Is It OK to Feed Your Cat Before Flight?

Wondering about feeding your cat before your flight? Then you need to go through this article carefully. In this article, I’ll share exactly how what and when to feed your cat before an upcoming flight. Let’s get started!

You should never ever feed your cat right before the flight. Feed her at least 4 to 6 hours before the flight.

However, you need to keep your cat’s regular feeding schedule maintained as much as possible so a sudden change won’t upset her tummy.

But it can be hard to maintain if the flight is less than 4-6 hours before her feeding time. There are two ways you can approach this issue:

  1. Select a flight that coincides perfectly with the feeding time of your cat.
  2. During the month of traveling, make gradual changes to the feeding time of the cat so it coincides perfectly with the flight time. (the feeding time needs to be at least 4-6 hours earlier than the flight)

Some important things that you need to keep in mind:

  • The cat can have water up to 1 hour before the flight
  • Once your cat is fed, there is no need to feed her again until you reach the destination. But if you are on an international flight that goes through multiple stops, then it may be required to feed her a little bit in between.

Why Do You Need To Maintain Normal Feeding Schedule?

Cats don’t do well in sudden changes. Moreover, going on a journey can be very stressful for her. As a result, if you bring a sudden change to her normal feeding schedule, chances are that it will cause disturb in her tummy.

Also, once your cat is inside the carrier, she won’t be able to release herself from nature’s call until you reach the destination. That’s why it is very important to keep the schedule as normal as possible. Maintaining a normal feeding schedule also encourage to use the litter as your cat normally would.

It is important to keep your cat’s bladder, as well as bowels, empty during the travel. You can’t ensure that if you bring a sudden change to the feeding schedule. That’s why maintaining the normal feeding schedule is very important.

What Should Be The Last Meal?

I have said earlier, you can’t feed your cat at least 4 hours before the flight. This 4 hour is called the no-food buffer. As the next time your cat will have food can be hours or even a day later, you need to feed her as close to as the no-food buffer zone before the flight. This will ensure that within the next 4 hours, the foods get partially digested and don’t cause any nausea as well as vomit during the flight.

  • Make sure your cat is acclimated to car rides. Otherwise, it can cause sickness. Start the acclimation process weeks before the actual flight.
  • The last meal can be what you feed your cat normally every day. I give mine wet food.

During The Flight

It is not recommended to feed your cat during the flight. However, if you are on an international flight where the plane needs to stop at multiple stops, then you should feed your cat a little bit in between.

In such cases, feed very light food in a little amount. I prefer dry foods and treats. Also, don’t forget to offer a little bit of water after each feeding.

Feed your cat properly after you have reached the destination.

Sedative or Medication

If your cat needs any sedative or medication, then consult with the vet to know how and when to apply them before the flight. Don’t do anything on your own. It can turn out to be dangerous for your cat’s health.

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