Pettom Pet Carrier (Cats Love It)!

With every new cat adoption, comes great responsibility. At the very beginning, they may seem just fun pets. But as time passes, they become far more than just pets; inseparable parts of our life.

Be it meeting with relatives, or a walk in the park in a beautiful evening or going on journeys, we cannot even think of leaving them behind.

But the journeys and travels can harm your loving friend’s health if you don’t have proper knowledge and equipment.

As cats are not very happy travelers, they require much more care and comfort while being on long journeys or a visit to the vet.

To make your little one feel secure and comfortable at the same time, you have to choose the best carrier possible to provide it comfort. Pettom Pet Carrier comes in this place!

Pettom, with its high reputation, has been on the Frontline for quite a good time with its vast range of quality carriers to choose from.

The Pettom Pet Carrier for Cats Comfort Airline Approved Travel Tote is a gold one in this regard.



‘’Pettom Pet Carrier for Cats Comfort Airline Approved Travel Tote Soft Sided Bag’’ comes with a stable fleece-based construction with an additional fleece bed inside to provide your cat with the best comfort possible.

It has padded handles with extra belt buckles that can be tied up with vehicle seats that provide the best security for your cat.

As the name suggests, it’s a rare combination of safety and comfort that meets all airline requirements and is safe for air travel.

The superior ventilation promotes air flow inside and its several convenient pockets allow you to carry other necessities without the need of using any other bag.

With its fit shapes like a snug and comfortable interior, it can be ideal for your cats.


  • Good looking and moderate external construction designed in the USA.
  • Compliant with most airlines.
  • Sturdy and durable fleece based body.
  • Zipper opening at the top for the cat to get in and out.
  • Two different sizes; the small one for carrying up to 7pounds and the large one for carrying up to 15pounds.
  • A wide range of colors.
  • Fleece made bed inside to provide any cat the best comfort.
  • Additional bucket belts to keep the carrier tied to the vehicle seat for the best stability and safety.
  • Superior ventilation with netted opening on both sides and the top for proper air flow.
  • Padded shoulder strap for extra comfort.
  • Small and long both kinds of handles for the comfort of the owners.
  • Several convenient pockets to keep cats’ treats, toys and other necessities.
  • Removable fleece cushion.
  • Washable quality materials.
  • Enough space and legroom for cats to relax in.
  • Two zippers on the mesh sides for additional safety.
  • Top and side wired opening for your cats to enjoy the outside view.
  • Designed to fit under flight seats to keep your cat closer to you.

Available Sizes

The Pettom Pet Carrier comes in two different sizes with a spacious interior to give your cat enough leg room for wandering.

Size Dimension Weight
S 16inches length x 8inches width x 11.5inches height Up to 7 pounds
L 19inches length x 10inches width x 13inches height Up to 15 pounds

Available Colors of Pettom Pet Carrier

A good thing about the Pettom Pet Carrier is that it comes in a great variety of colors starting from bright colors like pink, sky blue to dark colors like black, brown. So it will be your partner in your every mood and style.

  • Sky Blue
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Purple
  • Blackish Green


  • The best thing about the Pettom Pet Carrier is that it is compatible with every flight as it meets all airline requirements. Now a day, there are really tight regulations in air travels. So it’s really difficult to find a good carrier that has it all that’s needed in the flights. So the Pettom Carrier has that advantage.
  • Another good thing that has sought my attention is the removable fleece bed inside the carrier. I definitely think it’s an admiring idea to put a bed inside for proving the cat the best comfort. So the Pettom Carrier gets a 10/10 in its comfortable design.
  • The ventilation system is okay as there’s netted opening both in two sides and the top.
  • It has a clever security system as the zip opening is short and on the opening. So the cat can’t zip open it and escape. Besides the buckle strap is also a good addition. So even if the vehicle is moving very past the cat inside the carrier will remain stable and it won’t be afraid.
  • The fleece material is a good choice as it’ll keep the cat inside warm and comfortable.
  • It comes with several small pockets to keep toys, medicine, and other stuff.
  • Though it’s designed for small cats, the space inside is vast and has enough room for the cat. So it can relax and not have any panic attacks while traveling.


  • In my research, I couldn’t find many cons of this product of Pettom as it has it all. The only con is that it doesn’t have too many size choices and both of the sizes are for carrying small pets weighing up to 15 pounds. So if you have a large cat, the Pettom Pet Carrier won’t do for you.


My Thoughts

Overall, the Pettom Pet Carrier meets all kinds of requirements as it has style, safety, comfort, proper ventilation system all in one. And the best part is that it is airline approved.

The fleece based construction is quite sturdy and has a long lifetime.

I really like the removable fleece bed inside so that the cat will feel like home inside the carrier. With its sturdy and spacious body, the Pettom Pet Carrier is ideal for vet trips, car travel and on air journeys.

So if you have a small pet, you can definitely give it a try. Still, if you have any doubts or inquiries you can comment below.


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