Why did My Pacman Frog Die? 9 Common Reasons

The sudden death of Pacman frogs is usually caused by a lack of humidity and a drop in temperature. Pacman frogs can tolerate low humidity for a short period of time, however, if their skin dries out completely they will easily die, sometimes overnight.

There are also other reasons why Pacman frogs die. In the following, I will get into details of the most common causes of death in pet Pacman frogs and how to avoid them. Will also give you a few tips on how to properly care for your pet frog.

Common Reasons of Pacman Frog Death

To begin, most of the common reasons which bring to the death of these little amazing creatures are usually related to inappropriate terrarium settings, feeding, or anything else related to their life in captivity.

Owning a Horned frog is not that complicated or time-taking at all, but there are so many factors that are crucial for them being able of having a happy and healthy life. Skipping just one of these factors can bring to serious health issues.

Here comes a list of the common ones.

1. Inadequate Temperature

Pacman frogs usually spend their lives in tropical or subtropical areas of the world, where temperature levels are pretty high all the time. If such temperature levels are not provided within their terrariums when held as pets, you can be almost certain that something is going to go wrong.

The ideal daily temperature ranges for an adult go from 75- to 85-degrees Fahrenheit, while the night ranges are anywhere between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit. Anything that goes out of such ranges can surely bring to health complications.

Temperature levels are not essential just for helping your frog feeling like it is in the natural habitat but are necessary to help it survive. Without an adequate temperature, your pet cannot move properly or digest food. Consequentially, this can bring to its death.

2. Lack of Humidity

Lack of humidity is definitely one of the most common reasons for pet Pacmans dying.

Similar as for temperature levels, they also require appropriate humidity levels. Again, to replicate the natural environment of tropical and subtropical habitats. In brief words, such levels must be between 60 and 80 percent. Anything below that can almost certainly bring to their death.

The simplest way to confirm if your frog just died because of a lack of humidity is to check the skin. Pacman frogs need humidity to breathe normally and to preserve their skin.

When they lack such humidity, they will first form an outer dry cocoon around their skin. If your frog has such dry cocoon around itself, it surely means that inappropriate humidity levels are the cause of death.

3. Toxic Out Syndrome

As the name itself says, frogs can easily die by literally poisoning out.

Keeping their terrariums is vitally important, as they breathe through skin. And their skin is extremely sensitive.

Pacman frogs use to spend most of their time buried in moist substrates or sitting into their water bowls. Whenever you skip cleaning such substrates or exchanging their water with fresh water, their tiny colorful bodies will eventually absorb toxins.

This is an extremely painful state for your pet and, if not noticed on time (they will jump erratically and have cloudy exes), it can surely cause their death.

4. Lack of Vitamins

Horned frogs need their diet to be nutritious with the right amounts of proteins. However, feeding them with highly nutritive meals is not a guarantee for a healthy life.

On the contrary, this is just half of the basic feeding requirement. The other half consists in providing them the right amounts of calcium and vitamins D3.

Without such vitamin supplements, they will not be able digesting their food properly and the nutritive parts will not go to the right places. Consequentially, their bones will not be strong enough, and this will bring to a serious metabolic bone disease.

If not noticed at an early stage (droopy lower jaw, muscle twitching, bone deformities) it will most certainly make your pet die. Eventually, it will not be able to feed itself, or even to move.

5. Inadequate Diet

Same as for people, a healthy diet is essential for a healthy life.

Rules for feeding Pacman frogs are quite simple and easy to follow. There are three categories of natural food choices: one that is regular, another which is semi-regular, and a third one which serves only as occasional treats. Not feeding them in that order can obviously bring to severe health issues.

Additionally, Pacman frogs can die because of swallowing too large prays. Also, if they overeat regularly, they will become obese.

Last but not least, it is really important for their food to be sterile and as fresh as possible. Otherwise, you are risking of offering them bacteria-infected meals which will eventually cause their death.

6. Impaction

If you frog has a hard lump on the belly, it can mean that it has died from impaction.

Placing gravel in terrariums can often bring to your frog swallowing it while trying to catch prays. Or, even worse, placing random small decorative objects in the terrariums. This can almost certainly bring to severe health complications and death.

It is crucially important to choose the appropriate type of substrate for your frogs. They will spend all their life in it, or on it.

7. Lack of Lightning

Improper lighting can also be a quite common reason why your Pacman frog will die.

Placing a simple UVB light bulb inside your frog terrarium is essential for it to keep daily routines similar to those in the wild, but not only.

This will also increase the production of D3 vitamin, which is vital. Vitamin D3 helps them to digest food properly, but also to absorb calcium. And calcium is, as explained above, essential for healthy and strong bones.

On the contrary, placing a too strong light bulb inside their enclosures can literally burn them out.

8. Disease or Parasite

Not keeping the frog enclosure impeccably clean, or not feeding your pet with verified meals from trusted sources, can, unfortunately, bring to parasites. And, if such parasites are not noticed at an early stage (feces examination), they can often bring to stronger diseases which will eventually cause their death.

There are several types of parasites- and bacteria-caused diseases among frogs. Some of the most common are bloating diseases and skin problems.

If you notice that your pet frog has either ulcers or spots across the body, or accumulations of water below the skin surface, you can almost be certain that it has died because of a parasite or bacterial infection.

9. Old Age

Finally, as all other living beings on our planet, frogs can die of old age. And there is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent that.

Owning a healthy frog for many years means that all the environmental features are already provided, as well as feeding conditions and enough love from your side.

If there are no visible signs of any disorder or disease, you do not have to worry. It only means that your pet had a happy and long life, and now was the time for it to end.

Wrapping Up

It is always sad to see that your pet (young or old) has died. Especially if you have kids who loved it.

Luckily, most of the reasons which cause Pacman frogs death can be easily prevented. Simply provide a good environment for it, make sure it has the right feeding procedures, and take care of it by often monitoring your pet.

Even if something is wrong, you can most certainly make it better if you notice your pet is feeling bad on time.

Take care of your Pacman frogs and they will offer you so much joy in return. We promise.

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