What do Pet Mice Need in Their Cage?

Many people like to keep pet mice at home because of their interesting personalities. These little active rodents are different from wild mice that usually do harm in houses. You can consider them as a different breed of mice.

Wild mice are known to be rather aggressive, while the one that we keep as pets are much more sociable. If you are interested in keeping a pet mouse at home, then you need to set up a cage in the proper way. This is what this article is going to be all about.

We are going to show you how to set up a cage that ensures a happy life for your mouse. Let’s start with the first thing that mice need in their cages!

Good Bedding

Make sure not to buy just any bedding for your new mouse but look for a truly high-quality one. Hygiene is key in every mouse cage, not to mention comfort. You can contribute to both by a large amount just by buying some good bedding.

There are two types of beddings that we highly recommend and won’t cost you much money either. One is aspen wood, and the other is paper bedding. These two are great at eliminating odor and providing comfort for your pets.

You can even make paper bedding at home if you want to. You need to tear it into smaller pieces one way or another or create paper pulp out of it. If you decide to create paper pulp, make sure not to pour ink into it because it is toxic to mice.

Water Bottle

Buying a water bottle is the best way to provide water for your mouse. Many owners fall into the mistake of keeping water in a bowl, which is the dirtiest alternative. They kick some bedding into it, spill the water all over the place and get their fur wet as well.

A neat bottle with a steel spout coming out of it is way better. Many of these bottles allow you to refill them without even opening the cage. The water can only get out if your mouse drinks from the bottle. Since the water doesn’t come in contact with anything, it stays clean at all times.

The spout is often made of metal so that your mice can’t chew on it. Such a great way to provide clean water for your mice throughout the day.

Feeding Dish

You will also need to get a feeding dish that allows your mouse to eat from it with ease. This should be made of metal or hard plastic, otherwise your pet will chew on it and basically use it as a toy.

Pick one of those that can be attached to the side of the cage in a way so that you can easily refill it whenever you want to.

Once you have installed the feeding dish, you only need to make sure that there is constant access to food for your mouse. These dishes also need to be cleaned or at least rinsed with water every now and then to ensure hygiene.


There are all kinds of toys available in the market that you can buy for your mouse. Mice can play with ladders, tubes, hanging bridges and various chew toys. The list goes on and on, ensuring variety so that your precious pet never gets bored.

You need to make sure, however, that the toy you buy is not dangerous to your pet at all. If you are not sure, stay near the cage for a bit and watch your mouse play.

If it seems safe, then you can just leave it in the cage. There are also clever ways to create toys at home so that you don’t have to spend money every time.

Here is a simple example. Get a cardboard roll and some paper towels. Fill the roll with the towels and hide a few treats in it so that your pet can find it while playing. It will not end up as garbage because this material can be used for nesting.

Running Wheel

Mice have a lot of energy and they need a way to get it out throughout the day. A running wheel is definitely one of those things that can make your mouse happy.

It is an essential part of every mouse cage. Depending on the personality of your mouse, he will be able to exercise as much as he wants to.

Just like for us, humans, exercise plays a huge part in maintaining their good health. Usually, the ones that are made of plastic are not that durable and might be even dangerous.

It is always better to buy a metal running wheel without rungs on it. If you pick a plastic one, make sure the material is hard enough so that your mouse can’t chew on it.

As you install it, make sure it is indeed secure and stable. It might be marketed for mice but this doesn’t always mean it is completely safe for them.

There is no need to worry that much about mice because they are rather hardy but still, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you need for an all-round mouse cage. Once you have bought everything that we mentioned in this list, you can let your little pet in.

Don’t expect your mouse to be all excited about joining the cage. However, you can encourage him by leaving a few treats for him here and there.

After entering the cage, your mouse will probably go to a hiding place and stay there for a while. It won’t take long for your pet to realize that he actually has a comfortable home.

He can drink, eat and play whenever he wants to on comfortable bedding. This is when your mouse will begin to feel secure.

If you wait a bit, you might even spot him on the exercise wheel. Depending on his personality, he is going to discover its favorite spots and stay there most of the time.

With such a cage, all you need to do is to clean it every now and then and refill the water and the feeding dish.

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