How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost?

Maine Coon Kittens are a popular choice among pet owners and for a good reason. This absolute beast of a cat is great with other animals and it’s kid-friendly too! If you want a fluffy giant with a golden heart, Maine Coon is the perfect breed for you. These cats are smart, affectionate, and always playful.

They also have big personalities to match their physical size. They get easily attached and need constant attention, but that doesn’t make them clingy! They’re actually very independent, opinionated, and inquisitive.

Besides its great personality, this cat is also appreciated for its stunning look. The Maine Coon is a large breed. Adult female cats can weigh up to 17 pounds (8 kilograms) on average, and males may weigh even more.

A fully grown Maine Coon cat will usually measure at least 2.5 feet (75 centimeters)  in length, and males usually reach one meter. They’re strong and well-built with wide chests and sturdy legs. The long, thick fur also adds to their massive body size.

This furry cat has a bushy tail and a majestic lion-like mane. Combine this with the small, oval-shaped eyes, and this cat looks like the ultimate apex predator! Speaking of fur, did I already mention “fluffy”? Because there’s no shortage of fluff with this big boy. I often imagine making a big-ass carpet out of all the fur that comes off during daily grooming.

How Much Do Maine Coon Kittens Cost?

If you want one or more Maine Coon kittens for yourself (who wouldn’t?), you can choose between black, white, silver, golden, cream, tabby, and calico fur. Keep in mind that calico fur is only found in female cats though.

Prices for a Maine Coon kitten generally range between $1000-$2000. You might find cheaper or more expensive offers, depending on the breeder. The average price for a purebred male Maine Coon kitten is $1500.

Prices for purebred female kittens fall in a similar range of $900-$1400. As you can see, prices can vary a lot, especially with private sellers. Mixed Maine Coon kittens can be cheaper, around $300-$600, sometimes more. Some private sellers also offer older cats for a lower price. For example, you can find offers for 3-year-old Maine Coon cats for $700 or less.

A professional breeder will always ensure that their kittens are healthy. All the pet visits, vaccinations, and health checks a kitten needs will add up along the way. And let’s not even mention neutering. So, when you’re buying a 10–12-week-old kitten, keep in mind that the seller is also trying to compensate for all the expenses needed to keep the kitten in good health.

Maine Coon Kitten Maintenance Costs

Besides the kitten itself, you’ll of course have to consider some additional costs. If you’re a first-time pet owner, I’m going to give you a little run-down. Besides the obvious ones, like monthly cat food and litter, there are also routine checkups at the vet, vaccinations, neutering (if so desired), and grooming.

But taking care of a Maine Coon is not that different from taking care of any other cat breed. Most of the time, you’ll just need to feed your cat an appropriate diet and groom it every day.

Because they’re big cats (the largest cat breed in the world, actually), they eat more than other breeds. A fully-grown adult cat requires 500-600 calories per day or around 56 calories per kilogram of healthy body weight.

One cup of dry cat food contains approximately 440 calories, depending on the brand and recipe. So, your cat should eat around 1.3 cups of dry cat food per day. Caloric requirements will vary according to age. Senior cats usually need less, while growing cats should eat more.

Grooming this breed is essential to keep its fur silky-smooth and healthy. Besides daily brushing, a weekly to a monthly bath is also a good idea. Cats do wash themselves daily, but when you have so much extra fur, you might need a little help.

Once the fur becomes stringy or, God forbid, matted, it’s time to hit the cat salon. Cat grooming at the salon costs between $50-$70 on average, but you can also bathe your cat at home with special cat shampoo.

When it comes to health, this breed is mostly fine. However, they are predisposed to heart problems, so you should make regular vet visits a thing.

A routine vet checkup at a private clinic costs on average $45-$55, while pet vaccinations range from $15-$28. If your cat isn’t neutered, you can expect to pay $200-$400 for this procedure.

Do Maine Coon Kittens Make Good Pets?

Totally! This breed right here dispels all the bad cat stereotypes you might have heard. They’re adaptable, sociable, peaceful, and they love spending time with you! They don’t necessarily develop separation anxiety more than other breeds, but they don’t like being left alone. This can be stressful for them, so they always need at least one companion in the house.

They love interacting with children and other animals, and when they fancy you, they’ll stick to you like glue. They’re the type of cat to follow you around everywhere you go. They’re usually playful and have sharp hunting instincts.

They love climbing, jumping, catching things, anything that simulates natural hunting conditions. They’re laid back, patient, and intelligent, so you might also manage to teach them a few tricks!

Despite their large size, you’d be surprised to learn these cats aren’t particularly vocal or loud. This breed has a peculiar chirp-like meow that never fails to make any owner laugh.

The only big downside to a Maine Coon kitten is shedding. Especially when they start growing, the fur might become bothersome. But with regular grooming, you can keep shedding and the dreaded hairballs to a minimum!

Should You Get a Maine Coon Kitten?

If you want a loving and reliable pet, I say go ahead! You can get a Maine Coon kitten even if you already have other pets. As long as you socialize your kitten early on, it should get along with other pets and people just fine.

Unlike some other cat breeds, the Maine Coon is very warm and affectionate. It will curl up and cuddle next to you, and it loves any kind of attention it receives.

It’s gentle with children and smaller animals, it’s quiet, and strangely, it’s usually fond of water as well! Imagine not having to fight your cat every time you had to bathe it! So, if you can’t decide between a cute, fluffy pet and a badass-looking one, this is the perfect breed for you!

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