10 Small Cat Breeds for Apartments

Some pets don’t thrive well in apartment living, cats not being an exception. Most cat breeds are fiercely independent creatures that want to spend much of their time outdoors. Felines crave solitude, which they can’t get while living in smaller living spaces such as apartments or condos. They want to be active all the time.

Fortunately, some cat breeds are well suited for apartment living. Unfortunately, most of these feline breeds that do well in apartments are usually small cat breeds. Therefore, if you want to bring a feline companion to your apartment, it will help if you know some small cat breeds that thrive well in apartment living.

This guide will see some of the top 10 small cat breeds suitable for apartment dwellers.

Burmese Cat

Let’s start our list of small feline breeds with the Burmese cat. This gorgeous, big-eyed, and short-coated small cat can win the heart of every feline lover. Its playful and friendly personality makes every cat lover living in apartments opt for this cat breed over other smaller feline species.

Burmese cats don’t need a lot of space to thrive well. The everyday activities in your apartment will entertain this cat and keep it active throughout.

Younger Burmese Cats are curious and active. They adapt pretty quickly to changes in their environment. Regardless of their age, Burmese cats can live comfortably in small living spaces, including condos and apartments.

They are fond of exploring the surrounding environment, and their favorite place while living in apartments is a window where they can view the outside world.  Overly, the Burmese cat makes a gorgeous and loyal companion to have in your environment.

Munchkin Cat

Munchkin comes in two breeds, which include long-haired and short-haired breeds. Munchkin has the friendliest personality of all cat species. Munchkins also get along well with their families, including kids and other pets.

These cats are pretty playful even while in smaller living spaces.  While these cats might be short on legs, they have a big personality that enables them to thrive in any environment, including apartments.

Munchkin is small in size, and hence you can carry them virtually anywhere you go. Munchkin cats are well suited for indoor living, including apartment living, provided the cat has space to play and run around.  Furthermore, the feline likes playing with cat toys to lead an active lifestyle.

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are less active and smaller in size, making these cats well suited for apartment and indoor living.  Although these cats need plenty of attention from their owners, their warm personality makes them the right small cat breeds to have in your apartment.  They are pretty intelligent and friendly.

These laid-back cats can thrive well in an apartment and other indoor settings. They can quickly and easily adapt to new environments. Being highly sociable, Siamese cats get along well with people.  The small cat has a solitary nature, and hence it doesn’t need your company all the time. This trait is vital for cat owners who work all day.

Singapura Cat

Singapura stands out for its small size, subtle coloring, and black-tipped tail.  The highly active cat is affectionate and curious. It is, however, cautious when encountering new people, prompting the feline to prefer indoor living. However, Singapuras are highly friendly and affectionate to their owners.

The small size of Singapura enables the cat to live comfortably in apartments. This cat breed is less noisy, and hence it makes a wonderful pet for people living in quiet apartments.

The cat is overly reserved and quiet, and thus it doesn’t require a lot of living space.  Nonetheless, the cat enjoys playing with toys, although it prefers to perch on high points to see everything easily.

Napoleon Cat

The Napoleon cat is a crossbreed of the Persian cat and the Munchkin cat. It has a cute physical appearance, notwithstanding its small size.  The Napoleon cat is suited for indoor living, hence making a worthy feline to bring to your apartment.

Napoleon cats have an affectionate and sweet nature, making them capable of bonding well with their owners together with other pets. The felines are playful, particularly with their owners and kids.

The Napoleon cat is friendly and warm, and it is always ready for cuddling. It makes a fabulous companion feline to have in your apartment since it will always be around you all the time. However, please don’t leave your Napoleon cat in your apartment for too long since it can suffer from boredom.

American Curl Cat

American Curl is perhaps the most exciting and unique cat today.  At a glance, this tiny feline appears as if it has a deformity.  Notwithstanding its appearance, the American Curl is quiet and sweet-natured, making the small cat a suitable apartment pet.  American Curl exhibits a calm and stable temperament, although it is primarily an indoor feline.

The American Curl is incredibly adaptable to new environments. It isn’t easily stressed even while living in smaller living places. Moreover, it doesn’t require a vast playing area to remain active.

This unique feline will remain playful and energetic even when living in the smallest apartment. The other huge plus of the American Curl is that it doesn’t shed regularly. Therefore, you won’t have plenty of cleaning work to do if you bring this small cat to your apartment.

Dwelf Cat

This exciting and unique-looking cat also makes a fantastic apartment feline.  Its name is a combination of its dwarf-like stature and elf-like features. Dwelf Cat is a hairless cat, which means apartment owners won’t mind cleaning hair messes. Moreover, the small feline blends incredibly well with indoor environments.

Despite their weird appearance, Dwelf Cats make great indoor living companions. These cats are highly interactive and social. Dwelf cats are great options for apartment dwellers who have lots of time to spend with felines.  These cats prefer living around people other than being outdoors.

They quickly get lonely when left alone. Hence, get your Dwelf Cat if you have plenty of time to be with your cat. Alternatively, you can get another Dwelf Cat to give your cat companion while you are away from your apartment. Most importantly, bring this cat to your apartment if you have kids. Your kids will get a lot of fun from playing with your Dwelf Cat.

Russian Blue Cat

This tiny cat originates from Russian, just like its name suggests. This gorgeous cat is careful and intelligent. Russian Blue cats seem like lazy cats, but these felines are very attentive.  The tiny cats are excellent apartment pets since they balance being calm, playful, independent, and affectionate.

Russian Blue cats don’t need plenty of attention, unlike most feline pets. Therefore, they are suitable for all types of apartment dwellers.  The Russian Blue prefers living most of its time indoors.  T

hus, pet owners can leave their Russian Blue cat at home without worrying whether their cat will get bored. However, Russian Blue cats are pretty attached to their owners and detest strangers, making them loyal companions.

Devon Rex Cat

The Devon Rex cat is perhaps the most visually striking, thanks to its slender frames, tall ears, and mischievous face.  The wide-eyed cat loves to play and climb around. Devon Rex cats are great pets for apartment owners who have plenty of time to give their cats. In addition, Devon Rex cats are super social. They adore people and also love making friends.

Devon Rex cats are friendly and intelligent. They are very loyal to their owners, and they can remain indoors for the better part of the day until the owner is back. This cat is, however, a strict indoor dweller. It loves goofing and cuddling around its pet parent.

Due to its remarkably tiny stature, this adorable feline can comfortably fit into smaller living spaces, including crates.  It is also portable, and hence you can carry your Devon Rex during your road trips.

Balinese Cat

Balinese cats are close relatives of Siamese cats.  These cats are intelligent and loving. They have a pleasant personality that enables them to interact well with kids and other pets.  These cats are good-natured, and they also exude plenty of energy.  Due to their excellent temperament, Balinese cats make extraordinary indoor felines for apartment dwellers.

The long-haired feline is highly friendly towards humans, including strangers. However, the cat can thrive well in solitude, and hence it doesn’t demand attention from its pet parents. In addition, it exhibits strong loyalty tendencies, making it a great lap cat.

Balinese cats also have a good temperament, making them lovely companions to their pet parents. They are less vocal than their Siamese cousins, meaning they can make great pets for apartment dwellers in serene environments. Being less outgoing, your Balinese cat will remain indoors most of its time, even in your absence.

Wrap Up

Having a cat in your apartment can spice up your life. Plus, cats are easy to maintain since they are primarily indoor creatures, unlike their canine counterparts. However, with so many breeds of small cats suitable for apartment living, you need to pick a feline pet that suits your lifestyle.

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