Do Crested Geckos Like Fogger?

Foggers are all the rage now among reptile keepers. Let’s be honest; most of us like them because they look cool. That fine fog makes a planted vivarium look all the more natural and captivating.

crested gecko fogger

But do they serve any function beyond looking cool? And is it safe for your pet? That’s what I’ll cover in this article. So, keep reading if you’re curious about fogger uses, benefits, drawbacks, and the best products for your setup!

Is a Fogger Safe for Crested Geckos?

It’s perfectly safe to use a fogger in your crested gecko enclosure. It’s even beneficial, thanks to its humidifying action. A fogger is an automated device very similar to a mister. But instead of spraying large droplets of water, it releases very fine drops, creating a natural fog effect.

Foggers can raise the moisture level in the enclosure, just like water from spray bottles and automatic misters. However, there are a few differences. Again, foggers create very small water droplets. This reduces condensation, so there won’t be any visible water on the glass or plants in the vivarium.

That’s good for hygiene reasons, as it reduces the risk of mold. But it also means the water will evaporate easier. You must pay extra attention to the substrate quality when using a fogger. You’ll need a highly-absorbent substrate to retain maximal humidity. You’ll also have to include a water bowl for your cresties since there will be no water droplets in the enclosure for them to lap up.

Importance of Humidity for Crested Geckos

Humidity is an important parameter in reptile enclosures. And different reptiles require different moisture levels. Crested geckos, for example, thrive with 70-80% humidity. Failing to provide and maintain this optimal humidity level will cause your crestie to get sick in the long run.

Moisture is essential for various bodily processes in geckos. A prolonged lack of suitable humidity can lead to dehydration, which has multiple negative effects. Signs of dehydration in crested geckos include:

  • Dry, fragile skin
  • Disecdysis (abnormal skin shedding)
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sunken eyes and other eye problems
  • Wavy tail
  • Constipation

Disecdysis itself can lead to secondary problems like infections and missing limbs. Many crested geckos lose their tails because of stuck skin during shedding. Needless to say, maintaining humidity in the enclosure is serious business. You need a hygrometer to monitor humidity levels daily. You’ll also need a misting device, be it a spray bottle, an automatic mister, or a fogger.

Best Automatic Fogger for Crested Gecko

Foggers are getting increasingly popular as a means to humidify reptile enclosures. There are a lot of new products out there, thanks to the hype. However, not all of them are created equal.

If you’re going to invest money into an automatic fogger, I recommend buying one that’s quiet, low-maintenance, and easy to use. Here are my top three recommendations to get you started:

– Zoo Med Reptile Terrarium Fogger

Zoo Med’s terrarium fogger has a few things going on for it. First of all, this is a compact external device that won’t congest the gecko’s enclosure. Secondly, it’s extremely easy to use. The device comes ready to run straight out of the box. It has a very intuitive and user-friendly design. Operating it is as easy as turning one button.

Fill the water recipient, plug in the device, and turn the “Humidify” button to set everything into gear. You can turn the device on and off or adjust the fog output with just one twist. Despite its very simple concept and design, the Zoo Med Fogger covers all the specs you could think of:

  • Ultrasonic motor for rapid and quiet operation
  • Fully equipped with all the necessary fittings, including a 3-feet adjustable hose
  • High volume capacity of 34 ounces
  • No-spill valve for easy removal and refill
  • 90-day product warranty


– Coospider Reptile Fogger

The Coospider reptile fogger is highly versatile thanks to its high capacity and adjustable output hose. This external device has an amazing tank volume of 0.8 gallons. It’s quite large as well, measuring 12.5 inches in height. This device can be used for small and large enclosures with minimal refill requirements.

I particularly like this one because of its multiple safety features and other perks. For a very affordable price, you get a fogger that provides the following:

  • Dry-run stop work protection (device automatically stops when the water runs out)
  • Adjustable fog output at the turn of a button
  • Ultrasonic atomization technology for quiet performance, energy saving, and uniform humidification
  • Output hose with adjustable length and shape plus suction cups for secure setup
  • Cooling function for fresh, chill mist that prevents moisture evaporation
  • One-year warranty and free replacement for products defective on arrival


– Evergreen Reptile Humidifier and Fogger

Evergreen is a small local business that specializes in pet supplies. Their reptile fogger is affordable, easy to use, and highly versatile. It’s perfect for all crestie enclosure sizes, and the high tank capacity makes for a long-use, low-maintenance product.

Evergreen’s fogger is the perfect mix between Zoo Med and Coospider humidifiers. It’s modern, easy to use, and includes safety features for seamless performance and reduced maintenance work. Here’s everything great about this product:

  • High capacity of 0.5 gallons, twice as much as most other humidifiers
  • Intuitive controls and easy to assemble
  • Easy device operation at the turn of a button
  • Huge maximal output of up to 300 ml per hour
  • Cool mist won’t change enclosure temperature or evaporate too quickly
  • Ultrasonic motor provides quiet and energy-efficient performance
  • Highly resistant and length-adjustable hose design (holds shape when bent; extends up to 5 feet)
  • Dry-run protection (device shuts off when the tank is empty)
  • No-spill valve for an easy and mess-free fill-up
  • Comes with a full set of instructions

What Type of Water to Use in a Fogger?

You can turn any type of water into fog. However, all automatic fogger manuals suggest you use distilled water only. This is best for the long-term functioning of the device. Distilled water contains no minerals like calcium, so it won’t form stone deposits to clog the machine.

If you can, I strongly suggest you go for distilled water. The next best thing is reverse osmosis water. If you have a RO filter, that will remove roughly 90% of the minerals like calcium and fluoride from the water. The water isn’t fully filtered, but it’s low enough in minerals to be safe.

RO water still has the potential to cause mineral deposits, just at a very slow rate. Stay away from water with high mineral content. That includes tap water, bottled drinking water, and filtered water (if using an activated carbon or ceramic filter).

Foggers vs Spray Bottle – Which is Best for Crested Gecko?

Objectively speaking, spray bottles and automatic foggers are both great options for cresties. They achieve the same goal— maintaining stable humidity in the enclosure. As long as the hygrometer says you’re within the optimal humidity range, your crested gecko will be happy.

Choosing the best humidifying method is a subjective matter. Each has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to decide which method works best for you. Here’s a quick rundown to help you decide:

Pros Cons
  • Automatic and low-maintenance
  • Precise output
  • Lower risk of mold and bacteria
  • No need to open the enclosure and disturb your gecko


  • Upfront investment ($40-$70 on average)
  • Requires some enclosure modifications (high-quality substrate, water dish)
  • Requires distilled water


Spray bottle
  • Cheap and handy
  • Large water drops maintain humidity better
  • Provides a drinking source for cresties
  • You can use any type of purified water
  • Must remember to mist twice daily
  • Higher condensation means a higher risk of mold
  • Might stress your gecko
  • Looks less pleasing and leaves traces on the glass
  • Requires more frequent glass cleanings

Many gecko keepers also use both methods together. You can run the fogger on low at night and mist the enclosure in the morning for an extra boost. There’s no wrong way to maintain a vivarium, provided the parameters stay in check.


Foggers are a modern alternative to sprays and automatic misters. They help raise the humidity in a vivarium without the drawbacks of traditional methods. There’s little to no upkeep, and the lack of condensation reduces hygiene concerns.

Of course, nothing is perfect. The fine fog droplets evaporate quickly, so you need a few setup changes to maintain stable humidity. Foggers work best used in combination with a highly moisture-absorbent substrate. You should also add a water bowl for your crestie to hydrate since there won’t be any droplets on the plants and glass.

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