Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier Review

It’s said that a house becomes an actual home when you bring a cat there. They are not just pets to play with, they are irreplaceable companions in our lives.

But, it can be very tricky and stressful when traveling with your cat or taking it to the veterinary or moving house as there comes a question of its safety. To this question, comes the necessity of having a good cat carrier for your cat.

So, in this regard, the Petmate Sky Kennel offers you a great variety of features and specialties.

With its proper ventilation system, strong plastic based construction and interlock system and other safety measures it can become the ideal carrier for your cat’s comfort and safety and an irreplaceable traveling partner for you.

What Petmate claims:


The Petmate Sky Kennel is an eco-friendly cat carrier that comes with a ventilation system with wired 360-degree windows for proper oxygen and air flow and an absorbent pad in the bottom. It also has a single attachable black bowl with a divider in the middle to provide your cat food and water to keep your cat at ease while traveling.

The carrier meets most of the airport requirements as it has a heavy strength plastic body, heavy duty plastic nuts, and bolt and easily operated locking doors. It also comes with a ‘live animals’ tag which is imprinted on its external surface for additional awareness.

With its four wired windows and secure door, it ensures 100% safety for your beloved cat and is a good carrier for any cat owner.




  • High strength plastic-based construction.
  • 360-degree ventilation with four wired windows ensuring proper air flow.
  • Bolted with replaceable heavy duty plastic bolts and nuts.
  • Secure door latches with interlock system for cat’s safety, which is very easy to operate.
  • Absorption pads on the bottom.
  • Light weighted.
  • The variety of five different sizes starting from 21 inches length X 16 inches width X 15 inches height to 40 inches length X 27 inches width X 30 inches height with an addition large size for carrying 90-125lbs.
  • A single attachable black bowl with a divider in the middle for keeping food and water.
  • ‘Live animals’ label attached to the exterior for awareness.
  • Protruding bar or side handles to carry it more easily.
  • Removable attached animal decal with a packet of extra ones that can be used later.
  • Comes with an extra door and foods.
  • Originally made in the United States of America.

Determining the right size for your cat:

Available Sizes:

When it comes to choosing the right carrier for your cat, determining the size can be quite critical. If the carrier is too small, your cat will feel uncomfortable and will attempt to get out and if the size is too large it’ll be difficult to carry. So, determine the size of your cat by measuring from his nose to the start of his tail and choose a carrier a few inches bigger than the size of your cat. Besides, there are specific size requirements in some airlines, so do check them and then choose the right size according to the size of your cat and the flight requirement.

Pros of Petmate Sky Kennel

  • The carrier is approved by the USDA and IATA and is the closest one to fulfill the airline requirements.
  • It is very eco-friendly as it has four windows in a three sixty degrees system. It also has absorption pads on the bottom to keep it dry 24 hours which helps in avoiding any awkward situation.
  • Petmate Sky Kennel has a metal door which is one of the main requirements in an airline nowadays. Though some carriers have folding or specified doors, they are not allowed in most of the airlines. So it’s an advantage of the Petmate Sky Kennel as it has a solid one piece metal door. And it easily prevents cats from pulling the door and attempting to escape.
  • It has a high strength plastic construction, so it is very light weighted comparing to other metal bodied cat carriers. So it’s very travel-friendly.
  • Comes with a flight kit with bowl, stickers, absorption pads and basic necessities.
  • Another great thing about the kennel is that it has pre-drilled zip holes at the top and bottom of the latching which is very hard to find in most of the cat carriers. You can zip tie the doors and your cats in these for additional security.
  • As it has properly distributed side handles it can be carried appropriately preventing the cats from biting the hands of the airline carriers.
  • Comes in a very good packaging that doesn’t damage the product which can be a problem with other online purchasing.
  • As it comes in five different sizes, you can check and find the right one that fits the size and weight of your cats. Besides, most of the airlines now require spacious carriers. According to the requirements, the ears of your cat must not touch the ceiling of the carrier while standing. As the Petmate Sky Kennel offers different sizes, you can get the right one for your cat according to the requirements.


Cons of Petmate Sky Kennel

  • The only con of the Petmate Sky Kennel is that it comes with plastic bolts and nuts. It has about 11 plastic bolt holes and additional four holes. But now a day, according to, metal bolts and nuts are required for every airline and every hole must have a bolt according to the requirement. So you have to replace the plastic bolts with metal ones for air travel.

My thoughts on the Petmate Sky Kennel:

The kennel is strong, spacious, easy to assemble, functional and very durable. It comes in five different sizes. The right amount of ventilation system, locking mechanism and a large number of specifications differs it from other cat carriers. So I think it is definitely worth of giving a try!

Check out this product at Amazon in the following link and if you have any kind of inquiries comment below.

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