5 Best Terrarium Kits for Pacman Frogs – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a comfortable container for you Pacman frog? The containers we are going to show you on our list are actually complete starter kits. You are not only going to get a nice terrarium but also a few accessories and useful gauges to start with.

For the typical Pacman frog, you are going to need a tank that is at least 10 gallons of size. Moreover, you need to set it up in a way so that it imitates the natural environment of your frog. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best terrarium kits right now in the market.

Best Terrariums for Pacman Frogs

A good terrarium for Pacman frogs is waterproof and makes it easy to control the ventilation. By controlling it, you also have control over the humidity of your pet’s environment. Also, a good container allows you to set up the heating mat in the most convenient way.

At last, but not least, it should look good because it is going to be in front of you every day. Below, we are going to delve into the pros and cons of the 5 best terrarium kits for Pacman frogs.

1. Exo Terra Glass Natural Terrarium Kit

This terrarium from Exo Terra accurately mirrors a natural habitat that your Pacman frog will feel comfortable in. It is ideal for your pet and you as well, as it is easy to clean and provides an outstanding view from the outside.

With this kit, it is easier than ever to control the humidity inside. You can just open the windows on the front in case the air is too humid. There is no need to worry about leakage, as this terrarium is completely water proof.

Besides, this kit by Exo Terra is eye-catching in of itself, making you able to use it as decoration. You can further decorate it with small plants, which will also make your pet feel at home even more.


  • Exo Terra offers a wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Home décor and top-notch amphibian home at the same time
  • Waterproof and solidly built using stainless steel
  • Imitates an ideal natural environment for Pacman frogs


  • Heavier and also more fragile than plastic containers
  • It is harder to heat up a glass terrarium


2. Zilla Tropical Vertical Starter Kit

Another vertical terrarium designed by Zilla that has proven to be a great choice for Pacman frogs. With the accessories it comes with, it is straightforward to set up an environment that meets your pet’s needs. Moreover, its clean design with all the greenery makes it look amazing in any room.

Its assembly is simplified to the point that you can unpack and set up this beauty in a few minutes. The lighting and gauges you need for keeping a Pacman frog are included in the package. The whole setup allows your pet to be in the center of attention throughout the day.

With this terrarium, it is easy to get access to everything that is inside by opening the front glass door.


  • This package ensures that there are barely any additional accessories you need to buy
  • Designed for beginners with guaranteed easy setup
  • Imitates the natural environment that your amphibian needs


  • You might need to change some of the accessories for better quality ones
  • The door has no handle which makes it a bit harder to open it


3. Repti Zoo Glass Terrarium

This vertical terrarium by Repti Zoo provides your Pacman frog with the perfect living environment. Since it is designed for reptiles, it comes both with side meshes and side glasses. Of course, installing the side glasses is the best choice when it comes to amphibians as they will help in maintaining humidity.

This container gives you the option to increase or reduce ventilation according to the current humidity level. This can be achieved either by opening one of the doors or removing the mesh top it comes with. You can pour in some damp substrate without a second thought because it has a tested waterproof base.

The straightforward design and the installation notes that are included in the package, setting up this terrarium is going to be a breeze.


  • Substrate heater can be placed easily thanks to the raised bottom
  • Its minimalistic design brings out the colors of your Pacman frog and the greenery inside
  • Gives you the ability to control the ventilation as you please


  • It is not a full kit so you are going to need to buy additional accessories
  • Does not come with a reserve key for the door lock


4. Zilla Starter Kit 10 With Light and Heat

This terrarium by Zilla is one of the more spacey 10-gallon containers on our list. It is a well-equipped package that only needs a couple more accessories in order to be complete. The hydrometer and thermometer included in the box make it easier to ensure the right conditions for your pet.

Zilla offers an outstanding starter kit for those who need something simple and easy to set up for their Pacman frog. Things are further simplified with the assembly manual it comes with. Once you are done setting it up, you only need to get a few accessories such as plants, substrate and a water bowl and you are set.


  • Comes with a substrate carpet
  • Useful gauges for Pacman frogs for measuring humidity and temperature
  • Reflective dome light fixtures for optimal lighting


  • Does not come with enough accessories to call it a full kit


5. Tetra Aquatic Deluxe Kit 20 Gallons

Tetra offers a well-designed and modern kit for your precious Pacman frog to live in. It will look amazing in any room with its black lid and steel frames. Additional heating is provided thanks to the lamp that goes in the screen top.

This terrarium by Tetra is one of the most durable containers you can find. It comes with a plant mat but you are free to add some real plants to it as well. A basking platform is also included which will provide a convenient spot for your Pacman frog to stand on.

If you decide to pour water in the tank, you can take advantage of the in-built filtration system too. If you want to clean it, all you need to do is remove the lid and you will get convenient access to all the parts.


  • High-quality construction with sturdy steel frames
  • Imitating the natural habitat of Pacman frogs is a breeze with this kit
  • Plenty of space for water, substrate and accessories


  • The lights have to be removed if you want to take off the lid


Setting Up a Pacman Frog Tank

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Pacman frogs is that they are lazy. They are going to sit in one spot most of the time and won’t budge unless a prey compels them to. The reason why they eyes are protruded is because that is how they see their prey while being burrowed in the substrate.

This is why you can keep Pacman frogs in a smaller terrarium. Once you have chose the one you like the most, you need to find the perfect spot for it in the house. Next up, you need to clean the whole aquarium and place the heating mat on the side where you think your frog will spend the most time.

Then comes the natural substrate, which is typically coconut husk for those who keep Pacman frogs at home. This is the kind of substrate that does a really good job at soaking in and holding moisture. Next, find a place where you can put a water bowl.

It has to be big enough so that your pet can easily walk in and stand in it. Hygrometers and thermometers can be usually installed with suction cups. The point is to make sure its probes are above the substrate because that is how you will get accurate readings.

How to Clean Pacman Frog’s Tank?

Part of making the terrarium safe and healthy for your Pacman frog is cleaning it on a regular basis. There are things you will need to do every day and others that should be done weekly and monthly. What you need to do every single day is to remove waste and change the water in the bottle.

Once a week, you need to grab a small shovel of some sort and remove at least one inch of the substrate. Pour in some fresh coconut husk or the type of substrate you use. This way, moisture levels can always be maintained.

What you need to do once a month is to clean literally everything in the tank. All accessories need to be rinsed and the substrate completely removed. Make sure that the whole terrarium is clean and tidy. Add the fresh substrate and replace the moss as well.

How to Keep Humidity Level Stable?

First off, you need to use moist substrate all the time. Also, adding a water bowl to the tank will further increase humidity. Then, in order to make humidity stable, you need to control the air ventilation in the terrarium. For this, all you need is a few large pieces of foil.

This can be used to cover the top so that less air can flow through. You might need to experiment with this until humidity is constantly around 70%. Foil also works well if you want to reduce heat loss in the tank.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to Pacman frogs, it is pretty much all about humidity. Besides that, it is pretty straightforward to take proper care of horned frogs. The terrarium should be made of glass or plastic in order to make it easier to achieve the right humidity levels.

Once you get a decent kit of 10 gallons for a male or about 20 gallons for a female, you are set. All you need to do is a bit of cleaning and to install the thermometer and hygrometer and find a good spot for the heat mat.

All the terrarium kits that we mentioned on our list are optimal for Pacman frogs. Choose the size according to the size and sex of your frog and you are not going to be disappointed.

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