Finches and Budgies – Can They Live Together?

Have you ever thought of keeping a budgie and a finch together at some point?  Many bird lovers have had a similar idea, too—especially bird owners who cherish the thought of keeping two bird species together. Before keeping finches and budgies together, you should first find out whether these birds can live together or not.

While these two birds are highly active, they can’t live together in the same cage for some apparent reasons. This article will learn why it isn’t a good idea to keep budgies (parakeets) and finches together in the same cage.

Problems with Housing Budgies and Finches Together

Both finches and parakeets are excellent bird pets due to their friendly demeanor. Nonetheless, some inherent problems could arise if you try to keep these two birds together, especially if you intend to house them in one cage. Below are some of the issues with keeping these two birds together.

– Behavioral Problems

Parakeets and finches have considerable differences in terms of their behavior. Finches, for instance, are non-aggressive. Budgies, on the other hand, are very aggressive, particularly female budgies.

Budgies are also territorial, and they can’t accommodate other budgies, let alone other bird species such as finches. Severe fighting may result if you force these two tiny birds to live together. The parakeet will constantly frighten the finch, making the latter stressed and unhappy. Conflicts between the two birds may also result in severe injuries or even death.

– Housing Problems

It is hard to get a cage that will be appropriate for both your parakeet and your finch. Parakeets need taller cages to pursue their natural climbing instinct. However, finches need wider cages to enable them to fly around.

Parakeets also need to have toys, while finches may be sacred by toys and other playthings. Hence, bird owners have a problem getting a cage that is suitable for both budgies and finches at the same time.

– Companionship Issues

A parakeet can thrive well without a companion. Nonetheless, companionship is a necessity for finches since these birds don’t thrive well in solitude. The presence of another bird species such as a budgie will do your finch more harm than good, leave alone giving it the companionship it deserves.

First, the finch will not get along with the parakeet, and none of the birds will make a great companion for the other. Secondly, the two birds will be engaging in territorial spats overfeeding. Thus, they will be more of enemies than companions.

Can Budgies and Finches Eat the Same Food?

To some extent, yes. These birds can feed on the same food. Both budgies and finches are seed and fruit lovers. Wild parakeets and wild finches feed on grass seeds, vegetation, berries, and fruits. Also, these two bird species are omnivorous.

They at times prey on a variety of small insects but on rare occasions. Nonetheless, parakeets can feed on harder seeds and nuts since their bills are much sturdier and more robust. Nevertheless, the diet choices of these birds are pretty similar to each other in terms of nutritional value.

Both captive budgies and finches can thrive well on the same food choices. For instance, the two can get their dietary needs from commercial seed mixes from pet stores. Moreover, they can eat a variety of vegetables, including broccoli and lettuce.

Finch or Budgie – Which Should You Get?

Both parakeets and finches are potentially suitable bird pets for various reasons. Hence, none of them is better than the other. It all depends on what kind of pet bird you want.

If you want a bird pet you can interact with all the time; then a parakeet would be the best choice in this case. Parakeets are easy to handle, and they enjoy interacting with their owners. These tiny birds imitate lots of sounds, and hence it can be exciting to hear your budgie mimicking your voice.

However, finches don’t like handling, although they are excellent singers. Finches are some of the most gentle bird species that suit anyone seeking to bring a non-aggressive yet active bird to their home.

If you want a colorful bird pet, then you should go for the budgie. Budgies come in multiple colors, such as yellow, blue, green, white, and violet. On the other hand, Finches are attractive since their appearances blend many colors and shades in different body parts.

Some finches, for instance, have bright blue-colored wings with yellow beaks. Others have pale gray underparts, bright-colored beaks, and white or brown wings.

A finch bird makes an excellent pet for those searching for a bird that requires minimal attention. Unlike parakeets that require plenty of individual attention, finches can thrive well even without personal attention.

Finches further make excellent pet choices for bird lovers who want a bird pet with a long lifespan. Finches can live between 15 and 20 years or even more when in captivity. Parakeets can live between 5 and 15 years in captivity.

Hence, consider the specific trait of both finches and parakeets while deciding which bird to choose among the two.

Are Budgies Aggressive Birds?

While budgies aren’t overly aggressive by their nature, the signs of aggression in these birds are more common than in other birds. They sometimes exhibit a burst of temper, although their temper outbursts come and disappear quickly.

Budgies have been known to fight for territories and food. These birds can also clash with each other over mating partners or toys. Nonetheless, their aggression is a natural part of their lives.

A female budgie will become aggressive and territorial while taking care of her chicks. However, the aggression will go away once the chicks grow to full-fledged parakeets.

Can a Budgie Kill a Finch?

Yes, a budgie can kill a finch if the two birds live in one cage. The budgie will constantly fight the finch over food and toys.  Your finch bird, on the other hand, won’t defend itself from an aggressive budgie. Hence, the constant fights will eventually lead to the death of your finch bird.

Wrap Up

You can keep a finch and a budgie in your home, but not in the same cage. Get separate cages for your finch and parakeet if you are considering keeping these two birds. Otherwise, the two won’t thrive well while living in one cage.

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