10 Red Guppy Varieties – Rare & Popular Types

If you want to add a pop of red to your aquarium, Guppies won’t fail to deliver. Guppies come in so many colors, shades, and patterns. It’s virtually impossible not to find a fish to your liking. In this article, I’m going to cover just some of the most beautiful and popular strains of red Guppies out there.

These are perfect for those trying to set up the brightest, most colorful aquarium. You don’t just have to limit yourself to just ONE breed. You could build a community tank with the different types of red Guppies I’m going to list below. Or, you can pick the one strain you find the most beautiful. There’s something in here for everyone!

1. Full Red Guppy

As the name suggests, this strain is fully red. This fish has no distinguishing patterns and no other colors on its body. There’s nothing to distract from the red hue that covers everything, from the snout to the tail. This Guppy looks plain, but still catches the eye thanks to its fiery tint.

Like other fancy Guppies, this strain has huge dorsal fins and a wide, flowy triangle tail. The shade ranges from deep red to a lighter orange-red, depending on the fish’s “quality”. The shade of red is influenced by the parents and the stability of the traits.

2. German Red Guppy

German Red Guppies have an interesting combination of traits. In general, their color pattern resembles that of Tuxedo Guppies. German Red Guppies have red tails and dorsal fins. Half of the body is also red, hence the tuxedo-like appearance. Sometimes, the red color spreads further up across the back. But the fish still has a discolored belly.

The color of German Red Guppies ranges from deep red to a light, orange-red color. The most common tail shapes in this breed are the flag and the triangle tail. The fins are wide but usually shorter than what you’d see in other fancy Guppies.

3. Platinum Red Guppy

Platinum Red Guppies present a sharp color contrast. Half of the body is light grey or off-white, hence the “platinum”. This includes the head, the back, and the belly. In some strains, the platinum color spreads all the way down the body.

Without exception, the Platinum Red Guppy has red dorsal and caudal fins. Usually, the lower half of the body, between the dorsal fin and the tail is also red. The hue ranges from deep blood-red to bright reddish-orange. This Guppy comes in a variety of tail shapes, including round, fan, triangle, and veil tails.

You might also find this fish in a red and blue variety. This is called the “Platinum Red Tail Dumbo Ear Guppy”. It looks the same as a regular Platinum Red, except it has big, dark-blue flippers.

4. Brazilian Red Guppy

Brazilian Red Guppies come in a combination of red, grey, and dark blue. The red tail and dorsal fins are the most striking. The dorsal fins on this Guppy are either medium-sized or large and flowy. The tail shape ranges from round to triangle.

The lower half of the Brazilian Red’s body is deep blue. Under the right lighting, it might seem almost purple! Some strains lack this vivid coloration though and are closer to a tinted dark grey. The front half of the body from the dorsal fin to the snout is a pale grey. Sometimes, the upper back is also red like the fins.

5. Chili Red Guppy

There’s not much to say here. The Chili Red isn’t an actual strain of Guppy. This is a specific trait that you can find in multiple breeds. It refers to the shade of red present in a fish. Chili Red Guppies can have many different looks. They just need to have a very deep and rich red hue (like a chili pepper).

So, if you want the reddest red possible, look for Chili Red Guppies. Popular strains with this color include the Full Chili Red Guppy, Chili Red Tuxedo Guppy, Dumbo Ear Chili Red Guppy, and the Platinum Chili Red Mosaic Guppy.

6. Moscow Red Guppy

Moscow Guppies are among the most coveted and expensive Guppies on the market. Part of it is because of their established reputation. But it’s also due to their many qualities. Moscow Guppies are quite hardy for a selectively-bred strain. They also have stable traits. This is important if you’re planning to breed them.

As you can imagine, Moscow Red Guppies are, well, red. They have the same lush tails and dorsal fins specific to Moscow Guppies. But their bodies are a deep, red color. They don’t have any distracting patterns. In this sense, they look similar to any Full Red Guppy, just fancier.

7. Tuxedo Red Guppy

A Tuxedo Red Guppy is any Guppy with red fins and a tuxedo-pattern coloration. You can find Tuxedo Reds in many color combinations. There are plain, bicolor Tuxedos with a red lower body and a pale upper body. You can also find tricolor Red Tuxedos, with different color fins, heads, and lower bodies.

Tuxedo Guppies also come with various dorsal fin sizes and tail shapes. With so many combinations to choose from, you can also find Tuxedo Reds that look very similar to other strains on this list (like the Platinum Red, the German Red, or the Brazilian Red).

8. Red Mosaic Guppy

Red Mosaic Guppies have red fins and a mosaic-pattern tail, hence the name. Mosaic Guppies are among the most mesmerizing. The intricate shapes on the tail give these Guppies an exotic look. Combine the beautiful mosaic tail with a unique color like red, and you get a very special Guppy.

Apart from the red tail and dorsal fin, the rest of the Guppy’s body can be virtually any color. The most common one is platinum grey. You’ll find plenty of pictures of the Platinum Red Mosaic Guppy online. The Red Dumbo Ear Mosaic Guppy is another well-known but rare breed.

9. Red Cobra Guppy

Cobra Guppies are similar to Mosaic Guppies. But the intricate patterns are smaller and they spread all the way across the body. Red Cobra Guppies have bright red tails and dorsal fins. The rest of the body can be any color. Platinum is the most common.

You can find a huge variety of tail shapes, including flag, spade, round, fan, and triangle tails. The dorsal fins are typically small to medium-size. Both males and females display the same cobra pattern, although the shapes and colors are more subdued in females.

10. Red Albino Guppy

Red Albino Guppies can be either fully red or a mixture between red and white. As the name suggests, these fish are considered “albino”. The usual traits are most apparent in females. Female Red Albino Guppies appear entirely white, except for having a red tail.

Male Red Albinos are usually fully red but might have white heads or bellies. As you’d expect from Albino Guppies, this fish has red eyes. Red Albino Guppies look very similar to Full Red Guppies. You’ll often see them advertised as “Full Red Albino Guppies”.


There are multiple varieties of red Guppies. Whether you like a simple block color look or an intricate pattern, this list has something for you. Some varieties are also pretty rare and “exotic”, like the Platinum or Moscow Red. Others, like the Red Albino and Tuxedo Red, are more accessible.

Whichever variety you choose, I think all of these Guppies can potentially transform the appearance of your aquarium! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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