Cat Behavior after Shaving – All You Need to Know

Being shaved can be a bit of a strange experience for some cats. While many cats actually enjoy the feeling, some might be stressed by the process or upset at the change in their appearance or how they feel.

There are a few different outcomes which we will explore further in this article.

Cat’s Behavior after Shaving

You might notice your cat shivering after a lion cut or other dramatic cut because they get cold more easily. Additionally, their skin may be more sensitive for reasons described in greater detail below. The shaving process may have been stressful for them, and this could upset them, as well.

Do Cats Get Upset When You Shave Them?

There are a few reasons why a cat may be upset after you shave them.

One reason is that they may simply be cold. For example, if you notice your cat shivering after a lion cut, this is most likely why. You can help your cat feel more comfortable by providing it with a cat sweater or a soft blanket for it to curl up into.

Another issue is that the shaving process might be stressful for your cat. The sounds and sensation of the trimmer, as well as being handled by a stranger may have been very unfamiliar to your cat and so have caused them a lot of stress.

Just like any of us when we are stressed, your cat may also exhibit anger or anxiety when feeling this way.

Another possibility for why your cat could be upset after shaving is that he or she is feeling physically uncomfortable. We’ll go into the reasons for this in the next section.

Does Shaving a Cat Hurt Them?

Shaving a cat does create circumstances in which they could get hurt or at least be physically uncomfortable.

In a worst case, the person shaving your cat might accidentally cut the cat’s skin or a ligament, which would be extremely painful.

This is why it is very important to only allow a properly trained professional to do the shaving of your cat.

Even if it the shaving is done properly, however, shaving off matted fur might reveal parts of the cat’s skin that were already getting irritated. The matting of the fur can pull on the fur and irritate it. Once the fur is shaved off, the skin can relax, however, the irritated portions of skin might temporarily be more inflamed by the shaving process.

Additionally, the cat may scratch its own skin more easily after a shave and hurt itself this way, as well. Be sure to gently wash and wipe all of the pieces of cut fur off of its skin so that it does not cause the cat extra itchiness.

The fur also provides some protection against sunburn and other harmful elements. Be extra careful to keep your cat safe from environmental and other dangers while its fur is very short.

Will My Cat Hate Me If I Shave It?

If your cat does not like anything about being shaved, it is very likely to let you know that it is unhappy and that it blames you.

Whether it was the shaving process itself, how it feels afterward, or how it senses that it now looks, there are many reasons why your cat may not appreciate being shaved. Cats are known for exhibiting their feelings, and would certainly not be an exception.

On the other hand, some cats do enjoy the lighter feeling after being shaved and don’t mind the process. Hopefully, this is the case with your cat, and there will be no ill feelings toward you as a result!

Is Shaving a Cat Ever Necessary?

Despite all the possible discomforts of shaving a cat, sometimes it is necessary and the most humane thing to do.

If a cat’s fur is matted, this is very uncomfortable for the cat as well, and can even become painful as the matted fur starts to pull on the cat’s skin more and more.

Do Cats Get Cold After Being Shaved?

If your cat is shivering after its lion cut, it is pretty obvious that it is too cold. As mentioned, you should provide it with a blanket or a sweater made for cats to help it feel warm.

Be aware, though, that a cat’s fur insulates it from heat, as well. So if you shaved your cat in order to try to keep it cooler in the summer months, be very careful that it does not actually overheat or get sunburned if it is exposed to a lot of heat or sunlight.

A Cat’s Behavior Post-Shave

You may see your cat shivering after a lion cut or other major trim due to becoming cold more easily. The cat’s skin may also be more sensitive for a variety of reasons. Additionally, the shaving process itself may have been stressful to the cat and may have upset it.

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