Why do Rabbits Like Digging Holes?

Pet rabbits usually dig holes, something that rabbit owners find weird. Digging holes is, however, a common habit among bunnies. Nonetheless, some rabbit owners still don’t know why rabbits like digging holes.

Digging holes is an instinctive and usual habit among rabbits.  However, rabbits can ruin your lawn if they keep on digging holes. Let’s look at the reasons why bunnies dig holes in this guide.

Why do Rabbits Dig Holes?

Pet rabbits also dig holes like their wild counterparts to embrace their digging instincts. However, it helps to understand why your pet rabbit is digging holes. Here are some explanations as to why your bunny is digging holes in your lawn.

– Boredom

Boredom and anxiety can make your pet rabbit constantly dig holes in your lawn. Anxiety can also prompt rabbits to dig holes in your yard.

– For safety and privacy

Rabbits would do anything to protect themselves against possible attacks from predators such as dogs. Your bunny will dig holes in your lawn if it detects such threats. It will use the holes to keep itself safe from predators.

– A place to hide if the rabbit is chased

Rabbits dig holes as a safety underground to hide when chased by a predator. Thus, your rabbit will start digging holes if it is under constant threats from predators so that it can get a place to hide if chased.

– To protect itself from harsh weather elements

Harsh weather elements like rain or snow can prompt your rabbit to dig holes to shelter themselves from such elements. Your rabbit will come out of the hole when the weather is favorable to them.

– It is a natural habit

Though digging is common among wild rabbits, their domesticated counterparts also have the instinct to dig holes. Domestic animals usually dig holes for fun, and hence you shouldn’t worry when you notice your rabbit is digging holes in your lawn.

– To grind their nails

Rabbits need to keep their nails sharp. Thus, it could be possible that your rabbit could be digging holes not because it meant digging holes but in the process of grinding its nails.

Do Rabbits Dig Tunnels Underground?

Usually, wild rabbits dig tunnels underground as a way of getting a safe haven from predators. Wild rabbits also dig tunnels underground in multiple directions to get access to many nesting areas, mainly if they are living in large groups.

However, it is rare for domesticated rabbits to dig tunnels underground, even though it is normal for them to dig holes. But in some unusual cases, your rabbit can dig a tunnel underground to hide further from predators and harsh weather elements.

Some rabbits can also dig tunnels underground in readiness for giving birth, where they can safely hide their young ones.

Do Female Rabbits Dig Holes to Give Birth?

Yes, they do. Female rabbits usually dig some shallow holes after mating to prepare a nest for their young ones. Female rabbits want a safe place to hide and take care of their young ones after birth. They will cover the holes with grass, leaves, and fur to keep their nests out of the predator’s sight.

How to Stop Rabbits Digging Holes in Your Lawn?

Everyone wants a well-maintained lawn that doesn’t have holes, even if they keep pet rabbits. Here are some handy tips to help you stop your pet rabbit from digging holes in your lawn.

– Keep your rabbit entertained

Boredom can make your rabbit dig holes in your lawn. Pet rabbits also dig holes as a way of relieving their anxiety. A simple way to prevent your rabbit from digging due to anxiety and boredom is by keeping your pet rabbit entertained. You can purchase some toy rabbits to provide entertainment to your rabbit.

– Understand why your pet rabbit is constantly digging your lawn

Understand why your rabbit is digging holes in your yard. If your rabbit is digging holes because it wants to grind its nails, for instance, have his nails cut by a vet.

If he is digging because of possible predators, make sure your home is free from predators. The most certain way to make your home predator-free is by erecting a fence around your home.

– Keep your rabbit pet in a playpen

There is ultimately nothing wrong with giving your pet rabbit the freedom to hop around your yard. However, it may start to dig up your lawn, and hence you need to limit its movements.

A rabbit playpen can help you keep your pet rabbit playing outdoors without damaging your lawn. A rabbit playpen is a pet-friendly and safe enclosure that will keep your rabbit in a small area of your yard where it can dig to its heart content without damaging the entire lawn.

How to Stop Rabbits Digging Under Fence?

Rabbits are cute and adorable pets. However, these tiny pets can wreck your garden even when you erect a fence to combat their digging behavior. You can stop your pet rabbit from digging under your fence by doing some simple things, which include-

  • Rabbit proof your fence by digging a trench a few yards from the fence
  • Use chicken wire to put a barricade
  • Use rabbit repellents to discourage your rabbits from going near the fence

How to Make a Rabbit Digging Box?

You can’t stop your pet rabbit from digging since rabbits dig by nature. Investing in a rabbit digging box is the surest way to keep your rabbit digging while ensuring it isn’t damaging your lawn. Luckily you can make your digging box through a simple DIY process. Here are simple tips to help you make a rabbit digging box.

  • Get a huge, sturdy box made from plastic
  • Fill the box with straw sticks, hay, or oil
  • Keep the rabbit digging box in a convenient place on your lawn where your rabbit can dig whenever it gets an urge to dig.


There are multiple reasons why pet rabbits like to dig. Nevertheless, you can stop your rabbit from destroying your lawn from its constant digging habits. Take steps we have just covered here to prevent your pet rabbit from causing damage to your yard.

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