Do Cats Help With Roaches?

Cats are well-known for their predatory inclinations and for (usually) being helpful with pests. So how do cats do with helping fight against roach infestations?

We’ll take a deeper look into this question, below.

Do Cats Help Against Roaches?

While a cat cannot singlehandedly prevent a cockroach infestation, they do typically hunt down some cockroaches. Be aware though, that cockroaches can carry parasites or diseases that may be harmful to your cat, so warding off the roaches may have unintended consequences for your feline friend.

Are Cats Afraid of Roaches?

Cats are usually not afraid of roaches. They will often hunt these pests in addition to any other small moving creature.

Cats actually typically enjoy chasing, hunting, and playing with this and other types of small prey, so they can be effective in at least helping to keep cockroaches and other pests at bay.

Not all cats are the same, however. There may be some who are not interested in hunting these bugs. This would actually be for the best, because, as mentioned, roaches have the potential to make your cat sick by spreading disease or parasites.

Other times, a cat might just be a bit startled by the large, loud bugs, but not necessarily scared.

Are Cockroaches Afraid of Cats?

Roaches and other pests tend to be afraid of cats, as well as any other large or potentially predatory animal.

The roaches will typically see or feel the cat or other animal or human’s presence and run away to hide and protect themselves.

In this way, even if your cat does not succeed in hunting and killing the roaches, it may still be an effective deterrent by at least chasing the roaches away.

This may be especially true as your cat is likely to give the roaches a good scare since the cat can easily sense the roach’s whereabouts, as described in greater detail later in this article.

Do Cats Eat Roaches?

It is a disgusting thing to envision, but, yes, cats do sometimes eat roaches.

Roaches, like other pests, however, can carry harmful bacteria and parasites. So, although it may seem beneficial in preventing an infestation for your cat to eat the roaches in or around your house, it may cost your cat its health.

For this reason, it may be best to talk to a pest control company about the safest way to prevent or get rid of cockroaches on your property.

The pest control company will need to be aware of your cat, as well as any other pets or children, so that they can get rid of the roaches in a way that will not hurt your pet or children in the process. They will probably recommend a way to get rid of the roaches without poisons (such as sticky traps).

Can Cats Smell Cockroaches

Many cat experts agree that cats do seem to be able to smell cockroaches. It is said that a cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times as strong as a human’s.

In addition to smelling the unique smell of a cockroach, cats can easily see, hear, and even feel a cockroach.

Roaches are large bugs, so it is quite easy for the cat to see them. Additionally, cats are drawn to the roach’s quick movements.

Since cats can see so well in the dark, they are even likely to be able to see the roaches wandering around at night, as well.

Being so large and with such a hard exoskeleton, a cockroach is also very easy for your cat to hear, as the roach makes a loud click-clacking as it walks.

Finally, cats can often even sense the roach’s movements with their whiskers! Cats have whiskers on their face as well as some on their legs, and can sense extremely slight movements with these natural tools.

Roaches in a Cat Litter Box

Unfortunately, roaches can sometimes invade a cat’s litter box. Roaches eat all kinds of organic matter, including animal feces, and may also be attracted to the smell of any urine.

If you use a natural or biodegradable litter, the cockroaches may be interested in eating this, as well.

It is unlikely that your cat’s litter box was the original reason that any roach infestation started, however, once the roaches are already in your home, they may start going into and eating from the litter box, as well.

It’s always a good idea to keep your cat’s litter box as clean as possible in order to decrease the likelihood of an infestation happening. Be sure to talk to your pest control professional, as well, to get tips on preventing or curing any roach infestations.

Do Cats Help Prevent Cockroach Infestations?

A cat by itself cannot prevent or cure an entire cockroach infestation, although they will often hunt down some cockroaches. Cockroaches, however, can carry parasites or bacteria that could hurt your cat, so be careful for your feline friend’s health.

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