How to Catch Escaped Pet Mouse in Your Home?

Mice are slippery animals. Once you lose track of them, they are incredibly hard to get a hold of. That’s made even worse if you keep it in a cage or tank, and it has escaped from it. Finding it will be a hard task.

However, it’s not an impossible one. You can find the mouse easily by applying some tips and tricks we will show you in this article.

In the end, it will turn out that mice aren’t that tricky after all. You might need some tools for the job and something to lure the mice. It’s a cliché that mice are attracted to cheese, but it’s true.

You might have seen it in Tom & Jerry. In this case, you’ll be the Tom, doing the chasing.

Let’s take a look at how to catch a pet mouse that has escaped in your home.

3 Ways to Catch a Mouse Without Killing It

If it’s a pet mouse, you’ll probably want to keep your mouse alive. There are ways where you can catch the mouse by killing it, but we don’t want that here.

We’re looking for a clean, reliable way of luring the mouse back into its cage. In some cases, you’ll have to use your imagination. Surely, you can’t let a mouse outsmart you?

There’s plenty of videos on YouTube on how to catch a mouse, and they all show that you’ll need to be resourceful. But, there’s still some tools that are made exactly for this job, and they can be purchased from Amazon.

These are the three best ways to catch a mouse without killing it.

Method #1: Use a Live Catch Mouse Trap

The best and possibly the easiest way to catch an escaped mouse is with a trap that you can buy. There’s plenty of products available out there, but this one takes the top spot.

It’s a fairly simple concept: you place the trap, lure the mouse into the trap with something, and wait for it to get caught. This trap is completely safe and incredibly easy to use.

It also has air holes so that the mouse will be able to breathe, even if they get caught for a longer period.

The mouse trap is a humane way to get your mouse caught again without harming it. This trap works 100% and it’s been tried and tested.

Method #2: DIY Mouse Trap

You’ll have to be resourceful here, and use your imagination. In essence, there are numerous ways of catching a mouse, you’ll just have to think and devise a good strategy.

One good method is trapping it with a bucket. You can place a bucket so that the hole is facing upside. You’ll want to use a ledge or a piece of wood so that the mouse can reach the top of the bucket.

Then at the top of the bucket, there should be a lure for the mouse to come and inspect; it can be some food that you put on a CD, so that the mouse falls into the bucket. The mouse won’t be able to escape, and it will be safe.

Have a look at the example:

Another good way of trapping a mouse is with some steel wire and a soda can. Or, you can use a plastic empty bottle and place a lure into the bottle.

You’ll need to cut the bottle in half, and place a lure into the bottle. You’ll also need a pin to connect the top and the bottom of the bottle, and connect it with a rubber band. Here are some interesting DIY ideas.

Method #3: Keep the Cage Open

You can also try keeping the cage open, the mouse will want to return back to its nest sooner rather than later.

How to Prevent Your Mouse from Escaping?

The best way to avoid having to catch your mouse is to obviously prevent it from escaping in the first place. Here are some tips on how to prevent your mouse from escaping.

Always Watch Your Mouse when You Open the Cage

Be careful when you’re opening your cage. Keep an eye on the mouse while you do it, and sometimes, you will have to do it to clean the cage or do something else.

The mouse can be slippery, and will waste no time for escaping out of the cage. Once it gets out of the cage, you’ll have a real job on your hands.

Get a Cage that Has a Door at the Top

The easiest way to prevent your mouse from escaping when you open the cage is to buy a cage with the door on the top. That way, you’ll be able to access the cage and do what you need to do without worrying whether the mouse will escape.

If you’re considering getting a mouse, get such a cage from the start. If you already have a mouse, think about the change.

Put Your Mouse in an Exercise Ball

How about putting your mouse somewhere safe when you’re cleaning up the cage? The answer is an exercise ball. One of the best exercise balls is this one.

with it, you’ll be able to contain your mouse while you clean the cage. Your furry friend will be in a temporary home, and it’ll even get a good exercise. It’s safe and secure, and there’s no way for the mouse to escape from it.

What is the Best Food to Attract a Mouse?

Mice are crazy about peanut butter, whether it’s smooth or chunky peanut butter. Gumdrops or candy is also a great idea, as is chocolate.

You’ve already heard about cheese, but strong-smelling soft cheese is the best choice here.

Think about crackers and butter, as well as bird seeds or even nuts. Pet food can also be effective if you don’t have anything else. Fruits and vegetables can also be considered.


Catching a mouse once it escapes can be a real chore. The mouse is stubborn and won’t come back that easily. Luckily, there’s plenty of tools for the job, and sometimes, you’ll have to use your imagination.

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