Replacing the bedding before you leave is crucial to ensure that the cage is as clean as possible. Also, provide a thicker layer of bedding so that it soaks more of the feces and lasts for longer. If you’re gone for longer, ask the person caring for the mice to change the bedding.


Ultimately, mice can last for 2-4 days without food and water. But it’s better not to leave them without food and water for longer than a day. Make sure they are cared for properly while you’re away.

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