What do Wild Mice Drink?

As wild mice are trying to survive the adversity of living outside, they need something to drink. Out in the wild, there are not many drinks to choose from. It is either fresh water or rainwater, that’s all they have.

Wild mice live just like every other wild animal does. They are on the lookout for food, water and shelter, doing their best to get the next bite and to stay safe from predators. Since their life is full of dangers, they have developed a wide range of survival skills.

If there is no standing water in sight, they can still get some by eating fruits or vegetables. It really depends on what they can find, they really can’t be picky out there.

From Where do They Get Water?

Pet mice will drink from their water bottle or from their bowl. They will have access to clean tap water, thanks to their owner. But from where do wild mice get their water?

Nature can be rather cruel to wild mice and other small rodents. If it’s too hot, the chances of finding water are very slim. During the winter, it is too cold and the water is frozen. Not to mention all the predators that are lurking out there, wanting to eat them in one bite.

Despite these conditions, mice still manage to find a way and survive. Since they are so small, they don’t need a lot of water. Finding a damp surface or a drip on a leaf is enough for them. They move a lot and manage to find these water sources if they need it.

They can even enter houses and find water near pipes or some standing rainwater. Although their eyesight is not very good, their smelling and hearing are both outstanding. There are lots of foods that contain water as well, especially fruits and vegetables.

How Often do Wild Mice Need to Drink?

As mention above, they don’t need much water in order to thrive. All they need is to drink 5-8 milliliters of water every day and they are set. This is the amount that adult mice need to drink per day, while juveniles need even less than that.

The only exception is when females need to feed their babies. During this lactating period, they need to drink double the amount, which is about 12-16 milliliters per day. This, of course, also means that wild mice babies do not need to drink any water because they rely on their mother’s milk.

What do Wild Mice Drink in Winter?

During the winter, wild mice try their best to find warm places. This is why people have problems with wild mice during the winter. They are freezing out there and also need to find food and water in order to survive.

It is usually warmer around sewers and houses, which is where the snow melts away, allowing them to drink some fresh water. If there is no snow, they rely on the rain and the damp that can be found on leaves and other plants.

Will Wild Mice Drink from a Fish Pond?

It is not uncommon for mice to drink from fish ponds either. They are not choosy at all when they need to find food or water. They are constantly moving and looking for resources. If they suddenly run into a pond, they are definitely going to drink from it.

Again, wild mice need very little water so they are probably going to just drink from the fish pond and then move elsewhere. They know it very well that it is not safe to be on the open where predators can spot them. Also, they do this during nighttime because mice are nocturnal rodents.

Will Mice Drink from a Cat or Dog Water Bowl?

Wild mice can find a way into your house, especially during the winter. In that case, they are immediately going to start looking for resources. If they find the water bowl of a cat or dog, they are going to take the opportunity and drink from it.

Of course, they are not stupid so if the other pet is near, they are not even going to try. They are well aware of the fact that cats or dogs can finish them in a second. They can also drink from pet bowls if you leave them out on the terrace.

Wrapping Up

We can conclude that wild mice drink water just like most of other mammals. They are constantly on the go and if they run into a water source of some sort, they are going to drink it. Maybe it is just some stale water around a garbage can or a drip on a leaf, it does not matter.

They are opportunistic omnivores that live in scarcity so they might as well take whatever they can find. Fortunately, they don’t need much water in order to survive so a few milliliters is just about enough for them.

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