3 Best Misting System for Chameleons

Regular misting of a chameleon’s terrariums remains one of the vital tasks for pet owners. It might sound easy to grab a sprayer and do it by hand. Unfortunately, this takes loads of time and effort.

What about when you rush out of town for a couple of days? In such a situation, an effective misting system can save you trouble.

Chameleons require plenty of water, both to control humidity and keep them dehydrated. Whatever spraying option you settle for, ensure that it comfortably meets your pet’s requirement.

There is a common misconception that defines the installation of a misting system as an unnecessary extravagance. To shed light on the topic, join us as we define how misting systems play an important role in a chameleon’s life.

Mister vs Humidifier (Fogger)–Which is Best for Chameleon?

Some chameleon species easily receive enough humidity from live plants. Then, there are other species like panther and Jackson that require special measures.

Foggers and misters are some of the popular spraying methods used. The principal aim is to choose the best option that fits your pet’s species.

There are quite a few delusions concerning misting and fogging. The major source of confusion is that some animal keepers use them interchangeably. To clear the air, here are key differences between fogging and misting.

– Fogging

In this method, a humidifier machine releases fog into the cage. Depending on the purpose and species, you can opt to do it once or twice in a day. For chameleons with elevated humidity requirements, some pet owners spray more than that.

It is common for experts to recommend a misting option rather than use of foggers because of its convenience. In total, a reliable fogger should form droplets that mimic morning dew on the plants.

– Misting

This involves spraying a fine mist or vapor, which later forms water droplets for your pet chameleon. To get the best out of it, spray the cage twice or thrice daily. Investing in an automatic misting system works much better.

Remember that a misting system has a controllability and accuracy advantage over a fogger. For a more accurate and precise spraying, get a misting system.

Best Mister for Chameleon Terrariums

With an abundance of misting systems in the market, it can be a struggle to settle on the best. Here are three unsurpassed options you should consider.

– MistKing Cooling-5th Generation Smarter System

As the latest MistKing model, the brand strives to exceed their customer’s expectations. From the first version, MistKing has concentrated on upgrading and making their products stand out among the rest.

One of the chief advantages of the 5th generation is enhanced timers, which has a three times electronics rating compared to other models. Additionally, it has a custom designed reservoir bulkhead that starts from the ground way up.

It comes as good news to pet keepers that the thick metal threads that come with the newest model make it easier to tighten the system. Lest you forget, you can also use the bulkheads minus the o-ring for extra security.

Then, there is the added advantage of a reservoir filter that prevents debris from clogging your nozzle. The beauty of it all is that you can run up to ten nozzles on a starter system silently.

For those willing to experiment the multipurpose aspect of a smarter system, use it for your chameleon terrariums, patio cooling, green house, industrial applications, groceries and many others.

With a power adapter, a whole load of organizations, education institutions and botanical gardens prefer this model over others.

Before buying this system, ensure that you peruse through the manual. One major challenge you may encounter is nozzles blockages. Whilst you can unblock by soaking them in vinegar, use water that contains minimal minerals.


– Repti Zoo

Repti misting systems offer humidity control and precipitation for reptiles, amphibians and plants. This is an answered prayer to owners because it successfully meets their misting needs.

First, the system has a robust engine which runs silently. For years, the pump has undergone immense improvements, with experts currently reporting minimal failure rates.

With a timed sprayer, the product imitates the natural environment and takes back your pet back to a rainforest atmosphere. In short, Repti Zoo effective adjustment of the water flow is god sent to your pets. Equally, you can add water from the top without removing the entire cover.

The most outstanding aspect of this system is that it has a practical memory function. This ensures that you do not have to keep on pressing the power button. With its auto sensing ability, it is compatible to a voltage limit of 110 to 240VAC.

Like other misting systems, avoid using rainwater because minerals build up. Apart from clogging, excess minerals affect proper running of your system. Another negative aspect of the system includes a constant drip from the nozzles after spraying.

Also, the vibrating sounds it makes when running can be irritating to most people. To dampen that, you can place it on a carpeted floor. Seek expert advice if the system makes unnecessary noise or the knobs fail to function.


– Exo Terra Monsoon Multi

Through various innovations, Exo Terra prides itself as one of the most efficient programmable systems suitable for greenhouses and terrariums. It maintains excellent humidity by spraying a fine-timed mist in a frequency adjustable depending on the animal’s species.

The main advantage is the two-gallon reservoir which enables spraying for several days without refilling.

Likewise, Exo Terra systems have timed spray durations that run from as little as two seconds up to two minutes. Depending on your pet’s species, you can program your system to run for a couple of times within 24 hours.

In rare cases, the motor may fail or stop running after some time. Another common complaint from users is a difficult process of cleaning the tubing in the interior of the lid.

Whatever issue you may encounter, contact the customer service for a replacement or free repair services.


How Much Humidity do Chameleons Need?

The best humidity level for a terrarium should range around 65% to 80%. This depends on your pet’s species with some requiring much less humidity. For instance, veiled chameleons thrive better in a humidity of about 50%.

This is because they come from the dry and hot Yemen climate and are more accustomed to such temperatures. To check your cage humidity level, regularly use a humidity gauge or hydrometer.

Why Do Chameleons Need Misting?

Like any living being, chameleons need lots of water every day. While your little pet may not find plenty of water in the wild, an abundance of water in captivity enables them to enjoy a longer and contented life.

It comes as a surprise that chameleons consume water through the mouth and skin. Thus, misting plays a significant role in ensuring that your pet receives the required amount of water each passing day.

Can You Use Tap Water in a Mister?

Tap water contains dissolved solids and sediments that may harm your pet. One major concern is the formation of hard water deposits when the minerals come into contact with plastic or glass enclosures.

Similarly, the chlorine used to treat tap water may affect the digestive system of your pet. If you have to use tap water on your pet, dechlorinate it first.  Still, you can use rain or distilled water which has less aftereffects.

Wrap Up

Some novice reptile keepers would do anything to keep a pet chameleon. It is worth noting that taking care of a pet chameleon goes beyond their stunning ability to change into different colors.

Despite all, proper hydration should be among the vital requirements. Luckily, there are several spraying options in the market. All in all, a misting system ensures that your little pet receives the right amount of water and humidity each day.

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