How to Feed a Pacman Frog? Step by Step Guide

Pacman frogs are not picky at all when it comes to eating. They are willing to eat just about anything that can fit in their mouth. Most horned frogs are relatively large and they can also open their mouth incredibly wide. This is also why you should not keep them together.

If one of the Pacman frogs is bigger than the other, then your bigger pet might decide to eat the smaller one at one point. Horned frogs are very interesting amphibians and they are not demanding at all.

Feeding them is simple and we are going to show you how to do it and what to feed them in the rest of the article.

Feeding a Pacman Frog

If you have decided to keep a Pacman frog at home, then you have chosen one of the less demanding pets from the store. In terms of care taking, feeding is probably the most straightforward piece of the puzzle. You literally just need to place the food in front of them and it is going to be gone rather quickly.

Look for crickets, black soldier fly larvae, nightcrawlers, superworms or dubia roaches in the pet store. These are all ideal foods for Pacman frogs and they contain plenty of valuable nutrition for them. Once you have bought the food, you need to get a pair of long tweezers with rounded rubber tip as well.

This will come in handy for feeding, as you can easily pick up the food and give it to your pet. Grab one of the above mentioned foods with it, place it in front of your frog and you will see what happens. Your Pacman is going to swallow it as whole and be grateful for the delicious food you gave him.

Preparing another container for feeding is also an option. For this, you need to pick your pet up and place it in the separate container. It can be a simple plastic one that you have cleaned beforehand. Then, just pour some food in and let your frog consume it.

Can You Hand Feed Your Pacman Frog?

If you insist, you can also hand feed your Pacman frog. However, you need to be careful because it can easily bite you instead of just swallowing the food. You need to be precise and patient, gradually shifting the food toward your pet and watching its reaction.

Eventually, your horned frog will lash out and you need a bit of luck not to get bitten. It can hurt a bit but it’s nothing too serious. Of course, the bigger the frog, the more the bite is going to hurt. Frogs don’t really know what is happening so don’t expect them to be delicate.

All they are interested in is swallowing the food as soon as possible. Out in the wild, they are hiding most of the time, waiting for their prey. Once it appears in front of them, they need to get it in a matter of seconds, otherwise it is gone.

We still recommend you to use tweezers for the sake of your own safety.

How Much do You Feed a Pacman Frog?

When it comes to Pacman frog food, it all comes down to size. The rule of thumb is to take a look at the width between your pet’s eyes. Try to feed them foods that are approximately that big. Superworms are usually big enough for horned frogs to eat.

They might not touch foods that are too small for them. They are much more motivated to eat something big than to eat smaller prey. Obviously, bigger frogs are going to eat more than smaller ones. Therefore, you will need to experiment a bit and see how much leftover food is there after your pet has done eating.

You are going to find out at which point your frog does lose interest in food.

How Often do You Feed a Pacman Frog?

Since Pacman frogs are nocturnal, it is better to feed them during the night. They are often buried throughout the day and mostly inactive. Meanwhile, they often don’t touch the food until it becomes dark, especially if they are well-fed.

One of the reasons why Pacman frogs are not demanding is that you don’t need to feed them very often. It is enough to feed your pet twice every week if it is an adult frog. Baby frogs should be fed 3 to 4 times per week.

How Long can Pacman Frog Go Without Food?

Pacman frogs can survive for a long time but starvation is definitely not good for their health in the long term. It would take 3 to 4 weeks for a horned frog to die of starvation. A healthy frog eats about 10-12 relatively big crickets throughout a week.

Therefore, you can only imagine how devastating it can be to a Pacman frog’s health to starve for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, being able to stay alive for such a long time definitely does help them out in the wild. After all, they can’t always find food in their natural habitat when they want to.

Wrapping Up

Feeding your Pacman frog is going to be a lot of fun and you don’t even need to do it every day. It isn’t complicated either, as you only need to place the food in front of them and watch them consume it. One thing to keep in mind is to only buy food from reliable sources.

Buying it at a pet store is always a better idea than catching something outside for your pet. You will quickly find out how much does your Pacman frog want to eat. If it is enough, he will completely lose interest and that’s when you need to collect the leftovers.

The foods we mentioned above are all high in valuable nutrition for your pet and you can usually find them in pet stores. And again, feeding by hand is not recommended but if you insist on doing it, don’t be surprised if your frog bites you.

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