I Love My Cat So Much I Cry

Have you ever thought to yourself “I love my cat so much” and then promptly begin to cry? Before you feel ashamed about this reaction, you should know that you aren’t the only one. Many cat parents have reported feeling the same way.

So, why does this happen? And, more importantly, is this a normal response? To answer these questions and more, let’s delve into the thick of it!

Why Do Cats Make You Weepy?

Well, there are actually a few different reasons why being near – or thinking about – your cat may bring on the waterworks. Here are the top causes:

  • A release of oxytocin
  • An emotional interaction with your cat
  • A predisposition to being sensitive

Now, let’s take a closer look at these factors:

A Release of Oxytocin

Did you know that when you pet, play, or interact with your cat you may experience a rise in oxytocin? When this chemical is released into your system, you are more likely to be caring and compassion. In that moment, you may love your cat more than ever.

Naturally, this can cause a temporary burst of emotion that can result in tears. After all, you don’t just cry when you are sad. Plenty of people cry when they are incredibly happy as well. Thus, this could be the reason.

An Emotional Interaction with Your Cat

As most cat owners are aware, you often have to work for affection from your cat. Even if your kitty does love being around you, they aren’t always in the mood to be petted and pampered. When they do accept this attention, it can be a pretty overwhelming feeling.

It can cause you feel trusted, loved, and other positive emotions. Once again, feeling good about your cat and having a sudden burst of affection for them can bring on the tears.

A Predisposition to Being Sensitive

Did you that, by nature, cat owners tend to be more sensitive and introverted? This can make you more finely attuned to what is taking place around you, causing you to cry more easily. Or, it could be that you are just more attuned to your emotions.

You should be careful because cat owners have also been found to have more neurotic traits. As such, you may be prone to developing depression or anxiety. In any case, you are certainly likely to harbor more anxious feelings toward your cat.

Is This Normal?

Then, what does all this mean? Is it natural to cry over your cat because of how you feel about them? Well, this too can depend on a couple of things.

First, you have to consider the emotions behind your crying. Are you crying because you are so happy with your cat and enjoy the relationship that you have with them? If so, then this isn’t really a problem as there is no harm being done.

However, if your crying is stemming from anxiety about your cat, then this can be worrying. It means that the emotions behind the crying is negative and can cause you pain or despair.

Another thing to think about is how often you cry about your cat. Does this only happen on rare occasions? If so, it is pretty normal. If this is a regular occurrence, though, there could be something else triggering these emotions.

Continuing to deal with negative emotions over and over again, in the same manner, isn’t good for you. Therefore, you may need to find a different way to handle the situation. Find out more about this below…

What Should You Do?

Well, if you only cry over your kitty every now and then and are usually happy when this happens, then it’s probably fine. As a result, it is unlikely that you need to take any action – it is a normal reaction.

If you are crying rather regularly and tend to be stressed out, then there are some precautions that you should take. This is especially true if you are feeling anxiety over your cat or if your crying is the result of other displaced emotions.

It is a good idea to speak to a counselor, psychologist, or some other professional about how you are feeling. These experts are great at helping you get to the root of your emotions and tackling them in a more appropriate manner as well. Therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety, they may be able to teach you how to overcome certain issues.

At the very least, you may want to think about confiding in a friend. They will be a sympathetic ear and can help you to sort out any issues that you may be currently handling. And, if they do believe that there is a bigger problem, they may help you seek the professional guidance that you need.

If your crying is related to the fact that you are thinking about the fact that your feline friend may not be around forever, you may need to alter your thought process. Every time that you feel yourself drifting towards such depressing thoughts, pull yourself back into the present.

Convince yourself to enjoy your cat as they are now – cuddly and playful. This will make the time that you do have together more meaningful. Not to mention, it will make for a far more enjoyable state of mind. Therefore, this is a habit that you should get into.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons that you may be bursting into tears over your cat. Most of them are pretty normal. On occasion, though, it could be a sign that you aren’t feeling your best. It may indicate that you are struggling with your current situation or emotions.

Either way, use this article to discover the real reason that your feline is bringing you to tears. It could be a completely natural response. Or, it could be that you need some help with your life right now. Of course, now that you have a bit more insight, you can consider the next move forward.

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